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  1. The New Servicer took over the loan in 2010. The mortgage company said they don't report to CRAs. All my credit reports (CCT) have only 1 late auto payment 22 months ago, though there were others before. I do have 50% utilization in regards to credit, aside from that everything is paid as agrees. My previous statement should have said I have not been late with a mortgage payment in 11years.
  2. It doesn't report at all on Eq and Ex.
  3. As the title says my mortgage reports zero dollars except trans union which says paid and closed with a zero balance. The one that's says paid closed is because another bank bought my mortagage. I haven't been late with my existing mortgage in 19 years. Does my mortgage not reporting having an effect on my credit rating.
  4. Cabelas sent me a letter stating there's no activity on my account along with surveys to find out what I'd like to see at Cabelas.
  5. I'm going to take the BofA offer and that's it for me and continue to work on my utilization. Worst case scenario l'll have an in with BofA. Thank again everyone.
  6. I thought a late payment only stayed for two years.
  7. Thanks for the quick response, the one late payment is all I see on my Experian report (CCT) checked today and my last MF pull from three months ago. Is it harmful to have a secured card reporting. mfarmer, I'm also in with Citi and PNC, would BofA look good on my profile. Thanks again
  8. I apped BofA for the Cash Rewards Card and was denied. They countered with 99.00 secured card with a 500.00 limit. And of course without any of the new card benefits. Their reasons A. Delinquent account (I have one late which is 20 months so it will fall off in fours months) B. Short AAOA (this true, 2.7 yrs., though my oldest account 22.7 yrs.) C. I did recon and they said the same thing. D. This would be my only secured card. My utility is about at 47% I also hold; Costco go Anywhere Visa Pnc Core Visa Capital One Platinum, Quicksilver One and Cap One BuyPower Card Barclay Rewards Discover IT Cabelas Credit One (I no longer use after joining and learning about them from this board) Way Fair (I had to try the SCT) Home Depot So do I let the baddie age off and app again and continue working on Utilization, the AAOA won't change change at all or do I accept the 99/500 offer and get my foot in the door. Would another option would be to join NFCU as stated in other threads. Is it a no no CR wise to have a secured card reporting. Thanks in advance.
  9. I got this same offer yesterday and accepted online. My ex (655)
  10. My best guess is high utilization (50%) I've had one late 18months ago and a bk that is cleared off my reports as of September 2016. I have not missed any credit card, auto or mortgage payments (except the auto payment) I do have an average age of accounts of 2.3 years as I did not use any credit at all aside from my mortgage and auto. I'm in the process of paying those accounts down now. I thought I would be further ahead but life sometimes gets in the way.
  11. Citibank seems to like me, thus far I have Costco Anywhere and Home Depot. I'm going to try my luck at the Double Cash card. My Ficos today are Fico (8) 664 and Fico Bankcard score (8)646. After this I'm done for a while. I'm just wondering what the experts think. ps, Ficos are from cct.
  12. Do you think I should call or wait and see.

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