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  1. Gaston


    Already did, my kids and I with a friend are going to Cancun. She is staying home because I've carried the last 3 vacations. Bayonne is for burying dead bodies only.....BTW the Bayonne booking was a joke, just making sure some of you I take everything I read on the internet seriously folks understand....
  2. Gaston


    Um she did her 82.00 dollars has us booked into the super 8 in Bayonne. Sometimes working as a team is beneficial.....
  3. Can any of you think of just one reason to finance a phone on your carrier plan even for 30 days or less on a 0% deal????
  4. Gaston


    So, my GF just had to get her second Discover It today even thou I wanted her to get the Hyatt card. I'm thinking on the next vacation I tell her we book whatever hotel her Disco $$ get us. FML
  5. Are you frozen with Lexis Nexis also? Would like to know because I've heard of frozen files there also showing inquires.
  6. I use the link below to let me know what's out there for SUBS. Obviously the value of the point are a YMMV depending on how you use and value them. https://www.uscreditcardguide.com/best-credit-card-sign-up-bonus/
  7. Since I recently got a FOAD for the Savior card I'm not wasting my time. A couple of things have stood out on who they are telling to FOAD (YMMV). 1 - People who have a crap 1 card with low utilization, and a CL >10K. 2 - People who have Churned a card with them in the last 24 months. 3 - FICO seems to be irrelevant, but the majority of the FOAD have been to 750 plus apps. Amount of recent apps are all over the board on who has reported being approved. The one common thing on these approvals seems to be usage on existing crap 1 cards. So basically unprofitable people. Interesting thing is when the Savior originally came out (prior to the new version) they sent me at least 2 pre - approvals for the card.
  8. You need a Freedom Unlimited card all spend would be at 2.25% when transferred to your CSR.
  9. Chase IHG. Full list of other cards below. https://www.tsa.gov/precheck/credit-cards-offer
  10. Instead of worrying about not using this turd they're calling the EO to complain the card won't ever have those snazzy Signature or WEMC benefits. Or is it a status symbol for those to appear on your card? https://ficoforums.myfico.com/t5/Credit-Cards/Capital-one-buckets-this-is-how-u-know-ur-in-it/td-p/5390519
  11. I can see this person having a special room where the walls are plastered with old cards to stare at.
  12. It should tell you before you submit the App if you are eligible for the bonus. Reported on multiple sites. https://frequentmiler.boardingarea.com/answered-amex-will-tell-you-that-youre-not-eligible-if-youre-not/ https://www.flyertalk.com/forum/american-express-membership-rewards/1913138-amex-usa-restricts-bonuses-based-number-accounts-opened-closed-june-2018-a-6.html
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