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  1. Here we go again with another credit union.. this one even more bizarre.. (Oh and to note the last one I had a problem with wind up giving me a credit card with a decent limit and refinancing my car) but I digress.. I applied at a different CU seeking to get higher cc lines versus dealing with capone and those ones who never want to increase you limit.. So I apply I had a bit of trouble at first because my Chexsystems was locked... they also hit my with an inquiry OK fine.. They open me for a checking account, savings, debt card, and I am not sure what else. The account department sends me welcome emails, call me, talk to me, take my checking account info on the phone for the opening deposit, and sit down for this -- the Loan department to talk about what I wanted and slow down because of inquiries blah blah but they would still open a cc for me but not what I needed.. ok fine I gotta start somewhere... Next you know I call to follow up as the loan person I spoke to never called back.. I get some dude on the phone and he sound like I was committing treason .. I was insulted.. as he was so mysterious with his responses.. I received some janky letter with no rights on it no Adverse Action nothing.. I said ok bump this I went right to NCUA and filed a complaint. All of a sudden I get a notice from UPS I am getting a letter from them.. low and behold the letter says this same crap.. and with the worst grammar and language of a "professional" letter.. Bull shiddy nat! I gave these people my drivers license, social security card, voters registration, paystub(s), and car registration - all of which have the same address except my DL as we are going through RealID here and I refuse to pay twice for a new DL.. when my renewal is coming in less than 6 months.. I need to know how in the hot ham sandwich LN really works.. I just did another scrub thinking I had my entire report.. wrong.. it did not have the identity portions attached so I have to wait another few days.. I need to know- how do some of these credit unions get "old" outdated data.. how do they get certain information that does not belong to you and how in the heavens are they allow to keep doing this shiddy nat!
  2. LOL funny Sync hates me guess it’s for my own good [emoji2374] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. I agree.. I will be waiting for my paid off car loan to report before I do anything else.. Recently approval odds came on CK for: Fair Approval Odds Chase Sapphire and I know I am not credit worthy - they want limited - close to no inquires that knocks me out the box right there.. Good Odds for CitiDiamond with a deposit ahh yeah right when I have plenty of unsecured including a 10k line with my credit union, good odds for Capitol One with deposit.. I already have with no deposit and a Milestone suprime card.. Very Good Odds for Spark Diamond (unsecured), Target I already have (eyeroll), Fair Approval - Costco Anywhere, Spark Business Miles, and
  4. So who does CapOne use for Neimans/Saks/L&T and whats used for Citibank Macy's/Bloomies?
  5. I thought CareCredit was Comenity?
  6. Wait CapOne is taking over all Amazon cards.. thats good news for my Sync hates me .. lil piss pants..
  7. I am one that was effected I really don't know how but all of my accounts keep indicating so.. this ish is crazy!
  8. Nice that makes sense. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. App for TU pullers? You mean only apply for credit that use TU? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. How does freezing help? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. My bankruptcy was discharged 10/2011 so I am about 8 years out... its only showing on my Experian and Equifax reports.. Although I have ready many times that at this point they do not count on your reports.. when certain creditors run my reports it shows up.. all my collections are paid.. there are just shadows of it showing like "collection account" paid .. and thats from Portfolio and those only show on Equifax and Trans..
  12. I am not sure I had to go into my phone and update somethings and then I got an invitation in email.. But I didn't see the invite in my Wallet.. I had to update my software to 12.4 and I did but idk strange things happening today..
  13. Interesting.. OK then..

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