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  1. Nice for those who qualify. They want me to take a Platinum card, but my Gold card does what I need. I may go retro and just get a Green card for the 1960s vibe.
  2. I had a decent limit Crap1 card that had seen a max of 9% of the credit limit prior to the onset of the pandemic and paid off. I was notified by mail and discovered that my limit had been slashed. I immediately cancelled the Venture card and the Wal-Mart card. For months now, I get solicitations from them to accept another card. They go straight into the trash. Yes, it is just business. Crap1 threw it away and other companies have benefitted.
  3. Based on what I remember reading about C(r)ap1 secured cards, they do not offer CLIs and do not usually unsecure them. If you want your cash returned, you have to close your card out and wait for several months as they claim that you might have charged something and forgot about it. Make certain that if you close your account, send a letter to them - not with a phone call or an e-mail.
  4. The question I have is how are "Tex-Mex" applicants graded? Along the southern US border, plenty of people are a mix of Mexican, First Nations, and European origins. Some even include African. Why is government only considering a binary choice?
  5. If one is that concerned over their carbon emissions, it is easily remedied through self-withdrawal. One cannot ethically "trade away" or "offset" their output by claiming it against those in developing nations. It is a disingenuous fraud. The planet is carbon based, as is life itself.
  6. BofA has a secured card and it is as mainstream as you can get. CreditOne looks like eczema all over a credit report.
  7. They had a purpose and now you are done with them. Throw them out like past-due milk.
  8. C-1's credit card portfolio is confusing, convoluted, and inefficient as could be. They are all about marketing and deliver little service or product.
  9. They reach end of life because of the ionization chambers of the detectors become too contaminated from dust and other contaminates, even though the radioactive material in their detectors - Americium 241 is still viable. Toss them at the recommended date and get new ones.
  10. Two things - one, an offer for the US Bank Harley-Davidson CC. I haven't owned a Harley-Davidson in 17 years and I've been out of motorcycles since 2009. Two - Capital One had the gall to invite me to return to the fold with their Quicksilver Rewards card. Sorry Cap1, you got dumped for a reason and my BL on you is permanent.
  11. Dump Credit One ASAP. Wait for a year or so and Chase may come your way. Exercising that AMEX may help convince Chase that it is time.
  12. When you borrow, the onus of proper repayment is on the borrower and never the lender. You may have not have intended to fail to pay your monthly statements, but through an error of omission, you did. Always check your statements weekly. Never assume that auto-payment means that you can be 'hands-off'. Unmanaged money will find a way to either disappear or cause havoc.
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