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  1. I was able to have 2 of my bureaus deleted but one would not come off. My BK was in 11-04 so the last one will not come of until next year.
  2. Did not work for me either and I am in the high 700s.
  3. I sold the ring to pay off the debt faster. I am also considering selling other things to speed up this process. Once I realized how long it would take to payoff I was totally committed to doing whatever it took to remove any and all debt until it was paid off. I am absolutely committed to using anything and everything to make it go away. I have some camera equipment and lens that I could get another $8k for and you will likely see them up on ebay or something to help lower my debt. The way they spun it was not fair and made it look like I had to sell it to pay the bills. If I can pay this debt off in a year or less than I am going to do everything in my power to do so. I also have two motorcycles in the garage and they could also help me lower my debt. The more I think about it the more I realize I can get rid of this debt quicker than I might have thought.
  4. I am really considering this as an option but only after I turn the ship around. I am concerned about seeing people like Casey Serin have such a hard time and the things it did to his wife ending in divorce. I was very impressed with his ability to speak and share his story. I was one of the many who could not get enough of him and his real estate endeavors. In the end I would love to help people I just question that people would not find it interesting or it would turn into that guy everyone wants to hate. Thank you everyone tonight for your input but I am going to bed now. I had so many things I wanted to say and I guess I got most of them out tonight. Good night.
  5. I was thinking about that Mrliberty. I emailed a blogger I kept in touch with named Casey Siren. I really considered the idea of sharing my story but in the end it really did not see that interesting or unusual. I love the idea about putting a positive twist on it and helping others if I can.
  6. They were going to do a piece on how many Americans are going to their 401k for relief as credit becomes harder to get. There is a fairly new process where you can use something like an ATM card to take money out of your 401k. They were going to somehow tie this into their storyline even though it did not apply to me. They also wanted to see what people were doing once their credit was decreased and the life changes they had to make or were willing to make to reduce their debt. They also wanted to end the piece with me driving away in my BMW. Somehow I get the feeling this would not be painting me in the best light. The truth is I should have been more aware about my debt than I was and I realize I had lost sight of how important it is to be debt free. I am committing myself right here and now that I am going to use this situation to change. I am very upset with myself that I allowed this much debt to accumulate. I don't blame people for throwing rocks at me. Do you guys remember Dobby the House Elf in Harry Potter? Remember when he did something wrong? He would hit his head against the wall and call himself names? I am doing that right now.
  7. Yes, it is safe to say I am getting pretty beat up right now. To be honest I am learning a lot from all of this and it is helping me believe it or not. One thing that was off in my report was that I took out only $3k and not $10k. I had $10k available but I decided to take out less. We do not currently have a mortgage but if we can follow through with paying off all debt by Nov 2009 we will be in a position to enter the market shortly afterwards. I had no idea so many people would find my story so upsetting.
  8. Nice credit scores LustfortheMoment. My wife and I were open to hearing from you to see if we might have missed something by not looking at the whole picture. I think I am seeing a trend here and it is the same thing I was feeling. I think I am going to tell them I am not interested. Frisbee was right to point out that $130k a year is nothing where we live. The wife is still in school and once she gets her Masters in 2010 maybe we can drive that number further north. For now it is borderline poverty here in Southern California.
  9. I just noticed I failed to mention that I am in no way strapped. We have enough income and are not going paycheck to paycheck by any means. This would still allow for 10% to go into savings and for 8% to go into both of our 401ks. I know you could argue it is stupid to try and save while you are paying off debt but we will use our Schwab account to save until we have enough to pay off a credit card and then we will pay it off in full. Tonight we sent American Express In LA a payment in full for $10,500 that we took out of our savings. The best example I could give is for those of you who live along the ocean, it's like swimming out into the waves and realizing you are too far form shore. You know you are going to be fine but it is more of a swim than you thought it would be?
  10. This is exactly what I was thinking. I can only seen a downside with no upside and I would put myself out there to be ridiculed. I thought there might be some people who could relate but it seems for the most part people are very mean-spirited.
  11. I recently shared my story with a reporter and it got National coverage. I had a pretty good idea many would see the article but I had no idea just how many people would know me personally. The hardest part was when my employer brought it up and asked me why I would share my story. Long story short, I got a call from the producer for ABC World News who wanted to run a 15 min piece on my wife and I this weekend on how we are dealing with our debt. To give you some history my wife and I currently make $130k a year. We have $74,800 total available credit and we owe $43,705 which puts our utilization at 58%. We recently made some changes over to some 0% rate cards to help reduce our monthly interest from $672 to $261 for a monthly saving of $411. We made some dumb decisions along the way and leased a new BMW 335 about 10 months ago. It wasn't until American Express came a long and cut our cards down to the limits that we learned just how fragile this financial house of cards can be. It felt like we got hit over the head hard and it was likely the wake up call we needed to make a change. We used the wonderful excel sheet that was posted on this board and identified the biggest culprits and put together an aggressive plan to pay off all of our debt. I show that we can pay off 100% of our debt including our car by Nov 2009 as long as no unforeseen things come up that could change this. We are using Quicken and can go back a few years to make sure we allowed for all possibilities but there are always things like medical that can pop up and change your focus. I should also mention I was willing to go into my 401k and take out some money to help pay off some of my credit cards. I really came clean in this post and I wanted to see if you were me would you go on National TV and share your story? I am pretty self-conscience about this whole thing and I feel pretty stupid for some of the things I have done and now I am just trying to get the ship pointed in the right direction. Thoughts?
  12. I had a $20k limit with In LA Amx and they kept lowering my balance for no reason as I was paying the card down. It was at $18k a year ago and now it is at $9k and they have lowered it every 6 months making sure I stay at 100% utilization! Between them and GE Money they are killing me! They told me I was not paying the account down quick enough? What!! I have never had a late payment with anyone in 3 years! They did the same thing to my Clear card and I told them to close it and paid it off that day. It is almost like they want me to have a crappy credit score!
  13. My wife and I used the chart tonight and found out it will take us 20 months to pay off all of our debt at 5%. Less than 2 years! I can do it. Thanks.

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