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  1. AMEX should lower their fees for the Platinum by at least $150 annually. When significantly fewer people are travelling, what good is the aviation travel based card at full price?
  2. Out of the several checking accounts that I have, the NFCU account is my chief account and has been for decades. Occasionally, the website does go down for maintenance, but that's limited to Sunday mornings after midnight and to be expected. Glitches have been few. They don't have a lot of ATMs near me, but I might use one once a month for "mad money". The nearest branch is a few cities away. All in all, I've been reasonably happy with them.
  3. I'd take the BofA secured card and use it judiciously. When the other big banks see you playing nicely with that card, they'll get jealous. Be patient and good things will emerge.
  4. PenFed changed up their logon and security protocols. In doing so, they wiped out all my external account info for payments. I've re-submitted them twice, over the past two days, and someone must have broken a line of code because I keep getting a failed loop. Before I sit on the telephone for over an hour, is anyone else having an issue?
  5. PDL and auto title loans are right up Capital One's KS&A.
  6. Capital One should expand into Auto Title loans. They'd probably run those more efficiently than their CC portfolio.
  7. Did you do a walkthrough with management and audio record the process, while taking photographs of everything on the interior and exterior, just prior to handing over the keys? If you did not, you got scammed on the repairs. Since you owe the back rent, interest will accrue and the amount owed will grow.
  8. Any credit union [and whatever USAA is] that is based in military membership has to remain small and may even decline further. Few eligible people ever serve in the military and it is seen by many as a jobs option for immigrants, the working poor, and certain demographics that still respect service to the US. In 2018, there were an estimated 18 million veterans. Their median age was 65 years. The youngest group is the post 9/11 vets with a median age of 37.5 years, the Vietnam era vets have a median age of 71 years, and the few WW2 vets still with us have a median age of 93 years. Fewer and fewer young people are willing to serve. Because of this decline in veterans, USAA had to open their membership from Commissioned Officers only, to then accepting Warrant Officers, and now all ranks. This upset a lot of retired Officers, but the inevitability was obvious. The standards are even more lax at NFCU and PenFed. Even with accepting second cousins and allowing great-grandchildren of WW2 vets who never heard of NFCU when they were alive is going to turn NFCU into a financial powerhouse. Military affiliated CUs are a very limited growth segment of the financial markets.
  9. https://www.wsj.com/articles/federal-investigators-probing-amex-card-sales-practices-11610039815?mod=hp_lead_pos3
  10. I had to tweak my AdBlocker on my Mac so it would reliably run and show pop-ups, etc.
  11. I've used the "Max Power Rewards™" to buy an expensive bicycle and some gas. I was queried when I bought the bike, but no one has said anything since then. The card is comatose as of now. The "rewards" are underwhelming, to say the least.
  12. Disputes over inaccurate or erroneous information on your reports have to be submitted to the CRAs directly. The CFPB is a financial oversight agency and based on your post, we aren't certain what you've done or what your goals are.
  13. Many years ago, I dated a widow with several young sons. She wanted to get married right away, but I wanted to wait about a year for career advancement since I was working in a supervisor that I despised. When she didn't get an engagement ring on Valentine's day, without advance notice, she sold her house, quit her job, and moved away. I was less than pleased. Life moved on - I got the job I wanted 10 months later and things slowly evolved towards the better. She contacted me a few years later and wanted to pick up where she walked out. I said no [if she was willing to run out once, she'd likely do it again]. She reportedly did the same thing to a couple of other men. Now, her sons are adults, but one of them turned into a child molester and is serving 30+ years and she's spent her family's wealth trying to keep/get him out of prison, even to this day. The crimes were so disgusting that I hope he never gets out. Had we gotten married, I would have walked out on her for blindly supporting him. One never knows what will be, but things can always get worse. Be grateful that they aren't.

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