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  1. With all that was said, there are better forum platforms that offer better flow of information. CB data can be easily exported and then imported into a more mobile friendly one. I was going to reach out some time ago to the site owners.. but decided against it for various reasons. My two cents would be use a Joomla or WP main platform to post articles and have the forum as a plugin. You could really apply the best of both programs - articles and user contribution. Many experts here could write some nice articles that could earn them a stipend or share of on page ad revenue. All articles nicely laid out, categorized and searchable. You can have open content and member only content. This site gets on average 4K visitors a day. Myfico (landing page) about 22K a day. There is no reason this site could not get 10K a day just by revamping. Sell it or outsource it if becomes too much to handle. Or just leave it alone.. but audiences will go where it is the easiest to find information they are looking for.
  2. Check local Credit Union refi offers. You will save a butt load. Your scores are strong enough. You should be able to get a 2-3% rate.
  3. My recent tactic was this. Why BT and pay a 3% fee to the bank? Instead pay yourself the fee. I used BOA Travel Rewards CC intro 0% APR card to MS to get cash equivalents, to which I applied the cash towards cards with balances that I knew I could not pay in full on time before statement closes. Once the cards that do not have 0% APR get paid off, I will apply all my payments toward the 0 APR cards before the promo period runs out. BT cards are safety nets and should be applied for when needed but look for ones that have rewards and a 0% apr promo.
  4. About 15 years ago I app for Credit One. I immediately cancelled it once I seen the fee.. I had no idea at the time how bad of a card it was, I must have thought it was Cap1 when I applied. They cancelled it and it never reported on my credit reports. By all means this is your first order of business - call and cancel it. They will try and keep you, just don't do it. This time next year, you will realize how important this is to your future. NFCU is your next step after cleaning up collections.
  5. Thanks FormerAnalyst. I get the $ thingy. Those who use a CRM system get it. I imagine the Twittersphere would make some here go bit nutty. Welcome to CB.
  6. FYI, if you get declined a CLI, from say, $16K and asking for $25K. Go another route. I got a (not instant) decline (due to 3 late pays that are 1.5 years old) and wasted a HP. I did a $2K cli instead a month later and was approved instantly and no HP. I plan to do another CLI of less than $3K in next three months. Take the scenic route for a clear path.
  7. What is your current credit file like. How did the agent want to help you? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk About 8 recent inquires all less than 4 months. 4 new credit cards all less than 4/5 months. Scores around 690-700 at the time. I was pressing the agent to help out, trying to get better products for travel, etc. CO were old.. lot of hmms (pondering on his part) as if he was trying to figure out a way but wasn't going to gamble on me as it seemed.
  8. Still blacklisted. CO in 2007; tried twice in the last 3 months on two different products. They do HP as well. They even brought a CO I did not realize I had from the 90s. I'm going to try again after the full 10 years ends in November and when scores go higher. The agent was trying to help, but couldn't do it. So my guess is that I really need to wow them with no recent inquiries, (he brought up too) and get the score over 750.
  9. I got the same mailer, nothing online preapproved. Applied anyway was declined. I called asked for recon. Nope. Then I asked for a reversal on my inquiry. Nothing was promised but not out of the question, it appears.
  10. I tried twice in the last 3 months to get in with Chase. They keep bringing up my past relationship with them. I thought I only had one CO with them but I evidently had one back in the 90s. Blacklisted for life. The recon agent was trying to help but couldn't do it and even suggested perhaps get the old CO paid at a reduce rate or something. No thanks. lol
  11. Went again this morning.... they tricked me. My regular night girl was now the morning girl! ha.. 3 more cards were successfully unloaded. I asked her what may have happened with my previously failed attempt with the other cashier; and she said she probably did not key in that I was applying only $500 per card. I asked if she reloads Serve just to start up conversation and get more friendly with her.. said she did not know as she loads so many different types of cards. I want to start mixing the way I unload. That way you can start using CVS and other stores that reload SERVE and have less MO deposits. P.S. WM mornings are great.. as there is no one in line at the Money Center at 8:30am.
  12. I don't know if it was intended but I find this post funny. David Letterman kind of funny. I'm glad someone found my humor to be funny... thanks.
  13. First, I went to scope a 7-11 to check on buy MO... I went in and ended up buying a Slurpee instead. I was chastised by the cashier for using a Big Gulp cup. LOL There is no way in hell will I attempt to buy MO from a 7-11 when you have every walk of life watching your business while in a hurry. I didn't even ask. The good news: i went back to the scene of the crime this evening. My go to WM that I had issues with this morning. This is the same girl I bought from a couple days ago. I kind of chickened out and only bought one MO at $500. It worked!! The girl this morning though, is the same cashier I used for my very first $2K MO purchase. So not sure if it was a card glitch or human error. I think, me changing the PINS 5 minutes before may had something to do with it though. Does anyone else change the meta pin numbers or am I wasting my time doing that, as I have read there were issues with not changing the PIN. Should I attempt to see the "morning girl" again tomorrow and try the next 3 cards? I would like to rotate morning shift and evening shift personnel. So, there are 3 scenarios.. human error on purpose as maybe the girl recognized me, card glitch or amount of MO issue and/or the number of VGC used during the purchase.
  14. Thanks Jeff, Those are good rules to have. I tried another WM near where I work during lunch and the cashier did not even try. She knew right away and said that it must be a bank debit card and did not even attempt to ring me up. Their counter is not as nice as my usual WM where the POS device is stepped down counter and somewhat hidden from the cashier. This one had the device falling out of its cradle and all over the counter. Probably years of abuse from MSing. I sent for a Serve card. Will this work at WM with VGC? If not, I will have to find a 7-11 or USPS.. But I read everywhere that USPS does not work? Is that true?
  15. Oh crap. Same WM where I did 3 trips for $2K each (4 $500 VGC plus cash for MO) previously with success just declined me this morning. I had a successful purchase of MO just a few days ago. My routine, go to a Simon Mall, buy 4 $500 VGC and then go to WM the same day or next day to buy MO. Today was the next day, and about 5 minutes before I go in and I updated all my PINS as a precaution and I also double check there is a balance on the VGC. The teller shows me a small printout that says to use another form of payment. I tried a second card. Same thing. I should have asked the teller to just try $500 MO with one card as that is what I have been hearing in other forums. Looks like WM will be phased out across the US per other articles I have been reading. Now the panic sets in. How do I unload 4 $500 VGC (Meta) in FL?

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