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  1. Interesting, thanks for sharing. Guess they ain’t to bad on my credit.
  2. I kid you guys not, I have a few personals loans that helped me report as positive payment. There all paid and never missed a payment t, however Experian says that too many consumer finance accounts are bringing score down, go figure.
  3. Apparently did t know that consumer finance accounts was viewed as bad. I was just trying to build credit, go figure.
  4. Hello credit boards, when we dispute an item, how do we know that the creditor actually verified? Or maybe the credit bureau is saying it got verified when it never did? Is this what the method of verification letter comes in? I’ve heard these letters are not to effective? Thoughts?
  5. Good morning, Marv, how you doing? Well, here with another question. Wife and I are talking of selling Durango to Carvanna and just use my beat around Jeep while we save a down payment. No use keeping Durango if it’s depreciating in value. So if Carvanna pays off our Durango and we use that monthly payment to save up for a new vehicle, is our Fico score going to up? Or it doesn’t really matter since it’s not revolving credit? Thoughts?
  6. Do we have to be a member to NFCU to apply? I’m not in the service.
  7. Thanks this is the answer I’m looking for. I thought you had to apply online first and then see what they approved you for. Good to know, thanks Marv.
  8. Marv, I messed up my credit and I take responsibility. I’ve lived with bad credit for the last 7 years, struggling to even get approved for good rates. I’ve learned to be more responsible and if I can avoid inquiries at all, I’m all for it. I have goals to have great credit and keep it that way. For example Chrysler Capital gave me a 20% interest rate even with a large down payment, because my score was bad.
  9. Hey Marv, thanks for all the help but I had another question. Can you explain the best way to find financing out of the dealership to avoid being shopped by lenders? I rather finance with a credit union, so would I just call a credit union and fill out an app for certain amount? Lets say, I find a truck I like. Then I negotiated the price then I financed with a credit union towards the end of the deal?
  10. Ok got it, thanks again. I’ll line something up. Your time and knowledge have been excellent.
  11. Hey Marv, I want to thank you. My scores have been improving. I had another question, since all you’ve told me is true. My old inquiries have been getting deleted. Experian says my Fico Auto Score 8 is at 681 right now. Teach us about money down, if I get my score up to at least 740, and want to get a 44K truck for example. Monthly Income is $4,704. Have check stubs to prove that. Home is paid. Just regular expenses like electricity, water, insurance, credit card debt is getting paid off. With a 740 Fico Auto Score 8, and 44K truck, will the finance company require a down payment, if so how much, give or take? Like I said Durango is just too small for us, need something bigger. Thanks Marv, your knowledge is really helping me make better decisions. Anything else you need to know let me know.
  12. So just for fun, Experian is right or making stuff up? I need to get my Fico Scores Auto 8 and 2 but if that’s the case I find it rather annoying?
  13. Thanks legal eagle, I have some furniture paid off, personal loans paid off, and even my home smart cameras are financed by Fortiva. Anyway, I can improve my scores even with having these?
  14. Experian says that my Fico Auto Score 8 at 638. Also Fico Score Auto 2 at 654 are being held back because of a consumer finance account, is this like personals loans? I do have loans but there paid off as agreed. Just trying to really figure out why my scores don’t improve. Late payment was August of 2018 and none since, thank God.
  15. I’ll take this inquiries over anything crap load of interest tho.
  16. Thanks guys, I appreciate all the knowledge. I tried to get a new truck even with trade in, and nothing. The dealers I went to even we’re offering me the pay off amount, and no financing for me. They just ran my credit.
  17. Hey Marv, I’ve gained value information from you. I can’t thank you enough, thanks for the tough love and I’ve learned a lot from your knowledge. Thanks again amigo.
  18. Hey Marv, thanks for replying. Well, truthfully our family is growing and we actually need more interior space. Durango too crammed up for our current family size. Trips get uncomfortable. Also we need a pickup because we are planning on starting a business sometime soon and we’ll the Durango has to go. Either way, it seems like trading it in is the best way to go given my situation. Your asking why I’m trading it if I like it so much, just not enough interior space for my family. Thats the honest truth. We got a big family and boys getting bigger, there tight, just interior space ain’t doing it anymore . Just being honest.
  19. Thanks Marv, so if suv has 37 K miles and KBB suggested trade in value is 29K to 31K. So it’s safe to say you don’t feel comfortable giving me a fair trade in for my SUV? Just share your honest opinion how much I should look for, as far as fair trade in value for this SUV?
  20. Marv, as always I appreciate the time and help. Well, it looks like I’m going have to just trade my Durango time of purchasing. Question is this; why does KBB exist if dealers don’t even consider it for market value. KBB is saying my Durango trade in value is 29K to 31K. So if KBB states my trade in Durango is 29K to 31K, what is a reasonable offer for my Durango is I owe 26K. The truck has 37K miles and is well maintained looks almost new. Please give me some guidance. So yes, I will trade now.
  21. Thanks Sox fan, for explaining those options to me. Marv, thanks for explaining that to me. See, that is why I rather just ask here and not go make a fool out of myself. You both know more about this type of thing, thanks again.
  22. Edit: Well I been a coward all my life and avoided truth but if I ask you it’s because I respect your knowledge. Marv, I’m asking you be upfront with me.
  23. Marv, the dealers don’t seem to be wanting to “assist me” if I’m not trading in my vehicle? They say well Carvanna is a different company and we do what we have to do. In other words if you don’t trade were not interested in helping you? Is this right? I know dealers make money off trades but I can’t just bend and mess up. I already explained to them that I got an offer and want to show pay off from Carvanna and they don’t seem to want to help me. It is really frustrating.
  24. Thanks Sox fan I’m in a particular situation because of credit wise. Just tying to figure the best way to handle this bad situation I’m in.
  25. Not a problem, you’ve been more then enough help. Thank you
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