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  1. It's my understanding that they all report the statement balance. The exact date of them reporting it varies between bureaus and is not important. The exceptions being rare. Here is the Bob Wang Master Thread on off statement balances being reported https://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=471527
  2. If you are not paying in full ( which strictly means paying the entire previous statement balance on the card before the next months statement cuts ) every month then there would be a minimum payment due based off of the balance on the previous statement. You would definitely want to pay before the due date when it shows that you have a payment due. What you are describing is not paying in full though. Which is what I described in my scenario. *You can let balances report and pay them within the grace period ( which I believe is essentially just before the next statement ) and t
  3. Hmm... So you said you used to pay (based on the graphic) on the 8th. If that is so, won't the creditor mark 'payment not received', since it's 2 days past due (6th). I've never done that, so curious. March 2019 :-) sure, it's far. No, if you always pay in full before the statement cuts then you are paying early. It is never past due. It is never "due" technically for that matter. i.e. (dates are for reference only) You get a new CC on the 1st of Jan, the statement for that CC cuts on the 30th of Jan. Your payment will be due on the 25th of Feb., the month
  4. Personally, when I was trying to ensure that zero balances reported, sans one account, I would use the card up until the day before the statement cut then make the payment to include the pending amounts. Now that I plan to hold off on apps until I'm under 5/24 I don't worry about balances reporting. March of 2019 seems so far away
  5. +1 The creditor will update AFTER the statement cuts. Also, from my observations, you can use the card on the date the statement closes and those transactions appear on the next billing statement not the one that is closing that day.
  6. One of my friends got some Kiwi-berries from Sprouts. I don't think that they have locations out east
  7. If my understanding of the situation is correct, it would happen gradually. As the closed card's age would stay the same as months went by, which would slowly lower the AAOA each month until the newer cards aged some more. A closed card will continue to age for up to 10 years if its in good standing ( no lates or derogatory associated with it ). It will not have any negative impact on your AAOA. It could have an impact on your overall utilization if you have any balances reporting.
  8. This was out there a few months back as well. I was able to use 1 MR on the last offer.
  9. Per your second post the credit scores and reports are updated every 30 days at sign in. I do not think ( based off of the info above ) that they are going to update your TU and EQ score more than once a month.
  10. It sounds like they are doing exactly what CCT gives you. CCT is $15 a month if you call and get the half off offer when you go to cancel. You are not able to freeze via CCT but for me thats not important.
  11. You should remove your personal information from that image and then re-upload the image. Also changing your username would be a good idea. As far as it being removed, that should happen without you doing anything else. If I'm not mistaken, part of them ceasing collection is that they no longer report it.
  12. All this free association reminds me of this.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5YcVey0vQ9w
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