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  1. There’s a medical debt for $218 that has increased to approx $284 on all 3 credit reports. I think it’s a valid debt but need to check billing with insurance company. How can I go about properly getting it removed from credit reports? It was assigned in May 2018 on my reports. What at is the first step that I should take to pay back and get it removed from my reports
  2. Should I contact the OC at the hospital to pay the $10 bill after sending the hippa dispute letter ?
  3. Hi ! I tried to read over the WhyChat method, but still a little confused. I am trying to get a $10 hospital medical bill off credit report. I’m think the bill got overlooked or wrong address during a move. We want to pay it as soon as possible, but trying to figure out the correct steps to take to get it off the credit report from collection agency correctly. We’re also not sure how to pay hospital vs pay the collection agency ?
  4. I just read over the whychat website and I was instructed to do nothing else except keep updated copies of my credit report for the next 3 years since the collection was removed ?
  5. I followed your initial steps to remove old addresses and to submit the initial letter to the CRA. I just checked my credit report this morning and the medical collection account was gone . I haven't received anything in the mail yet as confirmation from transunion though. What is my next step to get the JDB to stop contacting me and to get get them to disappear ? Thanks for all your help so far
  6. Thank you ! I will try to get this initial letter sent out in the morning
  7. A new medical collection was added to my credit report today for a doctor office that has been shut down for 2 years . I tried contacting the number and address that capital collections gave me , and everything is invalid. I never received a bill from them . I'm trying to figure out how to get this off my credit report quickly, I checked why chats website but it looks like that method only works when you have already paid the collection ? Any advise would be appreciated. Thanks in advance !
  8. Any advice on how to get Experian to remove dispute comments quickly for a mortgage loan? If someone could advise me on any successful contact information, that would be very helpful. Thanks in advance !!!!
  9. Thank you !! I took your advice and submitted a complaint . Hopefully the process is smooth and quick because our mortgage lender can't continue the process 😞 Will update . Thanks again
  10. No I am not able to pull it on other sites such as credit karma , my fico . Etc BUT I can log into equifax with a confirmation # and view my entire report with no problems . Our lease is up on march 1 but no one is able to pull the equifax report .
  11. My husband recently applied for a mortgage preapproval with 2 different banks. Both banks are having a problem pulling his Equifax report (transunion & Experian came thru okay) Any advice on getting this situation fixed quickly . He called Equifax and they said there's no freeze on his file, but every time the loan officers request the file, nothing comes back . We've been dealing with this since last week, and have called Equifax multiple times 😞
  12. I had some luck getting the address removed with the above process , but we're still working on my husbands report address now. Next step is to start disputing my negative TL. Since the address has been removed, is it okay to just dispute online or should I still be writing paper disputes ? Any success stories on TL being easily deleted after the negative address identification number has been removed ?
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