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  1. Actually , I did move and not their job to find me( you are correct) However I changed my address so I would know what was happening, and the ex wife with all her skills( changed it shortly before this all happened) update as of 10/17/17 they did not remove and we were still fighting until TODAY.. An attorney from the local area called and said he was drawing up papers to completely remove trade line from all CRA's So that I did not sue.. they finally admitted to handling paperwork wrong and getting correct address 2 days before forclosure actually happened.. So in the end.... after 3 long years ,.. I WIN!! Or at least I am calling it a win..
  2. sorry I have been mia for a while.. they sent notices to wrong address. then final 3 days before forclosure 3 days isnt enough time to go to the bank let alone fix a forclosure from happening
  3. because they sent all notices to wrong address Is how I got this done..
  4. Mid 2014 my house was forclosed on.2008 my ex was awarded house,never refinanced like the decree said.she paid then slacked off and it was forclosed on in mid 2014.. I tried multiple times to get this fixed over and over. the house was in my name only and the deed was in her name only. here's what happened as of a couple days ago. They had my new address where bills were always sent, however when they went to forclose,they sent those papers to the address of the actual house in question.. soooooo I never received any notices. Wells fargo was just told that they wrongfully forclosed, and they were being sued for damages.they were told they had 10 days to remove all negatives and that this would be the only notice they would receive,either remove completely from report all negative items and late payments or report as "paid".. they responded instantly with" if we remove all things will you be satisfied and not move forward with suit" why yes....thank you and have a crapppy day Wells Fargo. FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can now continue with life ...lol
  5. credit check total,will give you an update on experian every day, and all 3 every thirty days for like 30 bucks a month
  6. Great thanks for all the replies and info
  7. would it be safe to think its equivalent to fico 8 ?? Not trying to sound dumb(maybe I am) but Im not familiar with it.
  8. what is nexgen? and how would I look at that or know what it might be?
  9. Does penfed use an internal scoring system? or use fico system

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