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  1. It has been a while but wanted to give an update. In roughly 18 months, I went from the above scores in parentheses to all 810s or better. I built a brand new home (closed in November) and am in such a better place than I was. And it is all because of the info I found right here. No magic, just learning from the knowledge here on CB.
  2. The ladies are going to be all over you. But no where near as sexy as those triple 850s
  3. Thanks everyone. I know it's one day before Independence Day, but it's kind of my credit re-birthday, as it was exactly one year since I decided to do something about my credit situation. Kind of crazy to believe that it's already been one year, but now I'm in a totally different spot from a credit standpoint. Thanks to everyone for the assistance, support, and inspiration.
  4. Ahhhh, another month, and a little more improvement. Today's scores (July 3, 2016) in parenthesis. Eq - 810 (578) TU - 723 (523) Ex - 723 (573) My Mortgage scores are all over 730 as well. More than 200 point improvement on 2 of the 3 score. Just a sh1tty 150 point improvement on my EX. Oh well
  5. Great job, CV. I have found so many of your posts helpful in my own rebuild.
  6. I accidentally let my AMEX report with a $2000 balance (I pay it in full monthly, but was waiting for plane tix to post and missed my statement date - wasn't late of course, but allowed an amount to post) and my TU went up 2 points to 712.
  7. I started in October 2016. No you don't have to have a fraudulent event to have items removed. The best way I can tell you is too read read read Everything here on CB! I'm still reading and learning here daily. And then read some more...
  8. Just received a notification that a negative was taken off of my TU, and it shot up 50 points. Here are my updated scores, per MF. Originals (July 3, 2016) in parenthesis. Eq - 805 (578) TU - 710 (523) Ex - 712 (573) Not shabby in under a year, I suppose. For the first time in a few years, all 3 of my scores are over 700. My mortage scores are all over 740. I'm so extremely proud of the work that I've done on this.
  9. Not much has happened over the last few weeks, with the exception of AMEX tripling my CL 61 days after joining. That was nice. I had $300 worth of open credit limits and low 500 scores one year ago. Now, I'm pushing $100,000 open lines and scores in the 700s (well, my EQ is 800, but I don't want to brag). Still working on just a couple of imperfections. Edit: CapOne finally increased as well. To a measly 2250. Oh well. At least I have a couple of cards 10x that amount.
  10. Worked like a charm. Went from $6000 to 18000 on my 61st day.
  11. Great thread, Yoni. I've noticed the exact same thing that you were running into with having a small balance on a couple of cards versus paying them down to zero - was making my scores swing 20-30 points as well.
  12. Received my PenFed card last night. Oh, how the little things now excite. Time to garden for a bit. Next month I should be able to get a nice increase on my AMEX and my Cap1. If Cap1 doesn't get in line and go sizable, they may be done for.
  13. I'm in Dallas, they pulled TU for membership and for a card for me.
  14. Nah, I'd rather give back for free what I learned for free on CB. I personally want to thank you for that. You have changed the path for my family. If you are ever in the Dallas area, let me buy you a fine dinner. At least I will get the rewards for it. I live in the DFW area. No dinner necessary. Single malt Scotch accepted. Done. All you want.
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