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  1. Please let me know your outcome I would love to know how they explain this! No credit unions participate in this ball of madness...
  2. Thank you for that because I will sure challenge this like I have challenged a few others ans won.. You can't say you are a Reporting Agency then tell some they can't freeze information you are reporting about them.. and these blanket statements from banks of "sharing" its no damn way no one other than my bank should know my ACH reporting activities especially if they are in the confines of paying bills.. Why does someone else need to know this and report this.. its wrong wrong wrong!
  3. Umm I know you know its not... I won't even begin to explain it..
  4. I can help with that.. You call them and order your whole entire file.. you want it all from your driving record, insurance records, addresses, email address, phone numbers all.. You may get 300 pages of stuff some of which maybe repeat info.. I had 4 different social variations on my report *hard eye roll* once you get it go through it and then call them back and dispute it all over the phone.. I have had a lot deleted last year then the mess began all over again! I told friend I see now this will need to be a yearly action.. Once I did it last year a lot of those weird questions stopped coming up.. I then went through all the little other reporting agencies ordered all of their reports and did the same exact disputing.. So you have to go down many levels for this nonsense.. they had email addresses well over 20 years old on my report! and they had a home address since I was born!
  5. This would be correct.. "The issue is why can't EW be frozen much the same way we can freeze LexisNexis." Speaking of LN what a torn in the damn side! They collect all this old ass data, addresses, peoples names who lived at your address and add them to your file.. then when you say no to the damn security questions they say you are lying.. They are really awful when going for security clearances.. ugh!
  6. I don't recall saying that...
  7. I am not sure if anyone has ever pulled their Early Warning file but even if you do not have anything negative there there are banks that report every single transaction you make, the amount of that transaction, and your balances. No one has the right to pull that information without my permission.. I can have a million dollars there or $5.00 and I don't even see how this is remotely right.. Like why does anyone need to see that amount if information even if you are applying for credit or a home.. If you ask for a statement I provide it.. This is just too much access ...
  8. So how about they sent me a letter telling me this:
  9. How are they allowed to report on us yet we can't put a freeze on them releasing info without our permissions? Quoted as "We are a specialty credit reporting firm, and therefore freezes are not allowed."
  10. Nice that gives me hope! Thanks!
  11. I try to get one post in with all questions soo bare with me.. I filed BK in 2011 -- I wish there were a way to get it off although one CR is not reporting it.. This I am wondering how long I need to wait before AMEX would approve me? I got approved at my local credit union for a CC of 12K and a refinance of my car loan.. But I went to apply for a CL (of about 3k) and they denied me at first but the branch manager got involved. They are willing to give the CL but take that amount from the CC. The CC has an interest rate of 10.9% and the CL of about 12%. I did do a balance transfer of two smaller cards so already 1k is used.. If you were still building would you do that?
  12. Ok so I applied for Alliant - and they have thrown me for a loop.. they say they pull Transunion FICO 9 but Transunion told me (and I knew it) they use Vantage 3.0. I have received quite a bit of credit.. and they are coming up with this... But the part thats bugging me with this is they are saying I have two negative marks.. I had two collections one of which I paid off. TransUnion just told me they only see one and I had another that no long reports.. But when I questioned the loan department they said well even if you had it and paid it it still effects you and is viewed as negative..
  13. Gotcha that makes sense I did mis-read I get it now thanks..
  14. It does indeed thanks 🙂
  15. I heard that PenFed was a bit difficult so I didnt bother..

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