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  1. Mid-700's by the end of the year. $50k in CL's by the end of the year. Just typing that out feels a little crazy. Not sure it's even possible.
  2. Good luck, everyone! I hope to have a few things to add to this thread in 2018!
  3. Chase is definitely on my list of "wants." They are another reason that I want to be judicious with my applications. I don't want to get cards for the sake of getting cards. With that said, it will likely be a while until I actually apply with them. I think I'll want to be comfortably in the 700's before I pull that trigger.
  4. Have you ordered your paper reports? If not, do that, then report back. You'll need to share more info about your profile before anyone can REALLY help you. Number of accounts, AOAA, limits, balances, any lates and those dates, collection accounts and DOFD, etc. There's so much that goes into your score, that it's difficult to help with the information you've provided.
  5. Seriously, I can't even believe it. Things were SO bleak when I started back in September of 2016. All I wanted was to get my scores into the 500's. Now here I am staring down 700 less than a year and a half later! Keep revising the goal upward, and eventually you'll hit your head on 850 x 3! I want to be like CV when I grow up! Do you have any thoughts for next steps? -TU is my cleanest report, so if there's a card that will pull TU only, that would be great. -I want to expand my profile, but I don't want to clutter it up with toy limits. If I app for something and get approved, I want the overall limit to be reflective of my hard work. -I don't travel, so I guess the biggest reward for me would be cash back. That being said, if I should hold out on applying for anything for right now, I'm ok with that, too.
  6. Seriously, I can't even believe it. Things were SO bleak when I started back in September of 2016. All I wanted was to get my scores into the 500's. Now here I am staring down 700 less than a year and a half later!
  7. UPDATE: New reports and scores available today via CCT. Highlights: BIG jump in scores this month, partial thanks going to NFCU! TU saw the removal of 4 delinquent TLs, while EX and EQ saw the removal of 1 each. TU has now jumped OVER 200 points since I began my journey! I'm in disbelief! 700 is right around the corner! New goals added for 2018. EX: 639 +21 EQ: 659 +41 TU: 686 +29 Short-term goal (1-3 months) - break out of the 400's in all 3 CRA's Oct - Dec 2016 COMPLETED ON TIME Mid-range goal (6-9 months) - complete trial period of modification COMPLETED ON TIME Mar - Jun 2017 - no lates on auto loans or mortgage COMPLETED ON TIME - break out of the 500's in all 3 CRA's Completed in October 2017 - qualify for 1-2 new CC's COMPLETED ON TIME (1 new CC) Long-term goals (12-18 months) - qualify for 1-2 "rewards" CC's COMPLETED ON TIME Sep 2017 - Mar 2018 - break out of the "Fair" category in all 3 CRA's 1 out of 3 now reporting "Good" 2018 goals - 700's on all 3 reports by mid-year - 750+ on all 3 reports by end of the year - Expand my portfolio to include Chase, and 1-2 other prime accounts. As of Sep 1, 2016 Experian - 499 EquiFax - 473 TransUnion - 480 As of January 2, 2018 Experian 639 (+140) Equifax 659 (+186) TransUnion 684 (+204) 6 medical collection accounts All removed from all 3 reports 2 revolving charge offs Removed from TU Nov '17. 2 revolving collections 1 revolving collection Removed from TU Nov '17. 1 fitness membership collection Off all 3 reports 2 auto loans with past due reporting BOTH CURRENTLY REPORTING "ON TIME" 1 mortgage with past due reporting (modified) CURRENTLY REPORTING "ON TIME"
  8. You can have every page of the 1206 page FNMA seller guide memorized, feel you meet every guideline listed, and still not get approved for a FNMA mortgage. I truly feel you are vastly oversimplifying this aspect of your goals. Your success with EQ, albeit awesome (and congrats!), does not correlate to the same success for a tri-merged mortgage credit report. The derogs from the other 2 bureaus will still report to the mortgage credit report. DU will still factor those negatives into its decision making process. The same applies for MI. Further, meeting the minimum score for MI does not mean you will necessarily be approved for MI. Long gone are the days of First Franklin and approvals strictly based on FICO scores.Im over simplifying because it's not the focus of the thread. My score is. That said, regardless, all the negative stuff will have aged off by time of application. I'm being proactive to get the ball rolling to ensure score is as high as possible. But what we have been saying is that your score is not the only factor in the mortgage approval process. My recommendation to post in the mortgage forum was based on the fact that your mortgage UW will be looking at a vast array of factors, including balances, any CO's, DTI, etc. You're focusing on opening cards to boost your score, while at the same time saying that you don't need mortgage advice. What we are saying is that if your goal is to get approved at the best possible rate, there are other factors that you should be considering outside of your score. But you're not listening to what we are saying. You only want to focus on your score, so you're brushing off all the advice you're getting regarding the end goal. So you need to decide what your REAL goal is. A high score, or a great mortgage rate.
  9. I'm currently serving on Grand Jury. Every Thursday from October through February.
  10. LOL! That's significantly higher than when you started this thread! What happened?!? lack of self control... I'm weak as water At least you're honest with yourself! LOL!
  11. LOL! That's significantly higher than when you started this thread! What happened?!?
  12. CCT: Navy Federal Credit Union has reported a new account on your Experian credit report. Experian: A new line of credit has been added to your credit report.
  13. Your Navy Federal Credit Union Visa has been added to Apple Pay.

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