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  1. So I went on DUNS today to be sure my store name was added.. and decided to check the payment experiences. There are two one a cash payment that had to come from the business debt card then another that's a telecommunication. I have not opened any accounts in my business name, I am just getting around to that. So I had to dispute because its showing up as a slow pay. anyway I called about three times and two of those persons tried to convince me that its not saying slow pay although I am looking right at it! Anyway the last one of course thought she had a way in going to sell me something for $800 a year and change so she can add my cash paying / PO experiences for me.. Umm no ma'am I am trying to get this store open I dont have any money for that! My question is can I add these experiences on my own? Do I have to have them do it and if so how can I? A few business in NYC gave me POs to save me tax because I am a business... and I paid cash...
  2. Thank you I guess it makes sense..
  3. Yes I planned on paying it I am just trying to understand it. I would have thought it would be charged initially or with the first collection agency and it did not.
  4. Are they suppose to notify you of this fee or they can just charge whatever they please?
  5. It is quite old because the original ticket was in 2012 almost 6 years ago - out of SOL for sure as MD is 3 years.. I am hesitant to pay it but I am getting ready to go through a clearance and I don't want things popping up all over the place. Its not really "credit" I never signed an agreement to have credit with them, etc. Yet they are sending a collection notice..
  6. So a collection agency contacted me about a parking ticket that was over 6 years old. I thought I paid this ticket because in Maryland you can't renew tags if you have a flag or unpaid (tickets, ezpass, etc.) Apparently the ticket was not paid - an overtime meter that began at $25 and if not paid finally went to $100. The first collection agency sent a bill for $100 but now this collection agency wants $112.50.. Can a collection agency charge a fee like this? I read somewhere that if its not a part of the original agreement that arent' suppose to charge anymore than the original amount?
  7. I am not sure any kind of dispute with them will work. I have two out of SOL that is sitting on my report. They won't remove without payment no matter what kind of dispute send.. I have used Jack attack and all..
  8. I have had these two accounts our of SOL over 4 years, I tried in the past to get them removed not owing the money and they refuse especially since it is now out of SOL. All they do is send all these statements but nothing to ever really prove its mine. Anyway now talking with Equifax they are reporting these SOL accounts as 180 past due.. they are not recorded as collections but accounts now past due.. How can this be fixed?
  9. The accounts were not maxed out.. In fact one card sat dormant for a moment when they purchased something then all of a sudden they dropped the line.. Once they drop the line it then will be come maxed out..
  10. Asking for a friend.. what purpose does it serve to reduce credit lines if a persons score takes a drop?
  11. Indy thats great thanks for telling me I definitely want my email removed from these lists.. They even have old emails on the LN.. its just dumb.. Yes I would say close to 300 because they had to send me two big packs.. What the bad thing about it they had my name associated with someone I do know its a positive relationship but I still don't want to be associated with them. I told them about it, they ordered their report, and I was not on there! She never got the huge pack I got... its just so bizarre!
  12. A few months back some will recall that I had a huge issue with a credit union and with incorrect data they received regarding my name. Just about everyone has a "twin" out there -- somewhere meaning a name very similar to yours, your social, and your DOB.. there are people who are crafty enough to use your name as well or you name can be associated with places you lived. I always thought my name was so unique -- but it really is not.. there is someone with my name that is using my gmail and I can't get it to stop and I am positive that is how many things are winding up on Lexus Nexus.. anyway I digress... Through my research on LN I discovered that they were retrieving data from at least 6 other data furnishing sources.. some so much as supply complete banking info of my balances and when personal checks were cashed through my accounts. My original comprehensive report was over 250 pages long -- yes probably close to 300. On about 50 of those pages provide associate with names -- I may or may not have known. However, if I know these people or not they have no business being associated with me personally. This report include the their addresses, husbands, wives, children and many many entries include the last 6 digits of their social security number. I have since had all that information removed.. and are now disputing the email addresses. However I did promise Breeze that I would give the names of these other data furnishers ( I am more than positive some of them are violating the law, one Data furnisher -- SageStream allowed me to call them, order my reports, them send it to me. Then when I disputed asked for ID.. umm should you not have done that first?? SageStream phone 888-395-0277 Consumer Report they supply certain credit reporting like LendingClub, SnapFinancing, Webbank, and Overstock Early Warning 800-745-1560 Consumer Reports on your banking activity and transactions, all bank balances, openings and closings and why, if you are an account risk or not, and any banking inquiries. Clarity Consumer Report 866-390-3188 Consumer Report provides an OFAC Score, if you are flagged, if you are deceased, check cashing history, ACH transaction history, other kinds of inquiries, other kinds of tradelines like WebLoan, addresses, variations of names, phone numbers, cell phone numbers, work phone numbers, driver's licenses, email addresses, bank account numbers, if you receive direct deposit, places of employment, and your income. Innovis 800-319-4433 Consumer Report provides all credit accounts past present, phone numbers, addresses, and emails DataX 800-295-4790 "We are a Credit Reporting Bureau" for the specialty finance market which provides insight into consumer tradeline / payment history." There are still a few more I need to inquire about: Virtual DBS (Entiera) they seem to provide email tracking, Infutor Data Solutions provides phone number tracking even your private unlisted cell phone number, Valassis which works with the Postal Service, Acquireweb, SalesChannel, LLC, and M1Data & Analytics, and lastly SpecSprint which provides business associations.
  13. They already share your banking info with Chex, EarlyWarning, DataX, and Clarity they will find a way to get it on FB..
  14. IvyMgmt

    "B" Credit

    I do not believe them and I proved my point on that a while ago.. I have had consistent letters come back saying to many inquiries when there was nothing else wrong with my credit..

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