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  1. I don't appreciate being called a liar. I have been forthright throughout this thread with regards to my interactions with both Visa and my issuing institution. Visa says I have enough documentation for the dispute. That's two different reps, one purportedly a supervisor, at 800-VISA-911. I have done everything I should fairly be expected to do in this circumstance and then some. Blame the victim much?
  2. Visa says I have sufficient documentation. In any case, whose fault is it if the documentation is lacking? Mine or the merchant that's already out of compliance? The onus is on THEM to prove the transaction is legitimate, not me to prove it's not. I can log into any other institution where I maintain accounts and dispute any posted transaction with a few mouse clicks. Doesn't mean I'll win, but it's not incumbent on MY institution to shoot me down.
  3. It's the principle of the matter: I should not have to pay a fee to pay my bill. Now it's a bigger problem, because I've found my FCU wholly unwilling to help me even though I'm completely in the right. What if we were talking about real money? Would you keep your primary banking relationship with such an institution?
  4. The only receipt they gave me was the charge slip. It shows the total of the transaction, not "$25.00 Co-pay / $0.55 debit card fee." The point here is that my issuing institution is being wholly unhelpful, not that the Doctor's office is out of compliance with the Visa rules. That much is already known. They're out of compliance in at least three ways: 1. Charging fees on debit cards. 2. Not posting clear signage regarding the fees to be assessed on credit cards. 3. Not issuing itemized receipts delineating said fees.
  5. Whatever T&Cs they have can not override the ACH/EFT regulations. If OP truly revoked their authorization to debit his account and they did it anyway they're in serious trouble. I would dispute the transactions with my financial institution. Changing account numbers to prevent future debits is helpful but you need not abandon the money they took if the withdrawal truly was unauthorized.
  6. Update.... My stupid FCU refuses to dispute this. I finally escalated the matter to someone with a clue, who knows the fee isn't allowed to be charged, but she refuses to file the dispute because I don't have an itemized receipt! Her: "They have to give you an itemized receipt if they charge a fee." Me: "You mean the fee you just got done telling me they're not allowed to charge?" Her: "Yes." Me: "If they're breaking one Visa rule does it really surprise you that they're breaking another?" Her: "Be that as it may FoxSamual, I can't dispute this without an itemized receipt. Can you request one?" Me: "They refused." Her: "Then there's nothing I can do for you." Me: "I can provide you with the end-of-balance statement from my insurance company, showing the amount owed, the charge slip showing more than that charged, and my sworn statement as to the facts of the transaction. That should be enough." Her: "It's not." Me: "Visa says it is. They literally do not understand why you refuse to file this dispute." Her: "I can't help you." That phone call occurred while I was on vacation. Told her I would be closing all my accounts upon my return home and filing a CFPB complaint. Complaint is already filed and the account will be closed at the end of the month, after I am able to get my payroll deposit moved. I can't fathom why they're being so obstinate about this. If they don't want to do a dispute just give me a bloody courtesy credit! A few months ago Cap One gave me a $50 credit, over a $10 dispute that they messed up. Rather than re-submit the dispute they just gave me $50 to apologize for the error. Years ago Chase gave me a $200 (!!!) credit over a dispute where they felt I couldn't win but sympathized with the situation I was in. This stupid little FCU has my primary banking relationship and they won't give me a lousy $0.55 credit? Where would they be in the case of real fraud??? Going to enjoy closing my account, in person, telling them exactly why, and the CFPB compelling them to give me my money back, after wasting their time to respond to the complaint.
  7. Saw this option today, when hunting for the "chat" link. "Request a credit line increase" "Request a credit line decrease" Not sure who would purposefully request a CLD????
  8. Beat me to it. Pretty sure this practice is disclosed somewhere in the card agreement, I vaguely recall reading it once upon a time. Once your account has aged they credit payments and release your CL within 24 hours.
  9. I say "Bring 'em on" to the prospect of being sued by these bottom feeders, assuming OP can actually document the payments as described in this thread. Every time I read about just how truly awful these loans are I kick myself for not taking out a few before filing bankruptcy. Couldn't happen to nicer people.
  10. That's an excellent idea. Not sure they'll get me my $0.55 back but I wager it will cost my FCU more than $0.55 to respond to the complaint and perhaps educate them a bit regarding their obligations as an issuer of Visa branded debit cards.
  11. A new idea just occurred to me; I'm going to dispute the additional charge with my insurance company once I receive the end-of-balance, as an unauthorized additional charge.
  12. And an update, Visa is less than useless. Called in to check on the dispute, since the thread came back to life, and was told that the dispute details were never entered correctly and it was closed without being investigated!!!! They took all the details again, but then informed me that they can't obtain a refund, all they can do is investigate, and I need to contact my FCU for a refund. My FCU is ignorant of the rules and refuses to help me. Now what the hell do I do? Sue them?
  13. It's 2017. I do not have checks and do not understand those that do. Spent two years in a country where they haven't had checks in decades. Annoys me that my native country is so far behind the times and I'm not going to order checks just to accommodate a merchant that refuses to join the 21st century. I offered them my ACH numbers for a telecheck transaction but that was apparently too sophisticated for them to handle. None of this would have been an issue if they had let me leave to get cash or followed the Visa Merchant Agreement. $0.55 and I'm not spending any time fighting it. Five minute phone call with Visa to open the complaint. Another five minute phone call with my FCU to find out I know more about the Visa rules than they do. The latter was the only time I "wasted." The principle is that they treated me poorly and refused to let me leave to visit an ATM. This was on the heels of not charging me a co-pay for my previous visit, despite my being a new patient, because they weren't sure how my insurance would pay. So, as a new patient, they trust me not to stiff them on a huge bill, but as an established one they don't trust me enough to come back later with $25?
  14. Frankly, I don't think they should be permitted to charge me access for information they maintain (and sell at a hefty profit) about me. At the very least online access should be free and permitted on a monthly or even biweekly basis, not annually. Annual may be fine for mailed reports, since there's a non-zero cost there, but online delivery costs them nothing. EX has figured this out and now provides a free service. It's infested with ads and upsells -- seems to be a clone of CK -- but it does what it needs. As far as getting "real" reports, it's kind of a fight club thing, but I'll echo hdporter's comment. They know who pulls A/Rs. They don't know who takes adverse action. What's AA? Well, I tried to get CapOne to lower the APR I never pay because I don't carry a balance. They refused. I'd best check all three reports to make sure they're accurate. Wouldn't do this on a monthly basis -- CK and EX's service are better for that -- but quarterly should be safe, or whenever you genuinely need a "real" report to file a dispute.

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