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    I had a FBNO card and was less than impressed. The website was particularly glitchy and often down. They seemingly prefer moderate to heavy card use and if you PIF, they won't provide decent offers.
  2. The adult entertainment industry is certainly not everyone's cup of soup, nor is the firearms hobby, nor religions; but they are all legal industries in the US and some banks should support them with transactional services.
  3. As if the henpecked prince cared about either his paternal grandmother or Canada.
  4. When you are promised a "pre-approval", but it turns out to be not guaranteed... https://abc7chicago.com/credit-karma-card-score-money/12199338/
  5. A speeding citation in California is likely to be a "traffic infraction", a minor violation unless the citation is not resolved and or the Court appearance is not made / sanction order is not resolved. If the Court cannot locate it and there is no valid bench warrant, Centex is right.
  6. What is one supposed to cancel when Amazon says that they don't list you as having Prime, eh? A case of minor credit card fraud, one might assume. Anyhow, one less card and one fewer customer of AMEX.
  7. It's my house and I can kill whatever credit problems exist in it. I'm not paying an annual fee for the privilege of being defrauded.
  8. I've checked with my old Amazon account and it shows I've ordered nothing and that I have no Prime membership. I'm at a loss to explain what AMEX is referring to.
  9. Long story short - I am now being billed for signing up for Amazon Prime and having never done so in the past 8 to 9 years. I disputed and AMEX has rejected the dispute. I am, as are most people, unable to prove a negative and they are sticking to their script. I haven't purchased anything from Amazon in the past four years. Does anyone know of a telephone number to the Executive Offices where I can civilly voice my displeasure and terminate my business relationship?
  10. Closing Cr*p1 when I did was an unanticipated good move. They want to be a national bank, but they act more like Credit One with each business quarter. They should let their current spokesperson, Jennifer Garner, go and hire Johnny Depp and Amber Heard to promote their business.
  11. Why the politics and false attribution? Social security was the product of the post WW1 generation, not those born after WW2. A significant percentage of the post WW2 got their Social Security time pushed back to 67+ years of age for full "benefits". I know that I never received the educational benefits of the GI Bill that the WW2 and Afghan/Iraqi war veterans got. I never used the VA home loan benefit, choosing to sink my savings into equity and pay off the mortgage quicker, and I've paid for my own funeral - eschewing National cemeteries because I'm no military hero. I'm retired, but I don't expect anything from the government.
  12. Like Burgerwars, I have had a USAA card for over a decade. No auto CLI, no requests for CLI, etc. It was in heavy use at one time and now, it simply sits and gets a tiny bit of use every 12 to 18 months. USAA is not the credit card issuer it once was.
  13. In this economy, close on the house and forgo sprees. That is a very thin file and aside from the likely auto denial from Chase [search for 5/24 rule]. Take your time and build age.
  14. Mine was around 13 points if i recall, but the knowledge that I have no mortgage payment is priceless.
  15. insolent1

    My Fico

    If you want to know what is on your credit reports, don't pay FICO. Simply order them from the big 3 every year. Charge offs fall off after enough time, successful disputes, etc. Goodwill letters rarely work in this economy.
  16. They will tell you when they feel you deserve a CLI. I've never received one in over a flawless decade with them, insurance/other banking products, and 800+ FICO 8 and 9 scoring. I rarely use the card now.
  17. I have no love for FBNO and not a lot of respect. Their online payment page was disjointed.
  18. All Gunners are WOs and recent WOs are selected from E-7/E-8 ranks. I never claimed to have worked in an Air Wing or a Comm shop and your assumption as to what I don't know and what I do know is far more afield.
  19. One more thing... If you accept WOFT and graduate, your obligation is 10 years. Good luck!
  20. The AF has zero Warrants. The Marines select Gunners [Warrants] from existing E-7s and E-8s with technical skills. The Navy looks for Warrants in technical fields from candidates who have subject matter mastery. The Army uses Warrants primarily as aviators to fly their rotary wing AC. The selection process is fairly straightforward for NPS personnel and for active duty enlisted personnel, the following documents go to the board for review: DA Form 61 Application for Appointment UF 601-210.12 Packet Checklist Validation Letters of Recommendation:(Minimum of 3, Maximum of 6) Preferred form UF 3.3 ERB or equivalent (PS) Resume Typed Essay “Why I want to be an Army WOFT Aviator” Evaluations – if applicable ( NCOERs, OERs, AERs, or service equivalent) Education Documents: Official High School Transcripts and College Transcripts Copies of Professional Certificates (i.e. FAA) Official SIFT Results The initial security clearance is SECRET. The following documents have to go to the board as part of the package, yet are not reviewed by the board: UF 610-210.10 Security Clearance Questionnaire DA 160-R Application for Active Duty DD Form 2808 with stamp from USAAMC, Ft. Rucker DD Form 705 Army Physical Fitness Test Scorecard (Must Score a 60 or Higher in Each Event) DA Form 5500/5501 Body Fat Content Worksheet – if required (do not meet height/weight standards set in AR 600-9) REDD Report/GT Conversions (PS) Prior Service DD Form 214, DMDC Report, and NGB Form 22 (PS) USMEPCOM 680-3ADP (with DAT Results Posted) Sex Offender Check Moral waiver request w/ ALL supporting documentation – if required (as identified in block 26 on DA Form 61) Active Federal Service ETP request – if required (have not exceeded 8 years of Active Federal Service as of the date the DA 61 is signed by the applicant) Age waiver request -if required (be older than 18, but has not reached their 33rd birthday at the time of board selection. As an exception, a Warrant Officer Flight Training (WOFT) applicant, younger than 18 years old, may apply as a high school senior when expected to graduate within 365 days from board selection. However, the WOFT applicant must be 18 years of age prior to shipping to initial active duty training).
  21. Showing demonstrable steps towards fiscal responsibility is the first and best thing you can do for getting into WOFT. Clean credit reports can take years to show, so qualitative efforts to resolve past issues will help when DCSA looks at your file. Initial security access to WOFT should be pretty basic since you'll be learning to fly unclassified aircraft and not yet assigned to a program that demands higher clearances. If you want to be assigned to the "Nightstalkers", then DCSA will be more challenging.
  22. Never go by what collectors/collection agencies or third parties tell you [attorneys are exempt]. See for yourself what is on your credit reports by examining what is entered into it on the paper copies. Until you do this. you are simply 'guessing into the wind'. For all anyone knows, they are still there. hdporter is correct. Accounting by GAAP principles requires an asset [a one-time performing loan] to be converted to zero value at a defined point. Thus, it is "written off" [to them, not to the debtor] for business/corporate tax reporting purposes. When this is done, the debt [whole or some fraction thereof] often remains tied to your credit reports as a "charge off" and is considered a derogatory entry.
  23. BNP Paribas is deep in negotiations to sell Bank of the West/US unit to the Bank of Montreal, according to the weekend edition of the WSJ. https://www.wsj.com/articles/bank-of-montreal-is-in-advanced-talks-to-buy-bnp-paribass-u-s-unit-11639967503?mod=hp_lead_pos4
  24. The stereotypical military debtor story is the junior E-3 just out of occupational training and buying a 10+ year old Mustang or Camaro at 29% interest for 5 years and at a grossly inflated price. I used to have to deal with financially illiterate troops that thought they were on easy street once they were assigned to their initial unit.
  25. If you have an existing relationship in good standing with a creditor, there are companies that will do a soft pull and may issue a card based on that. Since the Apple Card is issued by Goldman Sachs, expect the hard pull every time and no automatic CLIs. I've had one since the early days and use it only for a recurring monthly charge. When I bought my latest Mac a month ago, I used AMEX for the points.
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