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  1. I got it; now I'm off to find a suitable replacement card. Ugh.
  2. Ruined my feet many years ago wearing high heels - too bad because there are so many cute styles these days! I tend to wear either Sketchers or comfy sneakers, I'm on my feet all day and comfort is a must! Jeans or khakis, knit shirts or pullovers. Nothing I have to iron or dry clean!
  3. I found this place on line - looks interesting! Wish there was one here where I live - Month of Meals Carol ETA: rats, they're only in WA state.
  4. Great article - my DH and I were just discussing this last night as we made our way alllllllll the way to the back of WalMart to get what we needed....I didn't notice any Barry Manilow playing, though! DH said that when he was in high school he worked for Kmart one year...at that time they paid once a week, in cash, and you had to go all the way to the back of the store to the finance office to get your earnings. Lots of money was spent by employees on the way out, too! KMart had it figured out!
  5. Bbc Production 432 West 45th Street New York, NY 10036-3580 Phone: (212) 258-3211 Business Types: Professional Equipment & Supplies
  6. I read about it in the ING referral thread - the $100 min opening amount caught my eye. Looks like I've got a few more places to check out! Carol
  7. I'm waffling back and forth on which one to open an account with - I've read so much positive about both of them, does anyone have any negatives they'd like to share? How about transferring money from the account to your checking - which one is faster? I hate having to make decisions like this! Thanks in advance - Carol
  8. I don't post a lot (well, hardly at all! LOL) but have learned an awful lot from this site. Add me to your list, please - thanks! Carol
  9. Well, I applied for it so we'll see...even tho Cap1 is kinda on my $hit list right now. I called to see if I could get a reduction in my APR (it's been 12.9% for evah) and was told my account was under review. In 6 months or so they would review my account again. Yeah, whatever. Thing is, I've never paid late, I've had the TL for a loooong time, and have a $10,500 CL. It's paid off right now, and may just be used to keep my chihuahua socks company.
  10. I know I'm new here and all, but this thread's beginning to look like a car crash and that popcorn's looking really good. Can I sit next to you all and watch?
  11. I'm glad someone had some success in getting their Cap1 APR lowered - I wish I could! I successfully managed to cajole Citi and Chase to drop their default rates down to 9.9% fixed for me. Flushed with my success, I thought I'd try Cap1. Their rate has been a steady 12.9% for the many years I've had the card, and I thought 'why not'? Well, that was a phone call from hell. The rep I talked to told me my account was 'under review' and all I could do is make my payments on time, watch my credit, and call back in 6 months. WELL, fine, but the thing is - my card is paid off, I have no payments, and while I'm trying to tell him this he is laughing. He tells me that if they can do anything else for me to please call again. I said "Well, you can start by lowering my APR!" and he hangs up on me. ARGH! Whew - what a first post to make! Thanks to all of you for the great info you've posted (and continue to post) - I've spent days here reading the newbie section, searching for posts pertinent to my needs, and laughing at some of the things I see. Y'all are a riot! Carol

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