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  1. I have disputed it twice now with the CRA's everything came back valid.
  2. Some debit cards DO have rewards. My paypal debit card earns 1% cashback, and until I can get a real CB CC, I use it a lot. I get about $50 a year back. Also, cash can earn interest in a savings account, CD, etc, but then I am not so sure it would still be called "Cash".
  3. I owed Discover Card $125.00 1. I called Discover to set up a payment in full. Was told they sold it to CMS (Capital Management Services) 2. I called CMS, and was informed that CMS does not buy debts, but collects on behalf of them. 3. Since CMS never sent me a letter stating I owed them, I faxed them a DV letter. 4. I called CMS this morning and asked if they received said Fax ( I fax over a VOIP line, so they don't always post). 5. CMS said that Discover asked to have the debt recalled into their own internal collections, aka "The Recovery Dept". 6. I called Discover's Vendor Liaison dept (they have more info than recovery) and they said they did not in fact ask for this. 7. So I called CMS back, and was told previous information given to me was incorrect. 8. They stated "because you sent in a D/V letter, we are unable to talk to you, or accept a payment as this time". So I guess just wait on the D/V letter to come? Each party claims the other party owns the debt, so I am not going to make a payment until I get it in writing, because I am not going to pay CMS and then have Discover say "hey you still owe us!" and vice versa.
  4. I'm always worried about when/if I get better credit and the card issuer has an option to select your limit. What happens if you ask for too much? Is it an auto-denial or they counter? I wish they could just give you the best limit they possibly can when you hit the LUV button, rather than asking for something that could be unattainable.
  5. So serving in the (insert branch here) gives someone a free pass to act that way? The one thing I was taught in school, that has stuck with me my entire life is "treat others like you wish to be treated". People who attack others and insult their intellect must either have really low self-esteem or they enjoy Sadomasochism, either way it's sad. I was bullied almost my entire school life, up until grade 10, I was beaten up, and nearly sent to the ER once, because I wasn't "cool". But I don't take that out on other people, they do not deserve it anymoreso than I did. I found out these people who bullied me had horrible upbringings, family was split up, mom and dad divorced, dead, were abused/molested, etc. No matter how horrible one is treated in life, it is never, and I mean NEVER excusable behavior to vent your problems on people who did not cause them. But like I said, and posted in my sig line, I have broad shoulders, and could care less what someone hiding behind the anonymity of a computer has to say about me, or anyone for that matter. They think it will scare me, sadden me, or intimidate me, well they are wrong. I will not lower myself to their level and take potshots at other people, I am a better man than that. Quite frankly, I don't care if this person was General Patton, if they treat people like this, they will receive no respect from me.
  6. I applied online for the SC. How long ago was this? That is a bit scary about the phone call part, but I've had to give my SSN, Name, DOB, etc a lot of times to verify my account on credit approvals and such. I always call from a cell phone so I know at least no one can eavesdrop on my end.
  7. Cool. I wonder if it is possible to add money to the security deposit?
  8. Such as? I banked with them for a year before moving my account to Chase (they built a branch close to me), and never had any issues. I don't know if it is still the same today, but if you mobile deposit a check, the first $200 is instantly available, that was a decent feature. ..and from what I read, and if it's true, they graduate you bases on your history with THEM, not the credit report. So even if you can't get your credit fixed in a year, they will still graduate you. At least this is what I was told. I'm not saying it's true.
  9. This is now the 5th positive TL on my CR!
  10. Two accounts, one is on CR, one is not. XXXXXXX, We are in receipt of your email for requesting validation through our website. The accounts 1XXXXX and 1XXXXX have been updated and placed on hold in an investigatory status. We will request documentation from our client. Our agency will no longer attempt to communicate with you during the investigation of this account. Additionally, our company ERC is not reporting the accounts listed above on your personal credit report. Please contact us at customercare@ercbpo.com if you have further questions or concerns. Warm Regards, Customers Relations Team | c/o Office Of the President "Warm Regards", lol.
  11. Weren't you the dunce asking people to basically hold your hand all the way through the NFCU process because you were too stupid to read the thread -- or at least even the first post? Fact is u are rude person Right. It's my fault you can't read. And are lazy. And have an IQ lower than whale sh!t. What god given right do you have to treat people this way? I'm sure you have many friends on account of this. Hopefully you don't work in a customer orientated field. But instead of reducing myself to childish insults, I'm going to add you to my ignore list.
  12. I do not live in fear. Im not sure where you made that assumption. I do know every human has an expiration date and i plan accordingly.
  13. So your saying that even INQ's a year old won't hurt your Fico? Good to know.. However, I think a proper utilization should around 25%, not 9% or whatever the "lucky number is". I think that would not push people to pursue higher limits and thus would minimize the lenders risk, because they could not max out so much of their cards and default. Just my 2 cents.
  14. I have not been rude to you, so why are you being rude to me, and insulting my education? I own and operate a small retail business. Legally speaking, I could be as rude and nasty to my customers as I wanted to, and of course not get any business in return. "Try and stiff them". The majority of people who fall behind on credit card payments do so through no fault of their own. Maybe they lost their job, maybe their mom died and they cannot afford funeral expenses. Maybe the father needs open heart surgery and they can't afford it. There are a ton of "what ifs" in life and not even the most prepared people can be prepared for all of them. Now legally speaking the Credit Union could be hell on earth getting them to pay back through every legal channel available, but they could also be nice about it and understand their situation. Because maybe when these people get their situation straightened out, they will continue using their products and services. Buy if they act like dicks, do you think that is going to retain them? Of course not. Gee, crazy idea, right? At the end of the day my customers pay my bills, and any financial institution worth their salt tries to retain their customers, because their customers make them money. Customer satisfaction is key to any profitable business. This all traces back to what I just at the beginning of my post, and I don't know what level of thinking you are even operating on to conclude that Credit Unions should be given a free pass to employ mafia-esque tactics in order to make people pay. I don't know of any financial institution that harasses people a few days late, like you would read in the complaints section. That being said, I do blame myself for taking the advice of others looking to joint this outfit and not doing my own research. Stuff happens, nothing in life is guaranteed, I've seen the most well off people I know loose it all do to no fault of their own.. ..and that does not make ANYONE IN THAT BOAT DESERVING OF SUCH TREATMENT! Especially with what they may be going through. Maybe you weren't living in the Midwest and never heard of it. But in the 1980's a lot of farmers lost their farm due to interest rates. Some of them were harassed so much by the banks, they either killed themselves or went out and killed the bankers. I cannot even fathom how you think pushing people over the edge through constant and malicious harassment is going to help them. Maybe I am a slow thinker and slow at reading comprehension, but it appears you missed out on the part called "Morals and ethics".
  15. Also from what I read, they USED to be a good CU, but have turned to crap in the past 10 years.
  16. I think everyone should read this link before joining. https://www.consumeraffairs.com/finance/navy_federal.html?page=7 I will admit I did not do my homework and as other commented, they are fine if you don't mess up, but not everyone is perfect. Some of the horrors: -Not being able to get their money back when their ID was stolen. - Having all their accounts locked when they are late on a credit card payment. -Calling relatives/employers when they are late. -Etc, etc.
  17. Maybe it's just me, but the whole Fico score thing is terrible and here is why... 1. Utilization is factored into the score. So people "hit the luv button" and what not in order to get higher and higher limits. They then spread the utilization across multiple accounts. I've seen people on here with over $250k in combined credit limits. But the problem is, a lot of people's income is not guaranteed and can be lost at the drop of a hat. As in layoff's, corporate bankruptcies, things like that. I can personally attest to this in a town that lost over 5,000 manufacturing jobs in less than 10 years with 4 companies. So we then look at exhibit A: the amount of credit card debt in the US. $712 BILLION DOLLARS. This arises from two issues: 1. People with unexpected job losses turn to credit cards in order to keep the lights on. 2. People who falsely live a life of luxury and pay for the luxury with a credit card. So the higher the credit limits, the more you can safely charge without lowering your Fico. Maybe I'm wrong, but it almost seems like the entire thing is a trap. Like "let's see how long of rope we can give them to hang themselves with" kind of thing. 2. People with no credit are just as bad as people with bad credit. The funny thing is..the people with huge credit limits have higher scores than people with no credit at all. Again this ties back into number one. A person with an 850 Fico can supposedly be trusted with a $30,000 Credit Limit, but a person with a zero fico, and obviously an empty file, can't apply for a $1,000 Credit Limit. Like it or not, BOTH CAN LOOSE THEIR JOB!! Usually they have to be added to mommy and daddy's credit cards, take out a secured credit card, etc to obtain a Fico score. 3. Inquires lower your score. Let's say you tuned your Fico score up and want to apply for a credit card. Well there really isn't a mininum Fico score posted, and a CC company sure as hell would not give that out if they had such a thing. So you apply for say...3 cards..and BOOM...denied for all 3. Now those inquires will stick with you for 2 years. So once you improve you score a little more, you now have the weight of the INQ's pulling you down. 4. Credit mix determines 10% of a FICO Score So now you have several credit accounts, and keeping utilization low, taking out an installment loan, which involves DEBT, "may help your Fico score". So going into debt on credit cards is bad, but taking out an installment loan "accounts mix" is good?
  18. Also chase has branches all over, NFCU does not have any in my area. While I do most of my banking online, wouldn't some things require me to visit a NFCU branch? Would a online check deposit count as one of the 50?
  19. Worth a shot I guess, I have a couple BBB files open against portfolio recovery, I will see how they come back. PRA has been involved in many lawsuits, maybe I can convince the OC to recall the two accounts they own "because I do not feel comfortable doing business with them due to the history of litigation and rulings against them".
  20. Well if PFD the C/A won't remove the original tradeline, would it be possible to have the OC recall the debt in order to work with them?
  21. Say pfd the full amount? I also found something called "jack attack" does this work better than the 1-2 punch?
  22. Should I ask to settle before asking for deletion? Paying the settlement might give me some leverage, I would think, because PFD might trigger the full amount due.
  23. So if the C/A owns it, should I settle? From what I read they buy the debts for like 10 cents on the dollar. Will some C/A's do pay for delete, and if they agree to delete it, does that mean the O/C must delete as well? It almost sounds like "double delete" lol.
  24. What if the OC says they sold the collection (3-4 of my derrogs have been sold off), can I still pay the OC?

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