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  1. So I noticed on my experien business credit report that a new inquiry showed up listed as bureau. I am not sure what this is but I stumbled across something on my Dun and Bradstreet iupdate account that may be related.....on the iupdate there is a special event listed on the main page that basically says DnB on 4-11-2017 used all available sources to verify my business address and accuracy of reported information.......so my question is would Dun and Bradstreet actually pull a experien business report? Another strange thing is my $61,000 ford credit line disapeared off my iupdate report? strange maybe just dnb shananigans
  2. My younger brother has a new corp that he has a DBA for and I never had a DBA myself before and he ask which name he should use on his starter accounts? His EIN number is linked to his corporation thanks for the help
  3. So my iupdate all of the sudden shows a slow pay for $500 with a total owed of $1000 and total credit line of $1000. It is dun and Bradstreet policy to not give out vendor info, can anybody please help me out if you know what accounts are listed as a mortgage bank on dun and Bradstreet. I know it must be some sort of starter account because it is my 5th account reported on the file. I have been on the phone all day and can not figure it out. Thanks for the hel folks
  4. I have been so busy but just wanted to share this info in case it could help anyone in Ca. Just leased 2 ford focus electric vehicles through biz, no pg, no money down, first payment made with rebates, lease amount is about $230 each a month. Ca has about $15,000 in rebates on 2016 electric vehicles right now. We got Ford Focuses and they are awesome, the range advertised says 72 miles per charge, but we do in town driving, a lot of stop and go so the batteries recharge themselves and basically stay charged just by our driving conditions. Also these cars are loaded, back-up camera, leather, nav, sirius radio etc. I don't know of a better deal out there for no money down no pg
  5. I believe Discount School Supply was government, non profit, or in education sector in order to get a net 30 account
  6. I am fairly certain that this mystery business revolving account is an in store charge card for businesses that has to be pg'd since it is a capital one product
  7. Ok but my equifax just has financial and non financial and dollar amounts. So it is hard to narrow down exactly which companies are reporting
  8. How do you know who is reporting on your equifax out of curiosity
  9. I'm not sure if it was just me, but in my case I don't mind because I pay my invoices in full each month, but the Walmart app that is floating around appears to get you a net 10 account, not a revolver. Just wanted to let everyone know so you don't run up more than you can pay at statement time.
  10. lol I agree blake10, although I think it was a rhetorical question. Ever since I got Ford showing $60,000 trade on DNB it has been smooth sailing
  11. If you have talked to a representative who has verified the biz account is available please let me know. The lady I talked to said they get business apps all the time through fax but they get trashed because there is no longer business accounts.
  12. ckd

    Chrysler capital

    GMAC did start by saying they needed a pg, but the next day got a call saying it would be done no pg......just need articles of incorporation and a corporate resolution...easy........
  13. ckd

    Chrysler capital

    THANKS CommCabinets A side note used my Ford and Chrysler no pg approvals and GMAC offered a no pg loan $4,0000 down on a loaded suburban

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