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  1. They will deposit the redemption in a non citi bank. If you do a statement credit, you lose out on the 1% that you would have gotten on the payment you would have made if you had not taken the statement credit. So, if you spent $1250 to get the minimum $25 redemption, you would lose 25 cents. A small amount, but seeing as it is every bit as easy to select the cash redemption, why would you not?
  2. Dont know how typical it is, but have had the two day message three times and each time it resulted in an increase.
  3. That's the motive behind most BT offers. You would think it is to get you to swap over to their card, but the way they calculate interest on purchases during a BT offer pretty much guarantees someone will SD the card. Seems short-sighted, but they know the business better than I do and its clear they believe they will make more money by banking on people not paying it off and not SD'ing It.
  4. Same for me. I actually tried last a week or two ago. But thought I would give it another shot just in case there is a current 'window of opportunity'. And lo and behold, $4500 increase Zero current balance on card, zero statement balance.
  5. Many here have said that the best FICO is achieved by having one card post a very small balance, some suggest $2. I definitely get a better score with one posting a balance than all at zero.
  6. It's up to the merchant. The market will decide if it is the right choice for them. Or don't go to Texas. Sounds like a better idea to me.
  7. This. Just a fact of life. Also, if they constantly avoid you now, could be money well spent.
  8. OK, I misread the title for a second ... Thought we were going waaay off the lemonade stand business and into the realm of recreational pharmaceuticals....
  9. Why? Do you spend less than $3167 a year on groceries?Exactly. The BCP over the BCE is a no brainer unless you never eat at home. Or you refuse to pay AFs blindly before doing the math. I've done the math. Most months we spend less than $200 at grocery stores for two people, and we eat at home 90% of the time (with the exception of business travel). Groceries are as expensive as you make them. The question isn't about how low YOU can make your grocery bill, but about what someones actual grocery bill is. If you frequently travel on business, then that is going skew figures. USDA seems to have a different figure than you for a 'family of 2' https://www.cnpp.usda.gov/sites/default/files/CostofFoodJan2017.pdf
  10. Why? Do you spend less than $3167 a year on groceries? Exactly. The BCP over the BCE is a no brainer unless you never eat at home.
  11. Ha! Maybe that explains the lack of CLI's for me (and some other members here) from Discover in 2017. I did carry a balance for a month to test if that made a difference to the CLI 'logic' , but I am on zero percent for a year so never actually paid any interest.
  12. Nothing since December for me. Was getting regular CLI's. By the time 90 days had rolled round after that, no longer carrying balances on cards. Was carrying some balances for Jan/Feb. Have used the card, as the categories lined up with what I needed to buy. Using it this quarter too for restaurants. Not a huge amount, but easily $500 on restaurants alone this month, plus about $1500 in other purchases. So I have tried: 1) carrying a balance on Disco card with no balances on other cards 2) Carrying a balance on disco with balances on other cards 3) balances on other crds, no balance on disco. 4) No balances at all on any cards. Not even $2 5) No balances on ny cards, except one that had $52 report 6) using the card 7) Not using the card. One month I paid a 5k lawyer bill on my Amex which at the time only had a 6k limit. What posted on statement was 3.5k and it was paid before due date. So, I have also tried having a card post with a high util and with a low util. I have new cards opened in the last 12 months, but not in the last 6. One theory I have is that they see how often you click the luv button and perhaps they believe that if they keep telling you 'not enough experience with current limit', some people may use the card more to try to fix that. Dunno. To be honest, I really only use it for the categories, plus they were good for BT's. This is more of just an experiment now. Plus I have had the card for over a decade so it is worth keeping for the age.
  13. Amex BCP? How much do you spend on groceries each month. Yup. That one, for me is easy to justify the $95. Spend over $1k a month at the grocery store. I'm sure some wizardry with travel points may yield better results, but BCP is easy.
  14. Wasn't it you in that other thread that said you had a $420/month car payment? If thats not a luxury I don't know what is. Like I said in that other thread my mortgage is lower than that. I sure as hell don't need a fancy car with a payment, much less one higher than my mortgage. Things like that are why we say cut back on luxuries, there is always something. I know what mine are, thing is since I know what my luxuries are I plan for them and they don't blow my budget. You won't catch me in starbucks but you might find me getting micky ds breakfast cuz I was too lazy to cook that mornin. Why would you assume that a $420 per month car payment equates to luxury?I guess it's on how you define luxuries. Reliable transportation is essential. But it does not cost $420 a month for me , (for just the vehicle), to get that. You have moved beyond 'essential' at that point. Is everything that is not essential by definition a luxury? If you buy something because you want it, not because you need it? Is that a luxury? I don't have a car payment. I could easily afford one. But I don't need another vehicle. Nothing wrong with what I have. Now, if i had a job where I had to spend many hours a day in the vehicle, then maybe my own personal line of what is 'essential' in a vehicle would move.

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