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  1. You might not have to do anything. I put some recent early auto delete information in the thread CV mentioned. EX automatically, without any effort from me, deleted 4 months early for two different DOFD's. I believe I received the auto deletes because I never attempted any previous deletions for any reason. There was not enough clean data to make a solid determination but it is a hunch I have. If you never tried for a deletion on the account for any reason, it would be interesting to see if you get the 3-4 month auto delete.
  2. Are you having a "Dave Ramsey" moment? 😊 The opposite can be the case. Creating the largest liability can allow one to not have to work. Currently, I could NET 6%+ in semi-passive income on a considerable amount of 4%ish cash taken out on a fixed term mortgage,
  3. I looked at the graph and it showed a clear decline in the over 50 age groups. 50-59 - $2.2B 60-69 - $1.4B 70+ - $0.72B This bracketing seems perfectly normal. 30 year mortgage is by far the standard mortgage term in the US. Most people don't buy a house at 20. Even if they did, the vast majority will move or refinance prior to 30 years culmination of a purchase loan. I don't know the exact statistic right now but the average homeowner moves approximately every 7 years. That does not take into account further "30 year clock resetting" from refinancing activities. Also, as alluded to by hdporter, economic periods of lowish interest rates are conducive to holding mortgages. Therefore, mortgages over 50 can be very logical.
  4. It is 7 years from the DOFD, the date you became delinquent and never became current. If you fell delinquent once, never brought it current to create a new DOFD, you would go by the original DOFD plus 7 years as to when the deletion of all lates will occur. Also look into early deletion, each bureau is different: https://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?/topic/521705-the-master-obsolete-delete-time-frame-thread/&tab=comments#comment-4945715
  5. Make sure after you pay OC the CA deletes their tradeline.
  6. Thanks. I could fix it further but I will refrain. 😊 In the world according to centex, AU employees should be responsible for companies debts, AU family members should be liable for helping buy items for incapacitated family members, AU friends liable for helping incapacitated friends, etc.. Maybe more thinking and less speaking is in order for centex.
  7. Silly me. You're right. It is a positive, LOL! If you think REAL hard, you MIGHT figure out situations where your statement is completely absurd.
  8. There is no cash option, just statement credit. Gift cards are the same .0075%. Travel appears to be similar at .0070%.
  9. Would this Amex tradeline reflect just as any other AU tradeline? If so, it would have no positive benefits over other AU TL's along with negatives of being responsible for debt charged and and no backdating like some other AU TL's do.
  10. It is actually an effective 3.75% as their redemption for statement credit is only .0075.
  11. NFCU does not pull credit when joining.
  12. My wording was ambiguous. I meant at any point in the entire history of this account did you dispute it?
  13. Out of curiosity, did you ever dispute this account that did not auto delete?
  14. Will they let you have access to both products until Trustedid sunsets?
  15. I think some would say the Dum Dums are outside the teller windows...
  16. Interested, let us know your experiences.
  17. For Account Review, it appears to now occur monthly. It was every other month. See thread below. https://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?/topic/616128-nfcu-just-updated-their-provided-fico-9-score-monthly-ars-now-once-a-month/ You can always expect NFCU to do a hard pull for each request, especially with CC's. For their non CC lending, you MIGHT get away with one pull within a short period of time. CLOC and auto loan requests very close together would be an example.
  18. 🤞🤞🤞 That is good info to know and not well known or discussed. Most people only know about 650 min fico for card.
  19. As crappy as the product is, I will miss the ability to see soft inquiries whenever I want.
  20. It would be logical NFCU is now doing monthly AR. This phase of the economic cycle is starting to get long in the teeth, so to speak.
  21. To update, I again received a score for December. This makes 4 consecutive months of scores from NFCU. It appears monthly pulls may be the new norm.
  22. TU for me is auto deleting current month + 2 months.
  23. Pretty sure TU is 6 months max for early deletions on BK.

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