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  1. ok well here's an update... some good news and some so so so news... i sent off letters to CRA and a check to OC. All in the manner in which they are supposed to be sent. the good news is Transunion dropped off within days of receiving letter.. That was awesome because of the bump I received i was all to get car refinanced at a much better rate than i had before. I have been checking once a week to see if OC had cashed check but as of last week they hadn't. I did get back the green slip that said the OC received the check on May 19... Today i get a notification that a dispute has been started disputing the collection and it was started on May 19th. I am hoping the OC is trying to retrieve the debt from Transunion. I dont know really what's going on. If you have any ideas or speculation what could be going on id love to hear it. Nothing from Equifax... How long should i wait? when should I hear something back next?
  2. there was no address on EOMB... that would have made it really easy... things are in the mail now. Ill keep everyone updated.
  3. also what happens if they dont accept payment? how ling should I wait for them to deposit check before going to next step (assuming there is one).
  4. this is great clarification.. the only address i have found for the OC is a PO Box. I am concerned that may be an issue with getting signature... In short the bill is with emergency physicians who did work when my son came in and there is no physical office. So i was able to track down the PO Box to remit payment... Do you for see that being a problem?
  5. so i think i found all the addresses i need to. i have just need a shade more clarity. I am sending dispute to all 3 CRAs via priority mail with proof of delivery only as per instruction... DO NOT send it CERTIFIED OR RR SEND IT PRIORITY MAIL WITH PROOF OF DELIVERY ONLY-WAIT FOR THE FULL RESPONSE FROM THE CRA BEFORE CONTINUING WITH THE HIPAA LETTER PROCESS... except im not waiting for response per instruction (see earlier in thread). Im Sending both at same time. and the instructions are Send ALL correspondence to the HIPAA COMPLIANCE OFFICE of the HC provider,CMRR. I just want confirm these are both correct. because im sending it priority the idea is that it gets to CRAs first?
  6. ok I promise im not slow... just looking for clarity. After going back to reread things i realize i need to be sending correspondence to both the Credit bureaus and the OC (with payment) at the same time. the question i can't seem to answer is how do i find out who the HiPAA compliance officer is? do i just call? and they have a corporate office? how do i determine where to send it? sorry for all the questions I feel this is where i could screw up and don't want to. Thanks in advance.
  7. Thanks for the piece about circle in red. I was just going to highlight... I figure if I was staying I had know knowledge it only made sense to copy as it’s listed. Do I need to include the WHOLE report or just the page with it listed? Thanks for all the clarification. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. im headed to post office now so if i don't hear from anyone hopefully i make the right choice... one each of my reports the account number is redacted in different places. I can piece together the entire thing (I think). when i send the Pre HIPPAA dispute letter do i include the entire account number or list it just as it is on credit report? Any assistance would be helpful. Thanks
  9. ok after doing some work i have a few final questions... i send this to all 3 CRAs (because they are all reporting) https://whychat.me/hipaadisp.html Do I wait for that response from CRA's and then attempt to pay OC with HiPAA letter or do i do both at same time? finally (well finally for this round of questions) I did get EOMB and there is a wrinkle. OC is credited on EOMB with performing 2 services that day. Only one is been placed in collections. When I pay with HiPAA letter should i just go ahead and pay for both? two separate checks? or just focus on whats reporting? the "collection" is around 250$ (that amount matches what the EOMB states) the other service has a balance of about 30$. i just dont want to remove one only to have anotther prop up. thanks for any insight given
  10. thanks I am hopeful Why Chat can chime in. I want to make sure I get this right the first time
  11. I have removed collections previously but never a medical one so i am looking for whatever help i can get. In short my son's mom took him to urgent care at a local hospital. She used insurance card which is under my name but put her address down. I am not certain when she went but a few months ago collection pops up for 282$. I obviously never got a bit or a notice, she claims she didn't either. I would have paid the 282$ but thats neither here nor there. I just need insight on what to do. I have a collection that i didn't really know about until it became a collection and an address thats not mine (its her house). My gut is to try a PFD but i dont want to pay it and it continue to remain, then my leverage is gone. I have opted out, have up to date reports from all three CRAs. Just am not sure what to do next. I gantry to remove address but experian has given me difficulty in the past because its "attached" to account. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  12. So my Discover card finally graduated.. I am grateful not frustrated it took as long as it did. nice little bonus to further push my utilization down on other cards. With that said I have a few other questions fo those that know. 1) should i expect a credit limit increase automatically? if so when should it reflect on my account? I just received email last night.. 2) if i dont get CLI automatically should i request one or should i wait? are there guidelines 2X? 3X? current limit? is it a hard pull if I request one? 3) any other tips would be greatly appreciated.. Thanks to this forum for all the assistance you all have provided. If any one has questions for me please ask..
  13. You can call and request Discover to report off cycle and they’ll update your information whenever you ask.. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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