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  1. I thought there is usually a fee/percentage using your card in other countries?
  2. Chase Bank had a big role in Nazi Funding..
  3. For example...a lot of people like Wells Fargo, or as I called them "Smelly Cargo". I banked with them about a year..always moved credits and deposits around, ended them paying them around $400 in OD Fees. Then my debit card quit working, they said someone hacked my account, had to come in and prove my identity, birth certificate, whole nine yards. What made me mad..they would not tell me how it was hacked, if it was a log in hack..if someone tried using my debit card from a cloning machine, etc.
  4. Seems like everyone here...out of the "big banks" likes one bank hates another, but another person is the total opposite.
  5. I am saving money to pay on open collections. I am sending a PFD letter as soon as I hear back from one: Discover Card: $122 and possibly: OCCU Card Services: $221 Those are two collections done, 5 to go, but like I said, they are in dispute status so I'm not paying until "the dust settles".
  6. Open accounts: Fingerhut $200 Au on Farm and Fleet $2500 DCU $3,000 Credit Builder Loan (Installment) US Bank $300 Secured (not yet on CR) ..and of course my business accounts, but that is on business CR's and my biz credit is spotless. Reading my CR, I noticed this about a Closed WF Secured.. Remarks: DISP RSLV/CSMR DSG/CNSM CLS Which I think means.. Dispute Resolved ( I disputed a 30 day late, was never late.) But what does CSMR DSG CNSM CLS mean?
  7. I will when I have some free time. 90 pages is quite a bit to read.
  8. Well both were applied for before I started reading here.
  9. Well I guess that makes sense then. I was also denied Secured through DCU, still waiting on denial. Weird tho, being that I have a credit builder loan with them.
  10. Risk? There is hardly any risk with a secured credit card.
  11. 1. BOA does not owe me a Secured Credit Card. 2. No one owes me a credit card. 3. BOA is advertising this product to "rebuild credit". 4. They are denying people who wish to rebuild credit. 5. They advertise this product to "build credit". 6. People have been denied due to "lack of credit". This is not truthful advertising. Plain and simple. It has nothing to do with entitlement, being owed, etc. You don't offer a credit card and advertise it to credit builders and rebuilders and deny them due to the very thing they wish to correct and you advertised for.
  12. Sorry you feel that way, however I have basic expectations with any business. I suppose if you go to a restaurant and the food is horrible, spoiled even, you eat it anyway under the mentality of "Well they don't owe me anything". Or...maybe you have employees and they are all lazy, "well they don't owe me anything". Life is way too short to put up with crappy services, crappy businesses, etc. You nor anyone else should have to deal with it, either.
  13. Right, ERC is not reporting either as their own collections accounts. However ERC is collecting on behalf of one OC account, which is listed.
  14. Here is a snippet from Merrick Bank Secured Visa. There is no reason why BOA can't do the same.
  15. Huh? That still is...what? The one on my CR is only the OC, the other one is from an old cell phone provider.
  16. Kinda need internet these days, live too far from town to just walk to a library Sold my tools, coin collection ,metal detector, lots of stuff.
  17. I would look for executive contact info. If that does not work..maybe complain to the BBB
  18. I would of been happy to pay my bills, if I did not loose my job and went without one for several months. Had no emergency savings, yes my fault/stupidity. Sold most of my assets besides the bare minimums to keep things going before I started charging stuff.
  19. I am learning...I known now to not dispute anything, right now I'm trying to figure out the best strategy to pay some of these off. However since some of the accounts are in previous disputes, it may take awhile.
  20. LMAO! Googled "Bank of America Secured Denial".. Reading some people were denied "due to lack of credit". What a joke.
  21. Yes..but they said they dont know when that would be. I dont want to have to deal with returned checks. I dont really want to deal with them much at all. I can not get ahold of anyone in america.

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