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  1. I am looking to apply for a FHA loan in about a year in a half. The problem is I defaulted on a Wells Fargo Private Student loan. I do not think it was federally backed, but I do not know for sure. Is there a way to find out if you have any items on your CAIVRS without full out applying for an FHA loan. I don't want to waste my time if the Wells Fargo loan will disqualify me. Thanks. Chris
  2. Honestly, it will be hard to make a significant return on that small of an investment in little time. Most investments take time and a larger investment to make a good return. A decent return on your money for no risk right now is around 5-6 percent in online savings accounts or CD's. A 10 percent return on 2000 only gives you 200 dollars. Plus you have a higher tax rate if you don't have the investment over a year. You can get a high return on penny stocks and other risky investment. You are probably better off gambling the money in a casino.
  3. Lay off the poor cashier. She is just doing her job. If you have a problem with the policy, take it up with the management or owners.
  4. Thanks for the reply. I thought of that but what if I am in the same situation as my friend was. They never sued nor did they every report. It has been about 3 years ago for him. I am afraid of waking the giant. Chris
  5. Long story short, I owe a balance to a rental company from over a year ago of about 2500 dollars. I know someone that had the same rental company and owed around 8000 and it never appeared on his credit report, or was ever sued. I really don't care to pay the amount, because I do owe it. They are not reporting to any of the credit agencies. Can I send them a letter saying I will pay say 500 down and 100 a month, as long as they never report and get them to sign. Or should I just wait it out to see what happens next. Thanks Chris
  6. Thanks for the replys! Here is a little more info on the situation. I was younger and stupid back then. My expected graduation date was 5/01. Things happened and it has taken me longer to graduate. I have been going part-time on and off again. I am now full time again and plan to finish in a little over a year. In the the last 5 years I have moved about 8 times. I never kept WF updated on my address, so they assumed I graduated, but I was still in school. So technically it should have been defered. I do realize it is my fault and I should have kept them up to date. I dont mind paying the money I owe. I just do not want a judgment against me. I would like to try to purchase a house in a couple of years. I wouldn't mind making payments to the CA. The CA is not on my credit report yet. I owe around 14 thousand. What is a reasonable payment? I figure around a hundred a month since I am still in school and my income is limited. Do you think they will settle for a lower amount. Also should I DV the CA? Any help on this will be appreciated. Thanks Chris Corn
  7. Hi, I have a student loan with Wells Fargo Bank that defalted in 2001. I know the government backed student loans had no SOL, but this is a private one. The reason I am asking is that I got a collection letter today for the amount of 14,000. I need to know if the SOL in Georgia has expired. Thanks Chris
  8. Hi, I have a student loan with Wells Fargo Bank that defalted in 2001. I know the government backed student loans had no SOL, but this is a private one. The reason I am asking is that I got a collection letter today for the amount of 14,000. I need to know if the SOL in Georgia has expired. Thanks Chris
  9. I am having the same problem with Midland, NCO, and Asset listed collection account as open. My question is, how does this affect my score? Chris
  10. I am a restaurant server. I have seen a great increase in AMEX cards over the last two years. I would say at my store VISA is number on and number two could actually be AMEX.
  11. Thanks for all your help pryan. I have another question. In regards to the violations on my report (past due, open account, etc.) how do I pursue this if I do end up in court. I sent a DV to Midland today and I plan on disputing as not mine. If I am not disputing the actual error, such as being listed as an open account, how do I prove in court that I gave them a chance to fix it. Does my "not mine" dispute and a verification of the tradeline by the CA show the judge that they should have saw the account was listed as open even though I just disputed if the account was mine or not. I am willing to take this all the way to court. Chris
  12. I have 3 accounts listed on my report with AFNI. Two that were Cingular charge-offs and one with Charter Communications. I am about to send a DV to AFNI. Should I list all the accounts in one DV, or should I send a separate one for each account. I figure if I send them all in one, it would save 8 dollars. I do want to make sure I do the right thing. I trust everyone's judgement on this board, that is why I wanted to run it by you all. Thanks Chris
  13. One more question. How should I dispute to the CRA? The account is mine. Should I dispute as not mine anyway, or should I just dispute that their are errors with the tradeline ( the violations ), but also not be specific as with what the errors are. Thanks Chris
  14. Thanks for the reply's. So I DV them and then I dispute with the CRAs. If they verify and the info is still the same. I have legal grounds against them for violations. What would be my next step if it is verified. Thanks Chris
  15. Hi, I have recently had Midland report on an account I had with the Associates/GTE Visa. The account is past SOL in Georgia. I think they have committed some violations on the way they have listed my account on equifax. Here is how it is listed. Type of Account : Open Current Status: COLLECTION ACCOUNT Terms Frequency: Monthly (due every month) Balance: $533 Amount Past Due $533 Date of Last Activity: 10/2000 Type of Loan: Factoring Company Account (debt purchaser) I am sure that they are not suppose to list it as open. I was wondering if anyone saw any violations. Also what should be my next step. Should I DV Midland, or should I send them a letter stating they are reporting errors on my report, without going into any detail on what is the error. Any help would be appreciated. Chris

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