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  1. Roommate did an app through First Commonwealth and was denied for information received from Chexsystems -according to adverse action letter. His Chex is frozen, so I am unsure what role that played but just so everyone is aware that they are using them.
  2. I have heard this same thing when I was with a friend getting an account at WF. They have a history of screening your reports such as EWS and Chexsystems every few months to verify no new derogatory information appears. I am going to guess they use this same information to decide when and if to upgrade your account. These days, second chance options are everywhere and many have approaches that are better than 'wait, see and hope' or 'let the computer decide'. I would focus on trying to get the negative information removed from your file and move on to a bank that has more clear answers for you. Stop letting them think that they are giving you a blessing to have an account with them, while they hold on to your money. By the way, my friend ended up getting his account closed a few weeks later.. the chex entry wasnt even that bad, it was almost 2 years old and their response was 'we don't have to tell you why we closed it, and you can come get your money in 10 days'. He now has a second chance account at a credit union, which in 6 months was changed to a regular account with a courtesy $750 overdraft line.
  3. If I am not mistaken (tcmcgill help me out here) ... FSNB (formerly Fort Still National Bank) doesn't check either chexystems or EWS. It appears they have a branch in your town as well. If it were me, I would give them a quick call and ask them.
  4. I had no idea Union Bank used EWS, hence why I said it was an educated guess. I don't know what Bank of the West's footprint is like in LA but recently when I had their account before moving, they did chex only. Be sure when applying for accounts to specifically ask who they pull - it is your right as a consumer to know. Did they specifically tell you it was because of EWS? Thanks for the information.
  5. I would try Bank of the West, Comerica or Union Bank.. I don't believe they use EWS and are based in L.A. - Most of the other big guys in the L.A. area like BofA, US Bank, Chase, Wells Fargo.. are EWS and Chex both or exclusively EWS... my first choice would be Bank of the West just by personal experience they don't use EWS and an educated guess on the other two. If there was fraud on your account through your credit union, write EWS and instead of a 'dispute' ..research 'suppression' .. and force them to suppress the invalid data on your EWS report. If it is not yours, fight it!
  6. You have the option not to have Lexis data included on your Chex report by simply writing them and demanding it be removed, as most everyone's Chex report contains Lex data as well (even Certegy). There are certain Lexis reports which also show Chex information and they both have reciprocal data sharing which ends up as part of your Chex qualifile score. Unfortunately, the Lexis information reported to Chex normally includes erroneous information and evidence of wealth (or lack thereof), evidence of debts and other factors that normally would not factor into your Chex report absent Lexis adding that information to help Chex determine a score. This helps Chex compete with EWS / Deluxe Detect and other platforms. I also had a LN freeze and unlocked Chex report and had a credit union tell me the same thing as OP. Most of their software includes the combined LN/Chex report. But I simply told Chex to remove my LN information from my report as it was not even remotely correct anyway and they did. Problem solved. The underlying issue for consumers is that it takes days to solve these problems and having to figure out software platforms and become researchers.. all so we can get a simple bank account while also trying to protect our own privacy of how our information is shared. Another great reason for forums such as these.
  7. Had to reread your original post to see you needed checks... but I see Fidelity in your list of denials and as they are a NON EWS / NON CHEX institution.. is there a reason you cant get approved? They normally only deny if you have bad past with them or they find public records (criminal / judgments) of fraud. Also, US Bank usually is fine about inquiries if you go in a branch and apply for an account. It seems like you really need to attack your Chex and EWS inquiries because you are looking for a place right now to walk in and hand you a debit card and checks with a low FICO, horrible banking history (if you cant even get a Fidelity account) and if you consider the banks point of view.. you are a risk if you have 19 inquiries.. which means from their perspective is the possibility that you could have tons of account and are a blow out risk, which means they are worried you could be kiting checks back and forth from banks. The reason why second chance accounts are checkless. First Commonwealth Bank suggestion earlier is not based on credit score.. and to be honest your going to have to try some of these alternative options until you get your report cleared up. Bill Pay services at some of these second chance banks are available to send a check out to whoever you need it sent to. Also, a service called Plastiq would allow you to use your credit or debit card to sent a bill pay check out to a party as well. At this point in time, your options are limited and you need a temporary solution until you fix your reports.
  8. I would try to freeze your LexisNexis reports and dispute the public information lexis contributes to your Chex report as that also contributes to a low qualifile Chex score. Also if you didn’t authorize inquiries on your report I would dispute them .. as inquiries on chex reports do matter and if you don’t recognize them then their removal would greatly increase your score. Meanwhile I would go talk to someone at Mountain America Credit Union.. I believe they have a LV branch. They are based here in Utah and have been known to open a savings account to people in Chex but also give them a MyExpress debit card which is essentially a checking account without overdraft abilities but mobile and ATM deposits allow $500 available first business day. An upgrade to a regular checking is possible if you show a branch manager longevity. Then, after 60 days of regular checking then all deposits up to $5k are available immediately. Part of shared branching CO OP network as well and they instant issue debit cards. Good luck.
  9. Although you owe the debt still, normally Bank of America has already sold you off to some debt collector. They don't waste their times with debts like these. I feel like the right to offset would only apply to other accounts you would have had open at the time with LaSalle. You are under a new account agreement that doesnt apply to prior accounts. Bottom line.. don't worry. If they were worried about debt being owed to them, they would NOT open you up a new account.
  10. Be advised that just because you don't have negative entries in Chex, you may be denied (based on specific bank's criteria) based on multiple inquiries. Chexsystems is good about sending free consumer reports by request on their website. The best thing you can do is request it and review it. If there are inquiries with no permissible purpose, you can dispute those entires. Where are you located? Personally not a fan of Key Bank.. I feel like there is a better option out there for you, anyway.
  11. On EWS.. closed for cause is a negative entry. It means, in their opinion, that you did handle the account properly. The bad part of this is that there are several of them along multiple banks. Huge red flag. And even if you did get an account open, you are sure that later on down the line it would be closed for as long as your EWS report looks like this. What does your Chex report look like? What part of the Country are you in? If you are bent on getting your EWS report fixed, look at fixing any part of the entry that is not accurate. If the bank lists a wrong date or anything inaccurate - it can be disputed. But unless you can get all of these closed for cause entries deleted, I am afraid you might want to look at a bank that doesnt use either of these services. And I would run away from Capital One. They use EWS and are known for random security checks just like every other EWS interested party.
  12. OP is way beyond secured cards. Clearly. But not everyone is. Hence.. the reason for the shared experience.. thanks for the clarity.. always good to have someone around pointing out the obvious
  13. I am a big fan of Mountain America. They have a secured card that offers rewards and no fees. They have helped out employees of mine who have had negative past banking experiences to rebuild. Awesome credit union.. keep this one around.. you wont be disappointed.
  14. I don't post much on here. I read A LOT. But.. I just subscribed to WH, created a profile and verified an email address I never use, just to write a small paragraph on their website in anger - that nobody will ever read, just because I was that mad someone was disrespecting the data on this website. The only thing I could think of to do - to exact my revenge.. was to google WH and click on their ads about 10 different times so google ads charged them 80 cents for no reason. TAKE THAT! Even Steven!
  15. Identity theft claims and subsequent removals by Chex have always been handled appropriately without incident. I applaud them in that aspect.

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