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  1. Ok. I guess it does not hurt to try.
  2. Btw..is it better to pay in full then gw a delete..or just send a pfd letter?
  3. Also..why decline secured at all...its not like they are going to loose money if you default. Makes no sense to me.
  4. Ok. Well..regardless why doesnt BOA put some kind of disclaimer.."your chances of approval will be low if you have collections or other negative information"
  5. Most people get approved for secured credit cards with collections. The creditpulls database confirms this...
  6. Well I found out, it was for secured, so I sent them a letter. A waste of time, I know! But for 47 cents, these morons will have to pay someone to open and read my letter, and do something about it. I also find it funny that it says on the letter: "Our review also included an assessment of your application, your total relationship with us, and current economic trends" Well I guess them closing almost 25% of their branches would indicate that.. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear Sir or Madam, I have credit that is in dire need of repair. When I visited your website, I found a link for a secured credit card. The web page for it contains the following: "A secured credit card designed to help establish, strengthen or rebuild credit." Those who wish to rebuild credit, almost always have negative items on their credit report, hence why they wish to rebuild it. I received a letter from Bank of America, dated 8/13/2016 which states: "We're unable to approve your recent application"...."because you have current or past delinquency, derogatory public records(s), or collection account(s) appearing on your credit file." Your website is misleading, because most people seek a secured credit card to either "establish, strengthen or rebuild credit." You failed to approve my application, which the purpose of said application was to rebuild my credit. If Bank of America is not wishing to extend secured credit to those in need of credit repair, then it should state such on their website. Lastly, since you failed to approve my application, which I sought to repair my credit, and since I was easily approved for a Secured Visa with another lender, I am asking the inquiry to be deleted from: -TransUnion -Experian -Equifax
  7. Regardless if they matter or not...I am NOT the type of person that lets a company bend me over. If I applied for one particular SECURED credit card, and they instead put the application towards a unsecured, totally unrelated CC, then I wanted to ask if that counts towards removal. It's not the freaking purpose if they matter or not, it's the point of it being done to begin with...
  8. Before I applied and was approved for a US Bank Secured, I applied for a BOA secured. Got a denial letter today, stating: "Thank you for applying for the Bank of America Platinum Plus Visa Card" I DID NOT apply for that, I applied for SECURED. Anyway this INQ could be removed?
  9. I will admit I can be a little stubborn at times, so bear with me. But like I said..I've been told... 1. If you attack these debts to heavily, it can make you get sued. 2. If you can't afford to PIF, save money until you can (7-8 mos) 3. Ignoring collections can lead to lawsuits. (From most internet credit websites). So I am under a lot of stress/worry because it sounds like anything I do is going to wind up with me getting sued! I'm not disagreeing with ANYONE, I just want to make sure everyone has all the correct info they need from ME, so they can give the most correct information, and I can feel confident their information won't land me with a lawsuit,because they might not have all the info they need from me, and nothing that is their fault.
  10. It is because I have been given advice that does not make sense to me. I've been pretty much told if I can't afford to PIF, then to just leave things alone. But then I've read... -Nerd Wallet ..and pretty much most other financial websites echo the same thing. It may be 7-8 months before I have enough saved to PIF, and I have other more pressing financial priorities as well. But I can't see how ignoring collections for months is going to help in any way.
  11. I would assume making payments would reduce my chance of being sued, correct? I've been doing some reading..and if one CA won't sue you, after they have had the debt for a few months, they might sell it to another CA THAT WILL.
  12. Ok, so no settlements with the OC, we have established that...now a couple derrogs are in fact owned by a JDB, but we will save that for another time. I would like to make payments so I can at least prove that I am making an attempt, but so far, it appears that Synch/Amazon will not let me.. They said they can't code the account to accept a payment until the debt is assigned or sold. They are basically telling me to GFY so my credit report can possibly be hit with a double whammy.
  13. Ok...well then if that is the case I would like to make payments, which I'm told is not possible currently. I would think making attempts to pay back the debt would reduce the chance of being sued, no? Or I could wait 6 months before I have the $3k something to pay everything in full, which letting the debts rot another 6 months is surely not good.
  14. I have a budget and savings plan, but even if I won a million dollars, most debt collectors WILL SETTLE FOR LESS. Synchrony Bank said... 1. Since the account is awaiting to be assigned or sold to a debt collector, any payments or settlement agreements made WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. 2. The account cannot be coded to accept payments or settlement agreements until 9/1/16.
  15. I have the money to settle the majority of these debts, but I do not wish to PIF, in order to save money. I want to set up payments to pay Synch/Amazon, or offer a settlement, but they said they cannot code the account to take payments or accept a settlement until 9/1/2016
  16. Called Supervisor, finally go through after an hour of holding on my cell phone. Supervisor had been there a long time and was very knowledgeable. I cannot pay in full, so I can either settle or make partial payments. The Supervisor said that any kind of agreement (settle or payments) is not allowed per bank policy on the last 2 weeks of the month. In the meantime, they said I would not be able to settle or do payments until 9/1 They also said it's "highly likely" that the debt will be "Assigned or sold" by that time frame. So since I don't have the cash (and won't in 2 weeks time frame) to PIF the balance, I have to wait until 9/1. They said this is the ONLY OPTION I HAVE.
  17. This is RIDICULOUS. So I call back and while waiting on hold for a supervisor, I asked about a settlement agreement (I pay you $X every X). "It is our policy that we cannot set up settlement agreements From the 16th to the end of the month, they can only be set up on the 1st 2 weeks and 2 days of the month". WHAT THE....??!?!
  18. If I mail a check tomorrow, it could get returned. Once an OC sells the debt, the C/A has to be paid, not the OC.
  19. Paying in full would not matter, they said they could sell it tomorrow or 3 months from now. Found a number for "Escalations" I will give that a try. Please stand by.
  20. Basically what Synchrony told me, well what there call center in Manila reading from a flow chart told me: 1. There is no set time from when the debt will be assigned or sold (key word SOLD) to a collection agency. 2. If I make a partial payment on the account, even if I mailed a check in tomorrow, that does not stop Synchrony Bank from assigning or SELLING the remaining balance to a collection agency at any given time. 3. This means if I were to send them say 3 payments of $200 each month, my first, second or last payment could get returned to me, and then I would have to settle with a C/A out of nowhere, and then do a PFD with them AND Synchrony. HELP!! Every freaking number I try calling gets me a non-american call center, where they have no idea what to do, other than "look the problem up".
  21. Called Synchrony, they said upon the account being returned to them they are going to re-assign it to another C/A. However they said it could be as soon as tomorrow, or months from now. So I sent a fax, hoping to reach a department that knows what they are talking about, vs some call center in pluto.
  22. If anyone needs SYNC's fax number, pm me.
  23. I can afford to pay some of them. But not all of them.

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