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  1. I haven't tried since they cut my limit, weighing heavily on my mind to just axe them
  2. Guessing it would be lol it's a 92 corvette but I just went over to the car lot and couldn't find it so it may have been sold now
  3. I'm looking at buying a 1992 car, financing thru either DCU or SDFCU but I'm not sure if this car is considered a classic auto? They have different loan types.
  4. Well tee jay gives you something to look forward to in 6 months, congrats
  5. If you try on one card and get denied for the cli, can you try another card or have to wait
  6. Ok, OP said in 8 months, which I wanted to say congratulations to the OP
  7. So only one card can get an increase every 6 months, except for first and it's 61 days
  8. The bce was $1000, then figured I'd try for the Ed card, got $5000
  9. whats timeline on new accounts for first cli?
  10. Don't really see the point in a charge card, can do same thing with a regular card and pif
  11. Don't know yet Going home set up accounts online
  12. Looks like they have annual fees also

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