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  1. Funny because I'm dealing with this with my husband's reports now and EQ deleted, but TU has been stubborn. EX deleted after a simple dispute.
  2. For my husband, EQ and EX have deleted. TU is still holding strong.
  3. It's almost certain your mortgage FICOs are lower than your ordinary FICO 8 score. Each of my scores was a good 30 points lower for mortgage than the standard FICO 8.
  4. EQ gets their PR info from LN too. Maybe SageStream or Innovis has the info?
  5. Should come off automatically, (certain circumstances apply), since the the 3-CB's collectively restructured their reporting criteria required from the reporting parties. Do a google search, this may help. I know it's supposed to come off automatically for some. Hasn't happened yet, but I know that they're missing required identifying information such as birthdate and SSN because I've seen the recorded copy of the lien from the courthouse. This is why I was disputing to help the deletion process out. But...instead of just processing the dispute, the representative decided she should just argue with me about why the information was there in the first place. So my question is: for those who disputed, what did you tell the reps as the reason and did you receive pushback at all?
  6. How did people get this off of TU? Instead of processing the dispute, the representative is just arguing with me.
  7. Checked my husband's EQ--has a paid tax state tax lien that was deleted and an unpaid federal tax lien that was marked as satisfied. Unclear how that works since the satisfied date is now the same as the date the lien was placed per prior credit reports.
  8. A judge in my county would definitely not be very pleased with a landlord that moved to evict a tenant who had been paying rent and abiding by the terms of the lease. At this point, she is harassing you and depending on the local laws of your city, you might have additional claims for each instance where she threatens to evict you.
  9. ^Everything cashnocredit said. And since you're in California, if the property is a rent control-eligible property, you'd potentially be entitled to relocation assistance that could get you up to $20,000 depending on a variety of factors.
  10. This is essentially the same copy and paste that Southwest Credit gives to everyone. Andrea Bowens has a busy job of cutting and pasting that template form to BBB, CFPB, etc.
  11. You can try writing to them from the messages tab when you log into your account online. Done.... and APPROVED! Got a message last night that they reconsidered and approved. I just logged in and saw that the card account is now listing...and...oh my...free FICO score?!!? Totally stoked now! Congratulations!! Use the line, PIF, and treat it right--you'll be on your way to a good unsecured limit.

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