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  1. Well other than being told to slow down. What do i need to actually DO.
  2. No not mortgage. I just want to try and get where i can get at least one major bank cc with rewards.
  3. I realize people are trying to help me but i want this stuff off as fast as possible. Yes there is risk involved but i assuming all liability.
  4. You're an salamander. Thank you for your kind words.
  5. Well i guess then i need to balance risk and not having derrogs a year from now.
  6. Wouldnt it cost more than 400 dollars to sue for 400 dollars?
  7. Most of them are from 09/2015 to 11/2015 beginning with a 30 day late. The one in reference to the letter...C/O on 01/2016
  8. Fingerhut sells overpriced junk, but they were one of the first to give me a credit account. The reason they are overpriced...is because a lot of people default with them due to them being so subprime. So they mark their inventory up to adjust for loss.
  9. Should I 623 it? I have not disputed with Sync Should I write or call them? because.. I am not sure..Will sync send me info, or re-assign it?
  10. Letter received from Northland Group NOW WHAT?
  11. Once I found out who owns the debt, I will. Right now both Discover and CMS claim to own the debt, but after talking to CMS yesterday, they are going to investigate it and send me the results.
  12. Got an email from the BBB in regards to PRA, for some odd reason they won't forward the complaint to PRA. I've now sent PRA a 2nd D/V request, because pretty much all they did was send me a copy of the bills.
  13. Here is a list of debts, and current status of said debts... 1. Discover Card $122 Currently being collected by Capital Management Services, but currently unable to verify who actually owns it, as both parties claim to own the debt. 2. OCCU Card Services/ Duck Credit Card $221. After failing to validate I owed a debt, I sent them an ITS letter, to which the stated the account is now being handled by an attorney, which is doubtful. Being collected by their internal collection dept. 3. Barclay's Bank Apple Visa Credit Card $1689. Debt is being collected by ERC. Sen
  14. I've been trying for several months to get PRA off my CR's, they are ruthless.
  15. So you've never been a winner? I won a chicken dinner, does that count?
  16. I was actually runner up in the 5th grade spelling bee, but autocorrect on both my web browser and smartphone ruined that long ago. Oh ya? I saw a bee have sex with a mule hive. TOP THAT!
  17. How much less? I don't know, half a teaspoon? 9 and 3/4th an inch? Lol
  18. A bit dated, but still pretty interesting. But one outlier could be that colleges used to have credit card companies with tables handing out credit like candy. Although I'mt not sure when they quit doing that.
  19. I don't get why people are so anal about grammar, as long as I can understand what someone is saying, I could care less! I don't think my posts are being graded, I hope not...
  20. http://www.slate.com/blogs/lexicon_valley/2014/03/18/why_i_could_care_less_is_not_as_irrational_or_ungrammatical_as_you_might.html
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