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  1. I came up with a goodwill letter to send for late payment removal. I found the cooperate office, please read and tell me if I should send or revise? if revise give me some thoughts? Purpose of letter? Customer courtesy late payment removal for account # 376XXXX Would like accomplished? Get late payment removed Late payment reporting where? Experian, Transunion, Equifax Late date? December 2019 (30 days late) Why late? Online double payment applied toward balance instead of covering extra month Have you tried customer service? Yes, they are not helping. Dear CEO Raul Vasquez, I am reaching out to you because you’re the CEO of Oportun, and your customer service reps aren’t providing good customer service. I had an account with you and I unintentionally messed up a payment online/making me the following month. It was a small error and I never missed a payment. I made a double payment and I didn’t understand that it would go towards balance and not towards next month. I ended up getting a late payment for December 2019. I made all my payments on time- and paid my account in full. I am asking a good will as a customer courtesy to remove late payment for December 2019, that is showing on all 3 credit bearus. I am looking to getting more loans with you but would appreciate if you can help me out with this issue I’m having. Thank you for your attention to this letter. You can reach me at email: Cell:
  2. Thanks all for replying. Being stubborn I went online at Lexis Nexis and opted out. I got email from Lexis Nexis saying I’m opted out to wait 30 days. Well apparently I’m opted out, does this mean same as security freeze or not? Do I still need to send a letter asking for security freeze? Dear : Thank you for your interest in LexisNexis' information suppression program. Your request to have information suppressed from LexisNexis publicly facing public records products has been received and is in process. Please note that it may take up to 30 days to suppress your information from LexisNexis products and services. Please note that your information will remain in the following products and services: restricted public records products which are available to commercial and government entities that meet LexisNexis credentialing requirements and are used to detect and prevent fraud, enforce transactions, perform due diligence, and other critical business and government functions; products regulated by the Fair Credit Reporting Act; third party data available through real time gateways; news; and legal documents. This suppression request does not expire, and LexisNexis will attempt to suppress all of the information available based on the information you provided in your opt-out request. Due to the variations in personal information contained in public records, or insufficient or inaccurate information provided in a suppression request, it is possible that personal information about you may be reintroduced to LexisNexis products in the future. If you become aware that your personal information is available through LexisNexis publicly facing products in the future, please notify the LexisNexis Privacy Hotline and the issue will be investigated so that we may take appropriate action. IMPORTANT - Save This Email Opting out of LexisNexis products can limit your access to valuable consumer services such as online identity or insurance verification. If you experience difficulties with such a service and would like to opt in temporarily or permanently, please use the following link:
  3. Thanks guys, I called but couldn’t reach someone. Just thought I’d ask. The automated system just asked a series of verification questions in order to speak to someone. After I verified the questions they said they will send me “something in the mail” I don’t know what that something is.
  4. Ok so basically Lexis Nexis does not do security freezes anymore?
  5. I tried to freeze Lexis Nexis, and it says they don’t have that ability. It’s says to contact the individual CB to add security freeze. Do I have to call Lexis Nexis myself over phone to get security freeze done?
  6. Well, after many years of really obsessing about good credit; I gave up. If a creditor really wants to screw you, they will find a way. I mean it’s all a money hungry companies now.
  7. Also in your opinion is paid reports worth while when repairing your credit?
  8. Good advise cashnocredit how will CB know I’m using ACR to dispute this allowing them 45 days? Ugh that’s long
  9. Got it. That’s what I figured but I’ve learned to ask first when in doubt. Good advice
  10. We all know credit karma is not close to the real report. I want to get reports but, don’t feel like waiting for paper reports. Is the annual credit report you get free online close to accurate as CB own paper reports?
  11. How would I go about disputing late payment with Experian, TU, EQ? Please help I’m trying to fix my wife’s credit and I really don’t know how .
  12. CV91915 I know you replied my questions. I appreciate advice. Since I’m here and started, how would I dispute with the CB? A little more in depth strategy perhaps?

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