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  1. Welcome to CB! I wouldn't waste my money on 3B reports from myFICO. You can sign up with CCT (creditchecktotal.com) for a 7-day trial for $1. You'll get all 3 reports and FICO 08 scores on day 1 and on day 7. The trial actually lasts 10(?) days, but you can cancel the day after you enroll and still get the full trial period. I do this so I don't forget. When the trial period is officially over, you can sign in and receive the same offer again for $1. I've been doing this for a year. It's a sweet deal. Thanks, I've thought about that but was wondering how easy it would be to get out
  2. To my knowledge CCT is all 3 once a month, and Ex anytime you log in. When you do the trial you don't get the daily ex pull. You have to wait the 7 days. If I am wrong I would love to know because I pay the $17 a month and would love all 3 on a daily basis.
  3. Yep whipped-just like other Synch ones-TU FICO 8. Still my fav store Card for member only sales-but wish it was EQ.
  4. Mine said 12 mo-never heard of 5 yrs but maybe I am wrong
  5. Oh thank you!!! That makes sense then! Already called and now you can get the 50% off for 12 mo all automatically. (Maybe this was always the case-last time I emailed them to cancel and they offered it over email)
  6. Thx for all the replies. I do have a Us Bank Cash + card and love it except how it doesn't show my limit or available credit online. But the 2X5% and 1X2% cash back makes that a non issue. Thought the no fee BT and Fixed rate for TCF might come in handy if I ever needed to keep a balance. I PIf on everything but in the case of some emergency thought it would be nice to have. That being said I'm sure there are other ones out there with no fees and a fixed apr-just this was preapproved or at least offered to me so I thought I would ask to get info before making up my mind. I appreciate
  7. Is your CCT working? For the past 3 days (since re-joining a new trial) I can log in but it is stuck on my old Sept 28th Credit report or it gives me the option under Archived to view my 3B that was pulled 3 days ago when I re-joined. Just wondering if it is a system wide issue or not. Thanks
  8. My bank gave me a preapprocal for an Elan Card Visa. No rewards but a straight 9.99 fixed APR and No AF or BT fees. My bank is TCF. Should I bother? What are they like as far as Limits? Who do they pull? CLI policy? Etc. Any advice would be appreciated.
  9. Might have been posted but the new GapCard site "coming soon" will have a free FICO score monthly. Doesn't say which one or when the new site will start.
  10. very informative. She always is. Actually, to her so called friends, who probably wouldn't be friends with her in real life. Since being back on here after years away, I've had 8, yes 8-people PM me about how big of a (fill in the blank) she is. She is rude and not helpful unless it is someone she feels deserves her time. She takes more time to reply in some bitchy tone than it would be to just answer what the original question was. The search sucks flowers on Mobil devices here. So if you are on your phone and want to find something out sometimes you ask. Isn't that what this plac
  11. I see you haven't changed. Maybe one day you will grow up and actually learn to be a kind human being. And BTW- I did search for a database. Couldn't find one.
  12. Is there one and I just can't find? Looking specially for USBank, Barclays, and SYNCB to see if they allow PC's and if Barclays still allows combining limits.
  13. Thanks to both of you for the replies. As long as it reports to the CRA's I'm good with that-tho it's annoying for my OCD. Lol.
  14. Anyone who has the USBank Cash+ Visa Sig: My limit doesn't show online. I'm assuming this is cuz it is a Visa Sig. Does it report to the CRA's tho? How long before it reports to them for a new account? Finally what is their CLI policy? I see if you request $1500 or less it is a soft but how often/when can you get the first one/what do they like to see? TIA.
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