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  1. insolent1

    using another person's 12-digit mailer

    Sounds somewhat like fraud to me, submitting another person's name initially in order to receive a material benefit.
  2. Mine was available for view on my member account page, since I went paperless. USAA is a rather curious company.
  3. A lot of people are in identical straits as you. Some people get new AMEX accounts after 7-10 years in purgatory. Others may be there for two or more decades for charge offs, bankruptcies, or other issues. You might try contacting the executive offices to inquire as to what might be done in your circumstances, but AMEX isn't know exactly as a forgiving creditor.
  4. insolent1

    Zelle - Paying yourself

    FinCEN is watching.
  5. insolent1

    Chances of lawsuit? 13k, 11k, and 9k account

    If you have any US based financial services transaction device such as a debit card, you can be found by persons or entities holding a judgement against you. Since Bangkok Bank has a US office, you can be discovered through that route. If you want to remain in the shadows, barter and cash are the routes to anonymity. Anything else has the potential for discovery and potential enforcement of any judgement.
  6. insolent1

    Goodwill - Chase Mortgage

    Chase & goodwill? Not on Mr. Dimon's watch.
  7. In my estimation, your ACH activity would be considered suspicious by most financial institutions, it generated too many AML/SAR actions, and that activity triggered the closures. Complaints will not force USAA to take you back because banks, CUs, and other institutions are required to adhere more diligently to AML regulations than to other obligations. As Burgerwars mentions, have other banking options available, but keep transfers to a minimal level to avoid the appearance of "structuring".
  8. insolent1

    Wage garnishment question

    Many police reports are purged after being closed a certain length of time and 9 years would be in the ball park of my state for misdemeanor and lesser felony crimes. An arrest, a criminal charging, and a court disposition would be recorded at the State repository level.
  9. I suspect your overall median scores are a bit low for AMEX, but what specifically do you want from a charge card as opposed to a credit card? Do you have business / travel expenses or significant recurring cash flows?
  10. Applying to different CUs and getting turn downs is not the answer. Work on utilization and cash flow, stop applying to CUs, develop patience, and realize that it takes years to get where you want to be.
  11. insolent1

    Another For-Profit Diploma Mill Bites The Dust?

    When the University of Phoenix finally dies, I'll celebrate. I've had to work with graduates of this "school" and the wholesale lack of knowledge from the graduates I've encountered is shocking.
  12. insolent1

    U.S. Bank Shows Love, First Prime Card in Years

    Well done! Keep on working at it.
  13. insolent1

    So what did you get in the mail today?

    More Citi offers saying "you are preselected to apply". Say hello to Mister Shredder.
  14. insolent1

    ducks unlimited: hard to get?

    When I had a FBNO card, they pulled Experian. FBNO is fairly conservative and while they might consider a 4 year old BK, you may have to wait a bit for your scores to rise. Paying off your existing amounts won't make FICO scores jump, but FAKO scores might. If you bought a new vehicle, a HELOC, and took on other obligations, you probably should take a break from applying for a while.
  15. insolent1

    Taking Chase to court

    Do this and you will go onto the Chase blacklist permanently. If the violation is/are egregious, take it to them. Just be aware of the consequences though.

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