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  1. ArizonaGirl I feel your pain, we also are also a subcontractor and waiting to get paid is the worst stress anyone can have. We live day to day using credit cards, waiting to get paid for work that was done 3 months ago.
  2. Looking for advice, currently own home outright $140,000, no mortgage or equity loan. Have over 100,000 in credit card debt. Not sure if we would get approved for a Home Equity loan, no negatives, no late pays everything is current. Paying high interest every month, and only making minimum payments. Reading on hear about Green Path debt management and if that is the route to go. Self employed and income dropped drastically 3 years ago, and just getting by. Scores are in the mid 600's last time I checked, might be lower due to the cards are close to being maxed out. Any advice?
  3. Son is closing on a house on Mar 7th, he already filed this years taxes and owes. Should he pay online, the mortgage broker told him to mail a cashier check...I know they will pull his tax transcripts right before closing to see if it is paid.
  4. I am asking for a family member, he is looking to apply for a mortgage loan. He has a judgement from 2009 for HOA fees on his credit report. The mortgage broker told him to contact the lawyer who has the debt and settle for delete. If Arizona has a statues of limitations of 5 years on judgements, and nothing was every paid, should he offer the pay for delete? The court date filed was 03/31/2009, court dockets date of affidavit of publication is 03/12/2010, so I am assuming the last date is the one you would go by?
  5. My daughters checking account has a deduction transaction that says this (ACH Transaction - PRIMARY ACHBATCH for $1000), does anyone know what this could be it has been there since July 3rd, she did make a deposit at a local branch for $2600 on July 2nd, they did tell her the total funds would not be available until today but they have been available since the 3rd and minus the $1000. Anyone know what it could be? It is not pending...
  6. Ok I am laying in bed and not feeling well,and you gave me motivation to call... JC Penney- 1800 - 2300, ( I asked for 3000, they countered with 2300 ) Sams Club - 2100 - 3000 ( I asked for 3000, and they gave it to me ) Lowes - 500 limit, I just opened it in march, it went to underwriting and said no, I figured so since I havent used the card yet. Wal-mart - I didnt call they give me auto increases all the time, started at 300, and now at 3100.
  7. Daughter has received notice of garnishment of her wages, they just faxed employment verification to her employer. What percentage do they garnish of wages? Would she be better off trying to pay Sallie Mae through payments instead of garnishment? She was unemployed for awhile, now has a decent job...not sure which way to go, the loan has been defaulted for several years, and is a large amount.
  8. Sony (gemoney) also offers 0%, 12 mos, 24 mos, or 36 mos...my husband was approved with a score around 680...
  9. Received a collection letter for a debt beyond SOL on Jan 27th, 2012, and today I received a Privacy Notice with my right to OPT OUT from the same Collection Agency (NCB Management Services), this is a first time I received one after the first collection letter...should I Opt Out?
  10. In a previous thread I had mention that I couldn't update any of my husbands credit monitoring services. So today I try to update Truecredit and they updated there Experian, and Equifax report, but on Transunion everything was a zero, no accounts, an old address, no employers, all old inquiries are gone. The only thing on his report is an old address showing as current address, and inquiry today from - NCB MANAGEMENT SERVICES 1 ALLIED DR TREVOSE , PA 19053 (215) 244-4200 My question since they inquiry about his transunion report today, is that why there is old address showing as current address, and if they pulled his report did they see what I see with everything gone on it?
  11. I called Truecredit, and I have to call back and talk to a supervisor when they get in, the guy said something about a possible fraud on experian, anyone have experience with fraud alerts?
  12. Okay, when was the last date you updated his reports? Also, at what time are you updating the reports? My reason for asking is because TC and USAA can only be updated every 24 hrs. Not too sure about CCT. It was on the Jan 19th, this is one of the message I just got after just logging in - We're sorry... For the protection of your personal records, we cannot provide instant delivery of your report based on the information that you have provided. Additional information is required in order to verify your identity and authorize the release of your Credit Report. To complete your order, please contact Customer Care toll free at 1-866-506-7894, 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Mon-Fri and 8:00 - 5:00 Sat and Sun (Pacific Time). Thank you for your patience. We appreciate your business!
  13. Just went to update my husbands truecredit, usaa, and creditchecktotal, and truecredit said that he didnt answer the security questions correctly ( there was no questions asked ) just log in as usual. USAA and Creditchecktotal said he already updated for the day, which he hadn't. I tried mine and everything worked...just wondering if anyone else having trouble?
  14. My husband tried the CLI button yesterday and went from 10,000 to 15,000 instantly.
  15. My husband was approved for the 0% from Toyota Financial he is the proud owner of Toyota Tundra, scores are around 680 - 690. We are very happy, never been approved for 0%.....THANKS CREDITBOARDS..and Merry Christmas!

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