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  1. If the account has been turned over to a CA, NFCU has nothing to do with it and there is no 'beating' NFCU. Your best bet is that LVNV doing something seriously dumb and you catching them at it in a timely manner.
  2. When did marriage laws return to 1951? Women can have bank accounts and get their own credit cards - or is she just weaponizing ignorance to promote her agendas?
  3. This is not the result of a "buggy" mainframe occurring in a vacuum. It is another WF clusterflop that is indicative of a financial institution that is managed from one crisis to another and who cannot operate within generally accepted business standards for financial institutions. WF is a mess and their constant negative publicity is a trailing indicator of where they constantly ignore or flaunt practices.
  4. Why does anyone still use WF? They are the Three Stooges of banking. https://www.nbcnews.com/business/business-news/wells-fargo-says-technical-issue-causing-customers-report-missing-depo-rcna74419
  5. I may pay with a CC, but I always tip in cash. Too many chains are cutting themselves in.
  6. Apple and GreenSky are not the only lending vehicles by G.S. There is Marcus as well. https://www.marcus.com/us/en/personal-loans
  7. I looked at other sub-forums, but none seemed right, so I'll dump this here. Roughly a decade ago, my mother was in declining health and dementia was taking its' toll. She needed help with bill payment and she asked if I could set them up on my computer for her. Was happy to do it, so she added me onto her WF checking account and other accounts. I set up payments, got a Power of Attorney for her other needs, and had everything up on auto-pay. . One day, I found that the accounts had been drained, sans one. Turns out that her sister compelled her to sign a second Power of Attorney and started using the money to pay for her family and not my mother's needs. Big disputes ensue and eventually my mother dies several years later. The account sat dormant for years and in October 2022, I needed a national bank to park some cash in order to relocate. Wells Fargo gladly took the deposit. A few months later, I needed to pay some moving costs and went to WF to obtain some cash. The account had a hold on it and the branch I dealt with told me to contact the branch that my mother was moved to by her sister. Calls went unanswered, letters [including CMRRR] were ignored, etc. No one at WF customer service, Legal, Estate relations, etc. would help. I hired an attorney who drafted an affidavit, provided a last will and testament, and a certified copy of the death certificate that met State Statutes for recovery of estate funds and property was completed, notarized, and hand delivered to WF in Phoenix, AZ. Nearly two months later, WF failed to reach out to me or contact either my attorney or myself. The attorney was going to cost more and the amount in the account was a few thousand dollars. While reading the WSJ and seeing a reference to the Federal CFPB, I thought "why not file a complaint? It's free and perhaps that might move them to act...". I filed my online complaint on 20 December 2022, attached my PDF document evidence, and on 22 December 2022 / 9:10 AM local time, I had s telephone call from the WF Executive Offices telling me that the hold had been released and profuse apologies for the intransigence on their part. While the EO representative wouldn't say why Legal did nothing with the estate claim affidavit or why there was no follow up, she did "promise" that it would be reviewed by the EO as part of the complaint. I was able to transfer my funds to a credit union, minus one dollar. The account will be closed next week and no more WF for me. Every situation is different, but if one has a legitimate issue with a bank and their bureaucracy, it may be worth a CFPB complaint.
  8. Just say NO to Wells Fargo. A lousy bank that can't stop doing outright *Admin prohibits insults that reference an individual's intelligence.* things.
  9. insolent1


    I had a FBNO card and was less than impressed. The website was particularly glitchy and often down. They seemingly prefer moderate to heavy card use and if you PIF, they won't provide decent offers.
  10. The adult entertainment industry is certainly not everyone's cup of soup, nor is the firearms hobby, nor religions; but they are all legal industries in the US and some banks should support them with transactional services.
  11. As if the henpecked prince cared about either his paternal grandmother or Canada.
  12. When you are promised a "pre-approval", but it turns out to be not guaranteed... https://abc7chicago.com/credit-karma-card-score-money/12199338/
  13. A speeding citation in California is likely to be a "traffic infraction", a minor violation unless the citation is not resolved and or the Court appearance is not made / sanction order is not resolved. If the Court cannot locate it and there is no valid bench warrant, Centex is right.
  14. What is one supposed to cancel when Amazon says that they don't list you as having Prime, eh? A case of minor credit card fraud, one might assume. Anyhow, one less card and one fewer customer of AMEX.
  15. It's my house and I can kill whatever credit problems exist in it. I'm not paying an annual fee for the privilege of being defrauded.
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