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  1. 1. Sync Amaz: $25K 2. Amex BCE: $24K 3. Sync Marvel: $15K
  2. This recent wave of shutdowns - (there are quite a few DP's on r/churning) seem to have one thing in common: Too many chase accounts too fast. It seems to happen to people who are just starting out and want to maximize Chase cards while under 5/24. They keep getting approved without a hitch until they get approved for a final card that gets them shut down. I can't even fathom how you have a rule like 5/24 and be surprised when people get chase cards back to back. What exactly did they expect to happen? The good news is most people don't have an issue getting their accounts reinstated.
  3. I've already started MS'ing. I've tried a few different methods and liquidation options and ready to ramp up. I'm trying to clear up a few things before I dive in. Seems like the vast majority of the shutdowns come when people cycle their credit limits and hammer one issuer too much. I'm thinking of limiting myself to ~60% of reported income per issuer so as to not raise too many flags. Where do you guys draw the line in the sand? Another question: For those that don't just MS to meet MSR, what cards do you MS on year round? Do you pad with some organic spend now and then or is that to not be necessary?
  4. Alright, so the short of it is that a few months ago I decided that I wanted to start traveling and would change from cash back to travel cards. After doing some research, found out that the Chase 4-card combo is preeeeeety good. Of course that realization came after a string of applications. I decided then, to wait to be under 5/24. Due to the recent apps, my youngest accounts are: 5 months old 7 months old 7 months old 8 months old 18 months old That means that i can get my first chase card in 6 months. I know I'm losing out on a lot of sign-up bonuses, but the chase cards I think I would actually keep/use long term so I decided that they were worth the wait. My credit scores are also going up in the mean time. Okay, enough backstory. So today i get this email from chase. I thought it was just an ad at first, but they expiration date made me realize that it's a pre approval,, which is one of the few ways to get in while over 5/24. The downside of course is that it's for the slate card. Not sure why i got offered that card when i have 2-3% utilization but that's besides the point. While this isn't one of the cards i want, I know i'd be able to product change it into a freedom eventually. The four cards I want are CSR, CFU, CF, and CIK. The gap between my first chase card and my second one would be 10 months as things stand. if I get one now, it'd be 14 months (not a huuuuge difference). My logic is to go for it because UR generation won't really kick up until the second card anyway and I could open a Discover it miles and hammer it the first year because it'd only add one month to the schedule. My only chase card is the Amazon card which I got a long time ago, but sees no traffic since, well, it sucks. I do shop quite a bit at Amazon so with a Sapphire card, I could be earning some points while i wait. Thanks for reading all that. I'm really not sure which is the better option. I welcome all inputs.
  5. Amex plat 60k offer Chase pre-approval when over 5/24 (email) for slate though
  6. It has been my experience that inquiries don't really matter when you have a decently thick credit file. When I only had 2 cards, my scores were a lot more sensitive to inquiries than now when I have 12. Also, there is diminishing returns on how much they matter. If you have 0 inquiries, getting one inquiry seems to matter more (score wise) than if you already had nine and went to 12.
  7. Nowhere was the word upgrade mentioned.
  8. Just logged into my amex account from a computer and saw an offer for 25K points for $1K spend if I get the PRG card. This is the first time I've seen a signup bonus in my 'offers.' The publically available offer is 25K points for $2K spend. If I log into amex on my phone (using browser), I don't see that offer and instead see 40% off of hotels in Europe. If I log into it on my phone with the app, I see neither of those offers. This is the first time I've seen a discrepancy between offers based on how you access the website. Anyway, my question is if anyone knows whether or not I would actually get $50K points for signing up for SPG or if one just replaces the other. Has anyone heard of or experienced this before?
  9. Definitely this. There are loads of repayment plans out there. It could be as easy as logging online and checking a different box or a phone call. They'll work with him based on his financial situation. I just graduated myself and they let me choose my repayment method.
  10. Ink preffered. 80k bonus expires in 4 months.
  11. I lost my wallet recently and had to replace 4 credit cards. Amex, Citi and Discover all sent the new card and changed the account number. One of them was a Sync card and their modus operandi seems to be to close the lost credit card and open a new backdated CC. Normally, that'd be good for AAOA, but this card is only 7 months old. Reading another thread has made me realize that the closed card and the new card count towards 5/24. Both being opened in 9/2016 mean I would have to wait an additional 7 months to be under 5/24. What are my options to get this removed from my reports? This would be my first time disputing anything.
  12. Browsing the web recently, it seems people have been having a lot of success calling recon to get them to ignore their store cards. That's good news for me because one of my 5 recent cards is the Amazon Store Card from Synchrony. If I can get recon to ignore it, I should be able to apply 5 months earlier than I thought. Here is a screenshot of my youngest credit cards. Anyway, that's not what this thread is about. I'm transitioning from a cash rewards strategy to a travel strategy. I decided that Chase is a good place to start since I probably won't be under 5/24 after this round of chase cards for a very, very long time. What do you gals/guys think are the best 5 chase cards to get and in what order should I get them. Here is my tentative order: 1. Ink Preferred for sign up bonus then PC to Ink Cash. 2. CSR 3. CSP for Sign Up Bonus then PC to Freedom Unlimited. 4. Freedom. 5. Marriot/IHG currently have the largest sign up bonuses. Have to do more research to see which has higher value. I would have liked to make a push for a companion pass but I'm out of space to get both SW cards. Maybe I'll app once every 6 months, so I can do that in November 2018. I welcome your inputs.
  13. I'm gardening for chase as well and every now and then I find myself going "If I apply for this card, I'm only adding ~6 month until I can apply for chase again." You've been good for almost a year, don't ruin it. That's my advice. I've been holding myself over with the Countdown app and counting down inquiries falling off of my report (lol) and getting SP CLIs when I can. I want as clean as a report as possible when I apply. I think you're right though, after getting a round of cards from Chase, don't think I'll ever be eligible for them again. Build a good long term portfolio of travel cards and cash back cards so you have some flexibility is good.
  14. Hmm. Just looked at my last pulled credit report and have been getting 30% every CLI other than the first one. 1K -> 4K -> 5.2K -> 6.8K I did consistently let over 50% report when it was 1k. I wonder if that's what it takes to get a good CLI from Citi Edit: I think I got the 30% figure from this board. It was pretty spot on so I thought it was a "rule" Edit2:
  15. I know the basics. I get a soft pull CLI online every 6 months for ~+30% of current limit. I have two questions. 1)Can I call in and ask for a CLI before the 6 months is up or am I limited to one CLI every 6 months, HP or not? 2)If I wait for the 6 months to call in and ask (instead of doing it online), will it be a HP if I ask for more than the ~30% they usually give? Citi DC is my daily driver atm, but I plan to transition to travel CCs next year when I'm under 5/24, at which point, it will see less traffic. Thought I'd try to maximize my CL before usage goes down. Thx in advance.

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