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  1. I believe its the latter. I won't fall for that kind of thing. This debt fell off my reports because it was out of SOL. Now its a decade old. I'm closing the file on this one unless they give me the opportunity to sue. Even Portfolio Recovery went away quietly once they got a dispute letter. I was tempted to frame the letters that said they were removing my information from their files. Those people were relentless for years.
  2. Got a last response from Midland yesterday acknowledging my request to stop communication. But they also wrongly claim that "In a previous communication with our company you indicated that you had appointed an attorney or other representative to act on your behalf regarding this account." That never happened, not even remotely. More games?
  3. So I sent 3 certified letters with return receipt to FCBS, Midland Funding and Midland Credit Management. Checking the tracking and it seems FCBS might be refusing to sign for it. "The package is delayed and will not be delivered by the expected delivery date. An updated delivery date will be provided when available. The delivery status for this item has not been updated as of January 30, 2018, 11:09 pm." Its now the 9th of February and tracking hasn't changed. I kind of expected some low life moves like that from those bottom feeders.
  4. I'm not sure how to say "I'm not paying you" without admitting responsibility or it coming off as a refusal to pay and not sounding snarky too. It's only $1000 we are talking about. I doubt a lawyer is ever going to come into play over that.
  5. So basically something like, "I am not responsible for this debt." ? "I am not obligated to pay this debt." ?
  6. So should I also include a copy of the collection letter that they sent me just to clarify what I am responding to? I also noticed the actual letter was mailed from Charlotte and FBCS is located in PA. Strange. Thank you very much for answering my questions and putting my mind at ease.
  7. I have spent the last year working on disputes and got my average scores from low 500's to 660. I got a $500 credit card from my bank, BOA which they recently graduated to unsecured, a $300 unsecured from Capital One which they recently bumped to $500 and $1000 line of credit on an Amazon Store Card. My bankruptcy should be off by July and my last collection account dropped off just yesterday, 2 months earlier than I expected. Things are seriously looking up. Then I get this letter from FBCS Inc. They are attempting to collect for another debt buyer called Midland on a collection that is far out of the statue of limitations and was removed from my reports at least 2 years ago. I've read these guys at FBCS are really shady and don't care about breaking the law. It bugs the crap out of me because I haven't received a letter in so long. Are they just taking a shot to see if I make a settlement? I already drafted a dispute letter but I'm not sure if I should send it or just blow them off. I have come so far I just don't want to screw it up now. The really confusing part is at the bottom of the letter it even says, "The law limits how long you can be sued on a debt and how long a debt can appear on your credit report. Due to the age of this debt, our client will not sue you for it or report payment or non payment of it to a credit bureau." Is that bait to see if I ignore the letter so they can validate it? I'm trying to attach an image of the letter but I haven't figured out how to do that yet. Please any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  8. That has never worked for me. I told PRA outright they did not have permission to call me. They still call every day. Its not too bothersome as my phone automatically blocks it.
  9. One is a Sears card and the other Capital One. HSBC or Sears is from Feb 2012 and Capital One is from August 2011. I have one for Verizon Wireless through Pinnacle that was reopened in Feb 2014. Are they as bad as PRA? Just wondering if I should pay them or not.
  10. Its been 2 weeks since I made the mistake of calling PRA. They never sent me the written validation that I requested nor did they send me a copy of the FDCPA notice letter. Based on the advice that I received here I did not pay them. I feel it was good advice and you guys probably saved me $1100 but now today,on a Sunday of all days, they started calling me. The phone rang 3 times and hung up. It was a number out of Alabama and when searched came up as a harrassment call from yep, Portfolio Recovery. If these guys don't have a leg to stand on to collect the $1100 then isn't there a way to stop them from calling? The phone isn't in my name either. Maybe send them a DV letter? I can keep blocking the calls but rather stick it to them entirely. If they had just sent me the documentation I asked for they would have been paid and this wouldn't be an issue but they couldn't even do that.
  11. I'm sorry but yes, I meant a secured credit card. I had a long day at work. My Ficos are around 550. I really think my judgement is probably the big problem. I did try Cap1 and they denied me but that was a year ago. It is a hard inquiry now on my report. It has been awhile now, maybe 6 months that I have been with BOM. Like Konrad stated they might help me now I just don't know that they will look at my weekly direct deposits as a factor. I don't mind getting a high interest secured card just as long as they are reporting to the CRA's. There are so many though I'm still looking.
  12. So it seems things were worse than I thought. A few months ago I opened a Bank of America checking account and was really psyched about it because they also gave me a prepaid credit card account which I immediately deposited $300 into. A couple days later they transferred the 300 back into my checking and sent me a letter saying I didn't even qualify for a prepaid credit card. That's a real kick in the nuts for someone making 75k a year. After a heated conversation with the head of their credit dept. I decided to stick it out with BOM. I paid off some recent debt and I have a few months of direct deposits of $900-1000 per week. My question is will it be worth it for me now to try again for my own banks prepaid card?
  13. I was kinda figuring out that Credit Karma was inaccurate and unreliable.
  14. Credit Karma said last week that the one account dropped off but when I look today it seems to still be there. Can they do things like that? Remove it and put it right back? Does the SOL start from when they purchased the debt or from the DOFD? I was supposed to pay them by the 26th and haven't got any calls yet. For what it was worth I told them they didn't have permission to call me. The phone isn't in my name either but I suspect that won't stop them. As long as they don't start calling my job. I was getting my information from one of the credit specialists at a mortgage company. He was telling me to pay off everything. I wish I had registered here sooner. So one of the things I'm taking away from this whole conversation is its really not worth paying off old collections unless I can get them to remove it completely? I have an $800 Verizon and a $234 Progressive Insurance in collections and that's about it. They are both 2 years old.

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