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  1. Poto thanks for sharing. I’ll just stay with Bank of America for now atleast.
  2. I have had Bank of America for like 2 years. Rarely have issues and was thinking of joining Penfed to refinance our truck. After reading this I might just stay with Bank of America. Since my credit is bad Bank of America won’t even offer me credit of any type.
  3. We then walk into a dealership and there twice as much? I think this is widely unacceptable and makes people waste there time. I heard Truecar has more accurate prices?
  4. I agree with you all, I guess that shows me for trusting things I read.
  5. So why everyone making a big deal about it? Something about if your at 680, it will help you if your lower then this number it will drop you more?
  6. Hey credit boards, I keep hearing on this fico 10 coming out. They say that creditors can look back 2 years, etc etc? Why is this a big deal?
  7. Oh ok I see, I’ve made many mistakes and now I just ask before messing with anything. Thanks
  8. Hey wait a minute guys, isn’t sending Equifax my wife’s license and ss card like helping them validate you? it’s like saying here is my signature on my ss card, and here’s my picture. I know Marv pointed out the law under FCRA, just thought that they are trying to screw us. Experian, and TU have never asked us for anything.
  9. Thanks everyone, well I’m a fool because I still don’t quite understand credit. I get frustrated hence my replies. I apologize if I offended anyone, just want to get my credit straight.
  10. I would call Capital One and ask them what exactly is going on with your loan. That way dealer won’t try to give you wrong information.
  11. @Marvbear, thanks for replying. To give you a recent experience. I applied for Toyota Credit, got declined. They still kept shopping me around. I actually called Toyota Credit and they were not able to give me a reason for decline. They told me to call dealer and I did. Dealer said they couldn’t give me any info. @Centex, yes sir they kept running my credit even after in writing, they still kept shopping me. I even kept calling salesman to stop and they still ran it. What could I do, honestly?
  12. @Centex, I know your know your stuff. I won’t disagree with you. However there were times when shopping for a car that I DID inform the salesman to STOP running my credit and they still did.

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