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  1. Two things - one, an offer for the US Bank Harley-Davidson CC. I haven't owned a Harley-Davidson in 17 years and I've been out of motorcycles since 2009. Two - Capital One had the gall to invite me to return to the fold with their Quicksilver Rewards card. Sorry Cap1, you got dumped for a reason and my BL on you is permanent.
  2. Dump Credit One ASAP. Wait for a year or so and Chase may come your way. Exercising that AMEX may help convince Chase that it is time.
  3. When you borrow, the onus of proper repayment is on the borrower and never the lender. You may have not have intended to fail to pay your monthly statements, but through an error of omission, you did. Always check your statements weekly. Never assume that auto-payment means that you can be 'hands-off'. Unmanaged money will find a way to either disappear or cause havoc.
  4. AMEX appears to have eased off on the eternal blacklisting over low levels of loss. I've never seen NFCU allow BK'ed members back in.
  5. Congratulations. May your experiences with them be better than mine.
  6. Homesteading was designed to preserve basic familial property. This overturns the basic theory of homesteading. I'm not going to lecture others to pay their bills. They should, but circumstances arise and piling on punishment after punishment doesn't rectify the matter.
  7. Watch out for liens. The state government just allowed debt collectors to take your equity. https://www.abc15.com/news/let-joe-know/new-arizona-law-allows-debt-collectors-access-to-your-homes-equity https://legiscan.com/AZ/text/HB2617/2021
  8. The Navy FCU Flagship card won't come with an inherent higher limit, but it will come with an annual fee. Do the card benefits offset the card fee? USAA is an unusual financial institution - not quite a bank and a bit more than a credit union. The primary reason I have a relationship with them is for their insurance products. Their checking/savings accounts are nothing to swoon over and the one credit card I have with them is based on affinity status since I was unit veteran. The APR isn't exceptional and although my FICO has been slowly climbing for quite a number of years - I've never been
  9. If the ratio of incurred debt to total credit limit on a credit card rises past a certain point, then yes, your scores can drop. Even if there is no derogatory information or late payment[s], it can impact your scores.
  10. Go only with a card that will grow with you. Stay away from CreditOne, Capital One [their cards rarely unsecure], and the gimmicks that some use. BofA and some credit unions don't have the reputation for being usurious exploiters.
  11. They did it to prevent a 'charge back' on the card.
  12. Write and ask Jennifer Garner for a a rebate? She seems like a nice lady.
  13. "Trekkie Pride"??? You PIF each month, you monitor your FICO scores. You calculate the best offers, you stay far away from Credit One. You live well within your means and you never loan to family or friends... You have an AMEX Platinum, a Chase Sapphire Preferred, and even a J.P. Morgan Reserve card... Yet NASA FCU sends you a Star Trek 'Red Shirt' card... Now you know how expendable you truly are.
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