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  1. Well I got in but got a little disappointed and probably just hang on to them for the time being. I have business accounts with chase and for $10 per month I get up to $7,500 in cash deposits plus up to 200 transactions per month with no fee. NFCU offers a paltry 50 free transactions per month with their free biz account, and to meet the same level of transactions I would get with chase, I would need to pay $8/mo. I don't feel a $2/mo savings is enough to switch my business to NFCU. 48 month used car loan is 3.99% APY min with NFCU, the same deal with Chase is 3.29 and that is if your not a customer, since I bank with chase, my rate would be 2.69% No savings there: A 30 year fixed mortgage with Chase is 3.35%, the same deal with NFCU is 3.24%, not really a big difference. Now it IS true that NFCU offers lower than Chase rates on Credit Cards, but I'm not a dummy that pays interest.
  2. Basically that they lied about closing my account "due to fraud" when it was closed due to the CU being salamanders and overextending credit.
  3. Well I sent them an ITS letter, I'm really tired of their BS.
  4. Well I highly doubt occu is going to hire a lawyer at $250 per hour to handle a $100 debt. That being said..I'm sure if I send them a 623 letter they are going to say "make me". ..and hiring a lawyer would cost more than the debt owed, which I'm sure they know as well. So I might not have a choice but to pay them.
  5. Yes, the infamous OCCU, the people who handed out credit cards like candy then when the bigwigs realized how overextended they were, froze nearly everyone's accounts including mine and LIED about it being a fraud issue. I owe them around $100 and faxed in a D/V letter yesterday. So I call them (yes I know "don't call them bla bla bla" )but phone calls are a hell of a lot quicker than waiting weeks on letter. I spoke to credit services and was transferred to their internal collections dept. and they said they "don't validate debts". Rather taken aback, I asked them: Me: You say I owe you a debt, correct? Them: Yes Me: So you wish to collect on said debt, correct? Them: Yes Me: OK, so then for legal purposes that makes you a DEBT COLLECTOR and pursuant to the FDCPA you MUST validate the debt you claim I owe. Them: *stammering* I...I...I guess I will just have our attorney handle this. Me: Will your attorney contact me? Them: I highly doubt it. Me: Will OCCU be contacting me? Them: I SERIOUSLY doubt it. I've been more than patient with this company but they won't help me whatsoever. They are the worst company I have EVER dealt with. This is the 2nd time I sent them a D/V and they told me where to go. They claim they have an internal debt collection firm, but if they don't even know what the heck the FDCPA or a "pay for delete" is, I highly doubt it.
  6. I called cms today and they informed me after giving them an ITS letter they closed the account and sent it back to discover. CMS never sent me a letter or any sort of letter stating I owed them. What will happen since they made Discover recall the account? The amount I owed discover was around $125. I know it sounds a tad silly to send them a ITS letter, but like I said, they kept saying I owed a debt, but never called me nor sent a letter.
  7. Just sent the docs in today. Wish me luck.
  8. The debts very in age from 2014 to 2016. Im in IL. The reports came from TU's free report for being denied credit.
  9. I have 8 derrogs on my account. 1. OCCU Card Services, Internal Collection Agency. Called today. They said they don't do dispute validations, but faxed them one anyway. They also said no PFD either, I owe them $250 2. Discover Card - Balance of around $300, collected on behalf of CMS, Discover said they sold the debt to CMS, but CMS says they don't buy debt, so I'm stuck on who to pay. 3. Barclay's Bank, C/A is Enhanced Recovery, sent them a letter of intent to sue, for reporting incorrect info to all 3 CB's, despite disputing 3 times now. 4. Paypal and Walmart, issued by SYNC, owned by PRA, currently amidst a BBB dispute with them. They are not validating everything, only half of what is needed. 5. QVC, handled by FMS, sent them a DV letter on 7/29, they still have not received anything from the OC, 30 days almost up. 6. Amazon, handled by Northland Group, says they sent a collection letter, but lied. Sent them an email. 7. Credit One Bank, handled by Midland Credit Management, sent them a notice to sue due to not validating.

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