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  1. I found a 7 day trial for $14.99 for all 3 scores and a merged 3 report credit file (I only got it for the scores though, which are supposed to be from FICO). It was listed on www.credit.com but the direct link is this: www.identityiq.com admin edit: Sorry to edit this, but if you use the link in my signature, and then select identityIQ, it will help us and our partner site, credit.com. They've gotten us some great cards and services for building credit - things we can't get on our own.
  2. It was possible a few years back for me to get a discharged Ch.7 BK removed from all 3 CRA's - but it took 2-3 letters per CRA. I don't have the letters anymore, but I just kept asking them "exactly who" was providing the information, and they never answered and eventually removed it. YMMV
  3. Just out of curiousity, are these newest letters from EXP prompted by the use of RR's used with written disputes, or are they being received with phone and internet disputes as well?
  4. Same BS story, different day. EXP loves to do everything possible to avoid doing their job. Their request for the customer to call or dispute online is just a way to evade your following through with your paper trail. They ask you to provide the same exact info that you already did the first time around, because, um, they couldn't read it the first time? I swear they only hire people with the word "incompetent" stamped on their foreheads.
  5. More info: https://www.choicetrust.com/servlet/com.kx....annel=nv_notice
  6. Unless you do a rent-to-own with owner financing.
  7. Yes, I know there are IRA CD's. IMPO, this is not the market to start an IRA, when everyone I know who is trying to retire right now is dead broke. Although I am thinking about the future, I don't have the confidence that the economy is going to recover anytime soon. I have to be cautious and protective of my money, and cannot afford any risk whatsoever right now. I live paycheck to paycheck. But should things turn around within the next 5 yrs, I'd be more willing to take on a slightly higher risk.
  8. I heard that Roth IRA's might become the thing of the past as of this year. Have you heard any differently?
  9. I do.......and I will. It's just that interest rates are so low across the board, in order to get close to 4%, I need a 5 yr. span. But 5 yrs. is so long in the scheme of things, I hate to have to wait so long to decide to do something different.
  10. We are age 35 and 43, and just now saving for our retirement. We are not willing to risk our principal of a recently acquired $20K, which we have sitting in a savings acct., but are looking to the long term.....approx. 20 yrs. till retirement. What is the safest route these days? CD's? Savings Bonds? I am not real keen on the IRA's right now, but I was thinking maybe go for the higher rate CD's with 5 yr. maturity dates, and then reassign to an IRA then, should conditions become more favorable. What is everyone else doing right now with their cash assets? I really need some idea
  11. Our total unit price was $14,555.80 includ. taxes & fees. Then we had to pay off our $11,700 balance on our trade. We put our $3,000 cash back allowance towards that, they gave us $5,700 for our trade, and we are trying to roll over that neg. equity. Personally, I don't think it's going to go through. They are going to have to give us another $1,500 towards our trade in order to make the deal work, because of the LTV. They'll find that out tomorrow though. I tried to tell them that up front, but they think they know everything. It's end of the month though, and they are trying to
  12. We walked into Hyundai today, looked at the '08 Access and the '08 Elantra, told the sales rep our terms, and ended up buying an '08 Sonata! Since the manufacturer's rebate was higher on that car, it made it easier for them to swallow my trade. We brought the car home today. Tomorrow, they work on securing a $23,000 loan at 7.5% for $415 month (75 months). They better work it out, cuz I really don't want to return the car now. The Sonata is a sweet ride. It's bare bones, but does come with 3 months free XM Radio.
  13. We decided this morning to call ahead and talk to Finance before showing up on the lot, as in this market, it's hard to guess what lenders are and aren't allowing in today's economy. Thank you for all of the advice everybody!
  14. Really? I always assumed it was including taxes, license, and registration. But it makes sense that criteria can vary.
  15. I just called them and spoke to a loan officer, and he didn't know anything, other than he'd take an application over the phone and offer an answer in 24-48 hours. Not gonna work. So I'll remember to ask the dealership we end up going with to run our credit ap by them first. But it won't be very convenient. The closest branch is over 2 hours away. They only close Florida deals in person they say. I've never heard that before..so maybe he meant that if I tried to get the financing on my own, I'd have to go in the branch and physically sign everything in front of them. Thanks for t
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