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  1. Thanks for replying. Well, not trying be smart ass but she a single mom. Works almost all day, has no access to printer. No car, just trying to help her out. but I see your point tho.
  2. Thanks CV91915 I’m pretty happy. Those suckers stayed with me all the 7 year mark. It was hell as you all know, anyway just a load off my shoulders. Lesson learned don’t file bankruptcy if you can avoid it.
  3. Yes it’s still on, no I haven’t. I’m send it probably this week. thanks
  4. Sounds like a scam, dispute it with credit bearu first. If not send them a debt validation letter certified mail and do not include your social security number.
  5. Yes I will, it’s easy to forget but I appreciate your helpful attitude. Thanks again
  6. I’m helping a family member with her credit for free, since I get help for free. She has 14 medical collection accounts per Experian. According to Experian Credit system international shows 7 Enhanced recovery shows 1 IC Systems cable for $78 Lockhart Morris and Mont shows 3 Paramount recovery systems x3 It ranges from $100-$1,900. Most of them are from 2015- to 2019 I believe. Question is this, do I send debt validation one by one? Or for example Credit Systems send letter and list the account numbers in all one letter? Never seen this before, thanks in advance.
  7. The collection agency received my debt validation letter on the 25 of Nov. What happens if they don’t reply to my letter after 30 days?
  8. I want to stop and say thanks. Thanks to each and everyone of you who helped me, I thank you. So TU just deleted my last chapter 13 (filed in 2013, 2014 due to errors.). Equifax, I’m have to call them to delete address tied to it. Experian is in the process disputing it as well. My Lexis Nexis frozen. Again thanks creditboards, you all do make a difference with your knowledge. I am really humbled and learn my lesson about credit in general. Before I mess up I’ll be sure to ask here. I hope everyone stays safe and I can’t thank you enough. You all the best people.
  9. Thanks guys, actually I mailed them Phoenix Financial Service my dispute letter and haven’t had update on deleting. Now I know thanks
  10. Ok Marv , thanks for the info. Thanks StarkRavens I’ll just send them what they want.
  11. I sent Experian and Equifax the same exact letter. The letter provided here about deleting old address. Experian obeyed and deleted address tied to BK. Equifax sent me a letter saying they can’t locate me a file and they want 2 copies of ID to help find my file. What should I do, send them a copy of SS, and utilities bill.
  12. Not me debtfreein04 is the OP. lol I was replying saying thanks to credit board I’m close too.
  13. A big thank you to credit boards. I congratulate you. I’m close to cleaning my records after 7 years of living with 2 bankruptcy. I get scared tho because I don’t want to ruin it. Lol Before I mess up I’m ask here for advice.
  14. Thanks Centex, I appreciate your time and help. I will be more focused and be more focused on keeping record.
  15. Thanks Centex. So what happens if you have a bankruptcy dispute and you send another dispute for say a “ABC collection”? Will they still dispute your new “ABC collection “ or not because of the bankruptcy dispute you already got? By the way thanks in advance, I appreciate your response.
  16. Thanks Centex, your reply is more then enough for me. Thanks for explaining that. It’s a stupid question, yet I was wondering.
  17. No worries, knock on sold TU have been good to me. They always delete and are easy to talk to. Equifax second and Experian are just a beast I rather not mess with.
  18. Thanks hd, I will take your advice and do it.I like the way you do your managing, I’m start doing that too.
  19. So I need to thank Credit board for helping me. When I first joined, I was lost and now thanks to all of you I get how it works. I can’t thank you enough. Now after last seven years of bad credit due to bad decision and 2 bankruptcies seems like forever. What happens is you forgot that you already are disputing that same account? For example; I’m trying so hard to delete my last bankruptcy. I admit I forget and get frustrated resulting in stupid decisions. If I send in dispute for bankruptcy and two weeks later I resend it again? Does that extend the date the credit bearu have to investigate original dispute?
  20. Wow, never heard this but not surprised. Experian seem to think they have more rights then the consumer who owns the profile.
  21. Thanks Credit for that reliable solid, info. I always wondered that particular question. Shout out to credit boards for the helpful info, great place.

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