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  1. I send PRA an ITS letter as I have DV'ed PRA multiple times via mail, fax and with the BBB. All they have done every single damn time is send me a copy of the credit card bill. They never sent me any kind of receipt, bill of sale, or anything that shows they actually bought the debt. Here is what I sent them: _____________________________________________________________________ I have been more than patient working with Portfolio Recovery Associates, which will be known in this letter from this point on, as "PRA". PRA seems ignorant or blissfully unaware of the laws governing debt collectors. However PRA has made the mistake of dealing with someone who knows these laws well. I've sent PRA, both via fax, mail, and through the Better Business Bureau, letters requesting validation of the debts they claim I owe them. PRA has simply sent me copies of credit card statements, which do not satisfy the laws. The only "proof" PRA has sent me stating they own these debts is the following sent on several letters: "Our records indicate that we purchased..". As a result, I have found PRA in direct violation of the following: 15 U.S. Code § 1692e - False or misleading representations -(10) The use of any false representation or deceptive means to collect or attempt to collect any debt or to obtain information concerning a consumer. -(2) The false representation of (A) the character, amount, or legal status of any debt 15 U.S. Code § 1692j - Furnishing certain deceptive forms (a) It is unlawful to design, compile, and furnish any form knowing that such form would be used to create the false belief in a consumer that a person other than the creditor of such consumer is participating in the collection of or in an attempt to collect a debt such consumer allegedly owes such creditor, when in fact such person is not so participating. Each Violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) carries a fine of $1,000 PER VIOLATION If PRA cannot furnish a bill of sale or other receipt showing the sale of the the debt from Synchrony Bank to PRA in 14 days or less, I will be in touch with my attorney to sue PRA for the following: -The Violations of the FDCPA mentioned above -Damages to my Credit Report and Good Name -All applicable Attorney Fees
  2. Ya, I think in some situations, if you bombarded them with 623 disputes, debt validation letters, and ITS letters, they are going to go "this guy is nuts", lol.
  3. GREAT NEWS!! My ITS letter worked! I contacted OCCU today and sweetly asked them where I could send a payment to PIF the charge off. They said "due to your actions, we have decided to accept [write off] the loss and instruct the CRA's to delete the account entirely, you will receive a letter in the mail". One down, many more to go, lol.
  4. Thanks for the advice poto. I went ahead and funded the cap1 card. BTW...thanks to whoever told me you get a free checking account with US Bank, they had a promo code where you get $150 for making two $25 bill pays within 60 days of opening! I plan on PIF my US Bank Card and new Cap1 card and will be getting a cool $150!
  5. I wanted to keep this out of my rebuilding thread because it's more specific. I applied and was approved for a US Bank Secured and put $300 on it. At the same time, I applied for Capital One Secured and was approved, but did not get the 49 or 99 option for a $200 CL. So should I... 1. Add $200 to the US Bank Secured or.. 2. Open the Capital One Card. Keep in mind.. 1. The Cap1 secured NO LONGER has an AF. 2. The APR is 24.99%...BUT I am PIF. 3. The cap1 secured has an auto CLI after 5 months of good payments. Would it be possible to ask for the security deposit to be lowered to 49 or 99, or is that something that they don't budge on? Thanks
  6. Update. FMS received a DV letter on 7/29/16 They have just a few days to validate it. If they don't, what is my next move?
  7. My bad, did not realize this was a necro thread.
  8. I'm only going to do Cap1, if they offer me the 49/99 for 200, if it's full secured, forget it.
  9. Lost job, lived without one for 3 months. Parents did not have the money to help, I sold most of my stuff to pay the 1st month's worth of bills, 2nd month I used credit. Some of the debts also incurred because I simply did not pay the bill, even though I had the money, but I am in a different mindset now. I got a letter from Cap1 today requesting POI on a secured product. I faxed it in, awaiting results.
  10. As I said, I could save 5,000, and if I did, I would pay off my debts. Cash is useless to me, sitting in the corner collecting dust. I buy and sell on eBay, so most of my profits get reinvested into inventory. Right now, since I live with my parents, who have the house in their name (no payments) major financial problems like major appliance breakdown are not of worry to me.
  11. I sent two letters today. One to BOA asking to remove the INQ. Waste of time, but all I'm out is 47 cents. Another to Fingerhut, asking for a CLI, anytime I call or chat and ask for one, they keep pulling up my "freshstart" account that has been closed for several years. I have an open revolver with them for only 200, and have had it since 2014, and made several charges and paid them all off way before the monthly due dates. Be nice if it could go to at least 500.
  12. Goldman Sachs is 1.05% no min, no cap. I don't keep much in savings, I reinvest most of my money. $500 is fine for emergencies.
  13. It's pretty good for a savings account. In fact it is one of the highest ROI without any risk on liquid money (can be withdrawn at any given time). Actually it's better than I thought, it pays 3.04% on the 1st 500. If my math is correct, $15 a year in free money. Most savings accounts with other banks are around 0.05-0.10% APY.
  14. Can I do anything with this? Discover Card Account Differences Between TU and EQ EQ: Ok November 2015 and Before 30 Day Late in December 2015 60 Days Late Jan 2016 90 Days Late Feb 2016 120 Days Late March 2016 150 Days Late April 180 Days Late May 150 Days Late June C/O July TU: OK October 2015 and before 30 Days Late November 2015 60 Days December 2015 90 Days January 2016 120 Days February 2016 120 Days Late March 120 Days Late April 120 Days Late May 120 Days Late June N/R July
  15. 1. Big Banks have longer hours, in some cases 24/7. I just read a thread recently where there was fraud on someone's credit union account, and they had to wait for them to open. Do you want to wait hours when someone has more time to do more damage? 2. I found the Auto Rates and Mortgage rates between my bank (Chase), and two other CU's (NFCU and DCU) to be about the same. 3. The credit card rates ARE lower with a CU, but when you PIF, that should be a non-issue. 4. Big Banks have deals with their CC, like 0% for 18 months, so if you need a new TV, major appliance, etc, you can take a little longer time to pay, and of course pay nothing in interest. I don't think alot of major CU's offer this. 5. Big Banks have more Branches in more areas, and sometimes I like to sit down and talk to people when doing certain things. 6. Big banks may have better fraud protection systems in place, and able to cover more loss from liability. That Being said, I joined DCU because they have a savings account that pays over 2 percent on the 1st 500 dollars, so I park my emergency savings with them. I also have a credit builder loan with them, which is like a secured loan, but you don't have to put any money up front. I do all my business banking with chase, most of my personal with chase, and some of it with DCU (the above products)
  16. Called Discover, they actually sold the debt to CMS. I would like to send CMS a PFD for 100%. That being said, if CMS agrees to a PFD, how can I convince the same with Discover? GW them, 623 them, or direct dispute? Thanks
  17. Nonsense. I've had the BBB: -Remove late credit card payments off my credit reports when writing the EO did not work. -Have Verizon Wireless send me a free network extender when they kept wanting me to pay $200 for one, due to low signal. - Remove two collection accounts off my credit reports. ..and numerous other things.
  18. Thanks, I will admit I'm not as "cheap" as other people. Not really a fan of buying clothes that someone else wore at a yardsale or thrift store, just a hygiene issue, I don't feel a washing machine actually removes all the dirt/sweat/yuck. I know someone who is cheaper than me.. They save all the extra mayo/ketchup packets from eating out and use those, and the napkins too. They even rinse and reuse ziplock bags.
  19. Well for one, I am currently employed by myself. I sell on eBay full time, so needing a connection to the internet is important. I also own a smartphone, because I have people ask my questions on eBay all hours of the day, and if I spot something of unknown value, I need to be able to look it up. I do not own a TV, the last one I had, I sold over a year ago, I have a cheap tablet and someone shares their streaming account with me. I do not drink. I eat out every once in a while, but only if I am somewhere away from home for 6+ hours, such as an estate auction. I buy $29.99 shoes from Walmart, and buy most of my clothing excluding jeans in bulk, I buy colored hanes t shirts buy the dozen. I buy the cheapest, biggest bottle of shampoo and body wash. I buy deodorant in bulk. I have minimized expenses as much as possible. I have a lot of job related expenses, but of course those cannot be nixed, such as bubble wrap (I use free newspapers on a lot of stuff), packing tape, shipping labels, etc.
  20. Ouch. Well note to self, Don't use the card in other countries.

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