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  1. A short and interesting history of the credit card, compliments of The History Guy:
  2. What are the qualifications in order to obtain an AMEX business card [probably a Green or Business Cash card]? I'm having a specialty Trust set up as settlor and the attorney recommended obtaining a checking account in the name of the Trust and using that to pay costings and expenses. I was thinking that an AMEX card might be a more expedient method of payment, although I haven't specifically asked about a charge card.
  3. The only way I know of to get back in the good graces of AMEX is to do the Oasis program if and when it is offered or to wait them out and try their pre-approved card offer site every quarter.
  4. I know a former WaMu cardholder that had a CO of a few thousand dollars back in 2006 with the loss of a job. After WaMu collapsed in 2008, Chase took over and to this day still won't give her any type of credit product. Chase has the memory of an elephant and the forgiveness of a cheated on ex-wife.
  5. Here are NFCU's criteria for membership: https://www.navyfederal.org/membership/become-a-member/eligibility.php
  6. Borrowing money from a retirement fund is usually a poor idea.
  7. Chase is out of the question and AMEX is likely to be as well. Allow time to pass.
  8. The only way you can see if you are eligible is to keep checking the AMEX website to check for a pre-approval. If you get pre-approved, then you can submit an application and see if it is approved. AMEX has an institutional memory that rivals the IRS.
  9. I still do not understand why AMEX treats the Green card as an afterthought. Yes, AMEX makes a lot of money with the Platinum and Gold cards [Centurion is in another class beyond many of us], but not everyone can use air travel perks, luxury hotel perks, discounts at "higher end" retailers, etc. that the Platinum / Gold cards offer. Please come out with benefits that work more for those people that do not have an upper third percentile income.
  10. Costs were higher for American Express because American Express wanted them to be higher. Exclusivity has its' costs.
  11. As far as the military and security clearances are concerned, a "good (FICO) score" is not expected for a recruit / "A" school trainee for 17+ year olds. As long as his credit file is not replete with charge-offs and derogatory info, he's fine. Tell him that buying a used car/SUV/truck for 29.9% APR from the auto dealer next to the base is the source of many ills for young people in the military. I've seen this very scenario too many times as a NCO.
  12. Congratulations. I wonder if your good luck is an outlier of good fortune or is AMEX now forgiving low amounts owed from previous accounts.

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