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  1. I do, just forgot to mention it. Down payment $15K and my SO own checking account $3K. Sent from my SM-G892U using Tapatalk
  2. I Forgot to mention I have $15k for down payment also my SO have $3000 in her own checking account. The one above is my own checking account. So you think the FHA option would be better? I read yesterday about CalHFA and it seems pretty affordable if it's true. Sent from my SM-G892U using Tapatalk
  3. Forgot to mention my AMEX optima card on my credit reports. Sent from my SM-G892U using Tapatalk
  4. I truly need advice for my first mortgage and which way should I go or if I should wait to fix things (below) Here are the details: 1. As of April 2019 FICO Credit Scores NOT Mortgage Score: - TU 641, EX 648, EQ 625 (Myself). - TU 689, EX 691, EQ 702 (SO). 2. Credit Negatives: ONLY One (1) account on all reports considered negative which is a history of late payments on my Auto Loan (last 30 day late was March 2016 (over 3 yrs. ago). 3. Gross Income. $73,000 self & $20,000 my SO for part-time job = Total $93,000 4. Source of income. Full-time Employment – 73000 ME. Part-Time Employment – 20,000 SO. 5. Monthly debt payments. Financed Vehicle Payment $465 with 7 months left to be paid off. 2 NFCU maxed credit cards ($600 a month) one is mine and the other is my SO. Both CC has never been late but utilization is pretty high %90 (Pretty F/cked). 1 Discover CC (Monthly Payment $50). 3 AU on CC (Sears, and NFCU) i) Sears (31 years old account and utilization in 20%) I don’t personally make a payment on it. ii) NFCU (2 years old account and Payment is $60/mo). iii) Target (1-year-old account and payment is $30/mo). Should I ask to be removed from ALL AU cc?? Or it will hurt my Score. 6. Employment (No Gap in employment for the last 10yrs either for me or my SO). Type of employment: Full-time employment with a Government Agency for 4 years and my SO Part-Time private sector. I’m not LEO, Firefighter, or a teacher because I heard they have a special program for them. 7. Assets/Reserves. This is to determine how much I could potentially have as a down payment and also as reserves to help me qualify. As of April 2019 $29,500 (My 401k & 457) my balance increases roughly $550 a month because of my contribution and my employer contribution as well. $18,000 (My Pensions account.) $2,900 (My Checking account). 8. Location: This is to determine any Gov guaranteed loan limits, what special programs might be available, how much property taxes & homeowners insurance will likely be, amongst other items. - Riverside, CA. 9. Property Description: Single family home (Self, SO, and 2 kids) 10. Property Value. The Property we’re interested in $390K So what you think? Should I give it a shot or work on DTI and Scores? Should I consider NFCU mortgage loans? I believe my DTI as of now is between 35%-40% I heard about NACA program and FHA! Which one I go with OR should I go with NFCU for my first mortgage since they are my only bank. NFCU also have something called HomeBuyers Choice Loan along with their FHA. So which one should I consider in case I got qualified?
  5. Hey CB, I'm sharing my experience with AMEX after falling behind on payments and NOT utilizing their hardship program which I should have in the first place. I used to have their PRG and I made plans to pay it off quickly once they canceled the card/account and while I was on payment plan with them I received their offer in mail to regain Card membership (pics below) if I paid off my balance on the PRG card and ANY other AMEX cards I have. I thought it's too good to be true and searched here and elsewhere about this program (Optima) and couldn't find a definite answer but since I planned anyway to pay AMEX off I was like why not giving it a shot? The real problem was to find or connected to an agent who understands the program because I had several unsuccessful attempts to find someone who knows what I am talking about in regards to this offer and almost all of them transferred me to the sales department to APPLY for new card and how this Optima card is NOT available anymore bla bla bla. Finally got connected to an agent who understood and found an electronic copy of my old offer for Optima (regain card membership) and he said he's gonna mail me new/updated letter and while on the phone he got his Sup/manager to approve the offer and told me he is going to send me an application for Optima to fill out (took a week to get in the mail) and I have only 30 days from the date of application to mail it back. I did and 2 weeks after I got notified they pulled my Experian CR although THE LETTER says that I'm approved for the Optima card. A week after Experian HP I got my card in mail with a $1,000 limit and they will put me on probation for 12 months to see how I will be handling this card lol. The card comes with a default $49 (AF). So for those who suspects the existence of this Optima card and Regain Card Membership program, I'm confirming its true and I guess it's worth it. Cheers. Sent from my SM-G892U using Tapatalk
  6. And I will ask him to contact the first facility and ask for an itemized bill with the name of the treating doctor(s) and the reason they referred him to the second facility and apply for indigent care. Sent from my SM-G892U using Tapatalk
  7. -He doesn't have Insurance -He signed in with 1st facility with his info. Name, address and I'm not sure if he gave them his SSN. -reason given by 1st facility was they're not equipped for such treatment (His finger tip chopped). -it looks like an Auto generated bill. Sent from my SM-G892U using Tapatalk
  8. Hello WhyChat, Hope you're doing great. Helping a relative deal with Medical bills. Here are the facts: · My relative cut his finger while mowing his grass (over 1 month ago) · Ran to the nearest medical facility and they did NOT treat him at all however they sent him over to another equipped medical center. · The medical center where they sent him over is the ONE who treated his injured finger and took care of him and they billed him a $1000 (which he is willing to pay) · Yesterday he received another bill from the original facility he first ran into and who did NOT treat him and their bill was for $5000 · He is in shock and doesn’t know what to do he wanted to call them and dispute it but I am holding him off. How can he approach this situation with this medical facility that charged him $5000 For Nothing? Please advise Thank you
  9. Congrats. I paid off my wife's student loan almost a year ago and "Closed with zero balance" is what she sees on her reports too. Don't stress over it. Sent from my SM-G892U using Tapatalk
  10. I never been late on my CC and will never be plus i do NOT add any charges on the card at all. I was just thinking by saving an extra $186 (difference between Auto pymt $465 and new Auto pymt $279) I can put those extra $186 towards the CC. You guys cleared it up Sent from my SM-G892U using Tapatalk
  11. Thank you Folks. Since i am trying to save money. I called NFCU to refinance my Toyota Auto Loan with them and here is the thing I would like your opinion on: *I owe Toyota $8000 on 6.95% interest and my monthly payment have been $465 and my loan will be paid off 2020 *NFCU Auto loan will refin those $8000 on 14% interest and my monthly payment will be $279 for 36 months. It will extend my mature date from 2 years to be 3 years but will definitely reduce my monthly payment from 465 to 279 and overall will save me total of $1,116 by the time i pay off with NFCU I am confused of how am i saving money with NFCU even though i will be paying higher interest rate. Please advice
  12. Thanks cv91915 .. My jaw dropped learning about making multiple smaller amounts MAKES A DIFFERENCE when it comes to the interests. WOW. Always thought making payment in one amount is the same. Currently, I'm set at 8 exemptions. The IRS worksheet is what i used and the calculations led me to 8. That's pretty funny (zero exemptions) lol but my W-4 now is set at 8 exemptions. The IRS worksheet is what i used and the calculations led me to 8 allowances
  13. Thanks. I never looked at it before "Paperless Guy in here" You're totally right, I saw this box today and it says making $550 a month (assuming No charges on the card) the balance will be paid off in 3 years.
  14. @CV91915 My withholding is already the lowest I can get and I can't lower it than what is it now. So, if I'm gettin paid twice a month (the 15th & the 30th) of each month and this CC due date is the 15th what am i supposed to do again? Sent from my SM-G892U using Tapatalk
  15. Thx. I don't even carry the card. It's hidden under my socks [emoji3] I don't even know/remember how things got out of control like this. I'll keep making extra payments and I'll put my next year tax refund towards this CC balance to drop it down. Thanks again. Sent from my SM-G892U using Tapatalk

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