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  1. Thanks and I understand... I was looking for something like this that laid it out. So what I am actually afraid of is them selling the original debt and a collector adding it to my report. While there isn't much time left if would cause more hassle than necessary... when I am trying to do things with my business...
  2. So case in point since I am so close it dropping off at the 10 year mark its not worth it trying to get an early exclusion and just wait it out... I do understand about them looking at the whole history.. it just bothers me when people say things that are 2 or 3 years old are no longer viewed.. some lenders pay attention some don't.. I will look at the post-repo activity in Maryland..
  3. The bankruptcy occurred in 2011 car was obtained after. I was in a domestic violence situation and had to move abruptly hence causing the deficiency. And I see how my post could be a bit confusing. I had a BK in 2011 it was discharged in October 2011 - filed in June of the same year. I have the understanding that when you are a few months out from the initial filing you can request to have it removed by the courts. I was going to begin that process... My credit has been good since 2015 I have paid all on time but something causes roadblocks and when I speak to especially credit unions they mention this old delinquency although I am just trying to get an account and not a car note...
  4. Thanks for responding and me too.. I don't want to aggravate them and them then dig it up and send to collections.. I looked up whychats steps and I do know and remember that they sent me the deficiency notices.. I had sent them over to a lawyer but they did not find that anything was wrong.. So if I am not mistaken SOL for Maryland is 3 years....
  5. PPP does not do a credit check only EIDL. As a self-employed you are a sole prop or an LLC and it asks that on the forms. You will use your Schedule C line 31 for the calculations. I am seeing that people can still do first round PPP but I am not sure about that.. Initially I went through Square but I dont know whats up with them and why they haven't finished creating their portal its just very odd with them.. they send emails etc.. here is their link https://squareup.com/us/en/capital/sba-ppp-loans
  6. Thanks I will go that route and fax it in I don't want to do a PG..
  7. How did you get the Staples no PG everytime I go to the app it won't let me progress forward.. do you just go into the store and apply? What is EMEDCO?
  8. Here is the link to all of them https://www.sba.gov/funding-programs/loans/coronavirus-relief-options
  9. So I have a 5 year old Repo on my Experian.. I have tried not to touch it and just let it fall off.. but it seems to haunt me. It has not gone to collections or anything its just with the original lender. Suggestions on how to get this removed? I have a BK thats falling off in about 5 months so I wanted to get all of this cleaned up..
  10. I am wondering if Lexus Nexus is doing the same and since I have it locked all they can get is old data when credit unions pull my stuff? I cleaned up my report and still the same questions keep haunting me and I have no choice but to say yes to pass the test.. its so damn bizarre..
  11. I feel a bit better to now know this happens to others even with high credit scores.. that I am not the only one receiving such bizarre outdate untrue letters.. Its happening to many.. even the "good ones..."
  12. Hello did you have to go into Sam's Club to apply for the Mastercards..
  13. Has anyone gotten Staples Business Credit without a PG? I started filling out the form but it does not say if they will run credit or not..
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