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  1. Costs were higher for American Express because American Express wanted them to be higher. Exclusivity has its' costs.
  2. As far as the military and security clearances are concerned, a "good (FICO) score" is not expected for a recruit / "A" school trainee for 17+ year olds. As long as his credit file is not replete with charge-offs and derogatory info, he's fine. Tell him that buying a used car/SUV/truck for 29.9% APR from the auto dealer next to the base is the source of many ills for young people in the military. I've seen this very scenario too many times as a NCO.
  3. Congratulations. I wonder if your good luck is an outlier of good fortune or is AMEX now forgiving low amounts owed from previous accounts.
  4. DR loves two things: himself and using religion as a backdrop to make himself wealthy.
  5. The County Voter Registrar's office won't be able to help you directly with information, likely due to privacy laws. It sounds as if someone may have stolen someone's purse/wallet and is using your address to order items and then pick them up when they are delivered by UPS and you are likely to be away. I'd go and speak to the local postmaster in person to verify that you and your family are the only people at your address. They may be able to confirm that someone else is to receive mail at your address. It may be ID Theft, but it appears that you are a third party not directly involved. Watch to see what comes in the mail.
  6. I write one annually to the IRS for the several hundred dollars I owe annually. Otherwise, I never write them... the last time I bought checks was probably the mid 2000s. The only other time I deal with checks/cheques [for our British friends] is when I'm at the grocery store and in a hurry to get the one item I need for dinner home. Inevitably, there is an older person who still believes that LBJ is President, charge/credit cards are only for business people, and they have to handwrite a check after taking inventory of their purse or their pockets. They need to stop paying as if it is 1966.
  7. Considering that many banks and credit unions will no longer accept P.O. Boxes as residential addresses for applications due to fraud/money laundering/terrorism concerns; that will not work. Unless you have a seasonal residence/a work address/a relative that will allow you to claim residency at their address in the region, you won't get approval from PNC or others.
  8. Aluminium from Beijing would be my guess.
  9. Sounds somewhat like fraud to me, submitting another person's name initially in order to receive a material benefit.
  10. Mine was available for view on my member account page, since I went paperless. USAA is a rather curious company.
  11. A lot of people are in identical straits as you. Some people get new AMEX accounts after 7-10 years in purgatory. Others may be there for two or more decades for charge offs, bankruptcies, or other issues. You might try contacting the executive offices to inquire as to what might be done in your circumstances, but AMEX isn't know exactly as a forgiving creditor.

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