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  1. Just to confirm it looks like we have 2 people who applied at First Tech for personal accounts, with decent credit and a frozen chexsystem? And then went on to fill out business applications? Usually once credit union accounts are open after a manual review, they dont often close them, as the review is completed in the beginning .. before account opening.. as it should be. This would be good news to people with a decent credit score.. if you guys happen to check your EWS report in the future, be sure to lookout for a First Tech inquiry and let us know if it comes up - as with all institutions they sometimes change data systems.. and if you are getting approved at Ally it stands to reason that with a clean EWS and decent credit First Tech is a good match. Thanks for the data points, guys.
  2. I think the biggest thing here is that most people who keep their accounts open have a clean EWS.. and Ally is always nice about opening up accounts, sending a debit card and then shutting you down later.. and I do not want to rattle your nerves, only make you cautious.. because as tmcgill said that you should wait 2 cycles to setup direct deposits, etc is this is the timeframe where the backoffice / underwriting makes the INITIAL decision if your account needs to be looked into and needs to be closed and it seems like that is only re-reviewed if your transactions are sketchy, or you make multiple chargeback requests or fraud claims.. otherwise after 60 days if your account is open.. you should be fine I believe.. but do yourself a favor and dont feel defeated, just be aware.. Everyones situation is always different.. You dont want to deposit a chunk of money in Ally and then have them close you out and tell you they will send a check to you in the mail at their convenience, right? Maybe just use it for small stuff for now.. and after awhile.. you will be fine.
  3. My apologies had I acutally looked at the username I would have immediately recognized it.. did I mention I get on here right before going to sleep? Try IBERIABANK.. please just call them before trying to open an account.. and ask to speak with a new accounts rep.. I KNOW they pull chex.. but ask about EWS just in case something has happened recently.. They are usually super forthcoming about their policies because they don't want to waste your time or their own. The new account reps open accounts daily and are obviously going to know what systems they use because if you are denied they have to give you an adverse action notice showing the company they used in denying you an account.. and my research thus far indicates they only use chexsystems but I am not sure if they pull credit. Orlando is FULL of EWS banking institutions .. who either pull them exclusively or in combination with chex.. so getting your EWS clear is the right call if you want a more national institution which I think IBERIA is not.. nor do I think they use Zelle. Again, keep us updated.. give us your outcomes and data. (Side Note... Zelle is owned by EWS which is why most EWS related institutions already use it)
  4. EWS seems to move pretty quickly these days, so I believe in the next 2 weeks it will be gone and you can try you luck again.. resting assured that as long as you didn't choose Chase.. things should probably be better for you this time around and your banking experience will be better improved now that you arent being 'forced' to use a third class bank that has a nervous breakdown everytime you use zelle or venmo. GIve us updates at this progresses.. every data tip is something useful for the next person...
  5. Just to kind of emphasize that the UPS Store mailbox, even though it has a 'regular street address'.. is listed in the USPS database as a CMRA which stands for commercial mail receiving agency... if you go to USPS website and type in your address i believe under zip code search you will see the indication that the address is a CMRA... with that said... banks use this same database to determine if you are using a non physical address because it is a fraud indicator, as they are required by law to verify your PHYSICAL address and have ways to determine this is a non physical address...so if you are telling them this is your physical address.. they can and mostly do flag that.. Even so, I do not believe that would prevent identity verification questions, only a referral to a banks review department maybe after the questions are answered and maybe a message to visit a branch.. some applications recognize right away it is a CMRA and make you change it.. my bet is still on Lexis being the issue, the CMRA being secondary.. The exact logistics of the Qualifile score aren't revealed and so through trial, error and reports from people like me and you.. we have discovered that 3 is the magic number when it comes to inquiries before some banks get nervous... so we don't know if duplicate inquiries from the same bank will cause a lowering of the score.. or if inquiries in the past from the same bank you are applying would count towards said score... Finally, some online apps have a place for a physical as well as a mailing address, if you want to improve your approval chances, possibly also look into utilizing both of those field, using your physical address of where you live and the mailing address of your UPS Store Box.
  6. Ally used to use both systems, yet as of the start of 2019 I cannot find anyone who is being closed down using your chex-freeze method if they have a clean EWS. There are reports on this forum of users having their account opened for beyond 6 months doing the same thing you did. With that said.. if you are going to keep this bank long term, I would keep my chex frozen and also have a backup account. I am entirely uneasy allowing a bank to be in complete control of my assets if I had a negative entry somewhere that could cause them to freeze my account and disburse my own money back to me on THEIR terms.. especially with the crisis we are in these days. I dont like to sound like a hater.. to each their own, but please for the sake of creditboards humanity, use a backup account.. there are plenty that have Zelle. Let us know if you need help looking for one.
  7. On their website they offer an 'opportunity checking' which indicates that you could be eligible for an account with them if you have a negative record .. but it doesnt say what they use... but they will charge you a 12.95 monthly fee.. however.. I have always heard really negative things about this bank.. is there a reason you chose them? Can we help you in your quest to find a bank.. what area are you in ? I would call and tell them you interested in opening an account, you do not want to waste your time or theres and simply ask about their requirements - 9 times / 10 they will give you a straightforward answer and the other times they either do not know or do not care. It saves face to face embarrassment. I usually dont login here until late at night before bed, otherwise I would call for you.
  8. I am pretty sure they will only report you to EWS. As I recall, Capital One has an agreement from long ago in New York that they only use Chex when opening account and to check if a person has suspected fraud activity listen on their report and even then.. if a consumer freezes chex, they still open an account. EWS is what they use for check clearing purposes and also when they close your account, in your account closure letter they will list EWS. With that said... tread carefully with your next bank. Some banks check chex when opening a new account and also subsequent new accounts and it is the only time they will ever check your report. Other banks have an 'active subscription' with your chex report that will alert the bank if even an inquiry or reported information appears on your report. It is best to utilize this forum's past articles to determine which institution would be your best.. from my own past experience, Wells Fargo has shut me down for excessive inq's on chex.. Chase would never tell me but at one time in the past they had closed me too and I believe it was a factor. Usually credit unions that are chex only .. they request it only when you open an account and are more credit report/score focused. Like I said, if you have a particular place in mind, search this forum and see what you can find.. or ask us about banks / credit unions in your area. Like it was said earlier.. just dont use online gambling from the bank accounts you intend on KEEPING.. and maybe even find an online gambling forum and ask your fellow users who they bank with? Good luck...
  9. Have you asked Lexis to freeze your report or other similar request to them? Having LexisNexis frozen or purged is the biggest cause for this. These systems cannot ask you questions because the system cannot be accessed. If they do not use LexisNexis they usually use a from of Experian public data records and if your report is not frozen, I lean toward LN. If it is neither of those, be sure you are using your physical address where you currently live as opposed to like a UPS store mailbox or mail receiving agency. If you have not lived there very long - this could also be an issue because its an address mismatch. It is bank-dependent on if an inquiry actually took place on your chex report. There have been times the bank runs a LN/ Chex combo and it shows an inquiry but then you cannot answer questions - a branch referral takes place and they will run it again at the branch. If the branch cannot verify you then you now have 2 inquiries for nothing. When you hit a 3rd inq.. your chex 'Qualifile' score goes down and is harder to get approved at a lot of banks. It is literally a maze to navigate sometimes. If you are the type of person who likes to freeze your reports, have had identity theft in the past, move frequently or get married and change names.. it is not friendly. I have a past identity theft issue and to this day Equifax lists my social security number with a fraud flag that I cannot ask them to remove because it is part of their verification system, not credit report. Even at some branches, I have seen you can literally show a DL, SS card, Passport, Credit Card, Work Badge and Insurance Card and because they cannot 'verify you' through some database.. you are denied. Moral of the story is.. find a bank that allows a human to make a decision if you can.
  10. Does it show that the account was actually closed for cause in 2011, or the account was opened in 2011? If you see any inaccuracies in that entry, you are welcome to dispute it and the entire entry could be removed, which would be very beneficial to you if you are looking for a bank that uses EWS. Althought EWS advises their negative reports are removed I believe after 7 years, I do not think they are mandated to do so as they are not held under the terms other institutions are for the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Look over all the details of your entries, even dates. Find something that is inaccurate and thats your opening to dispute it. If you cant, maybe simply ask them to remove the entry - what do you have to lose? I agree - again- with your suggestion that your transactions looked like risk and money laundering.. good move on the debit cards. Good luck.
  11. Once upon a time TAB was an original non-chex bank.. I remember you could go to Pilot truck stops to purchase gift cards and you can use those gift cards - which are free to purchase with cash and debit cards - to add funds to your TAB bank account. Then, they started using chexsystems, and from what I recall - it was being used even on existing account holders retroactively, so it was removed from the list of friendly banks. They are based in Ogden, Utah and have no branches other than the one. I am inclined to believe they have suspended their chexsystem usage - (at least for now) based on a report of an acquaintance who had frozen chex, was approved and no inquiry or attempt appeared on their report. Personally I am not a big fan of banks who switch their chex policies to apply retroactively and walking on eggshells with a company that holds onto my money for me. It makes me nervous and in this situation if they were to ever close you down, you cant just walk into a branch to collect your money. Just be careful with this one, but if it works for you - awesome..and congratulations. If anything changes, please let us know.
  12. I agree that is probably what sealed the deal. Armed Forces Bank doesn't use Zelle in a direct partnership-agreement situation, so you must be using the Zelle app which converts all your deposits to a sort of "refund" on your debit card. It looks like money laundering to them. Maybe a business account would even be more beneficial to you? It would make more sense at least from a transactional standpoint. Either way, when you stumble upon the bank of your choosing its most likely they will be a direct Zelle partner and perhaps wont be as suspicious - but the lesson here is that you never can tell. Let us know where you pulled the trigger and keep us updated on your success .. it always goes to help the next person out.
  13. I like to make sure my EWS is nice and clean. There is a lot of junk on there and a lot of duplicate and incorrect information and the fact that its not just for account opening anymore makes it even more important. I went to pay my Verizon wireless bill once and they declined the payment due to EWS. I had mistyped my account number - I was lucky they caught it.. but also interested to see how expansive it is getting and how important it is for everyone to know whats on there and have more control over it. Just recently got an email about a class action lawsuit against EWS and what they are doing to settle it and provide consumers better resources for disputing and clearing up wrong information. Even applying for credit cards these days they want your bank login.
  14. I would like to add that I believe LexisNexis (as I believe briefly was mentioned earlier) is an important factor here. I would freeze LN as their information in their reports most definitely contains your criminal history. After freezing, it will be inconvenient in some ways when trying to verify your identity so dont expect a lot of success with online applications. Go in branch. I would not bank with an institution that uses Early Warning Systems in this case, (my opinion) as most of them are not felon friendly. This is the case where I would stick to a chex-only bank. SOME credit unions and banks might use software that will pull LN and chex and will deny you unless you thaw. Call and ask before you go in, dont waste time and inquiries. I helped a friend who is a felon (also federal) rebuild her credit after incarceration. She has a local credit union, Discover Bank for her recurring bills. quoting tcmcgill "Never keep your eggs in one basket"... do not feel sad that you dont have to bank with Armed Forces Bank anymore - they are the same as Academy Bank around here in AZ... will give anyone an account, 1990's style online banking, lack of services and there are plenty of better options. Also start to ponder your transaction history and give it some thought as to some possibilities your account may have caught the attention of loss prevention. They might have started digging but you also may have given them a reason to do so. I say this because when you get a new account you will want to avoid this behavior.. as the better banks have better loss prevention departments and any sort of interesting activity could get your account reviewed. They would rather close an account than take a loss. And if they google your name and something shady pops up - you are out of there. Be cautious and if you are making weird purchases.. try a prepaid debit card for those instead. Good luck.
  15. Awesome list. Can you confirm River City CU is in Arizona? Also, I would add Credit Union West, as they have second chance account, and I believe Arizona Federal only pulls EWS?

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