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  1. I have a $75 Comcast charge off that hit my report last year I wasn't aware of. Other than that, I'm clear. I've been making on time payments on my car loan and and capital one card the last 2-2.5 years. My Citi card is still in the mail on the way.
  2. My FICO score just jumped up 35 points today. I'm now at 674. Last week I applied for a Citi double cash card and was approved for a $1000 CL. My old other credit card is a Platinum One card with a $1300 CL that I currently hold a $1100 balance on. I was unemployed for four months last year after being let go from a job I was at for over a decade, but I've been at my new job for the last six months where I'm making more money then I've ever made. Even so I'm playing catch up with my Platinum One card. I would like to apply for a Barclay Apple Visa card and maybe even an Amex Everyday card, but should I? Or... should I wait and pay off more of my Platinum One card first? Ultimately I have two goals: 1. Increase my credit line. Not to use but in case of emergencies, like when I lost my job after a decade. having more cards will help that but so will having no balances so I can get CLIs. 2. I would like to apply for a mortgage this year but my credit history is only two and half years old and I've read on here that mortgage companies look unfavorably at people who take out new cards so recent to applying for a mortgage. Wish I would have read that last week when I applied for the Citi card. But seeing as I did just apply for the Citi card and will have to wait 3-6-9 months as a result to apply for a mortgage, should I just apply for a couple more cards right now and get them all out of the way so i can start building with them? So my thinking is, I get the cards now to start working with them but run the risk of not being approved or getting lower CLs because of my Platinum balance. Or wait to clear up my Platinum balance and then apply for the cards, but then have to wait even longer before I can apply for a mortgage. So what's the right move?
  3. I just got approved a few days ago for my second credit card. Citi Double Cash. $1,000 limit. I was hoping it would be $1500-2000 but I was happy just to be approved. I've been carrying over a high balance on my Capital One Platinum card for the last six months. I was unemployed for four months in middle of last year so I'm still playing catchup. Plan to pay that one down in the next few months.
  4. Yeah my score is lower as I am rebuilding. 610. So i'm sure he was just shopping for approval. Which he called me and said he got. But as is, this should only count as one hard pull after 14-45 days right?
  5. Ok so after anywhere from 14-45 days this will only count as one hard pull? That's some relief. So in other words. Don't stop him if he keeps doing hard pulls with different banks.
  6. I'm worried he's going to run more at this point. So do I call him and stop him? How damaging is this to my credit?
  7. Looking to buy a car, went to the Honda dealer, filled out the credit application and asked him how many hits it would be on my credit score and he said one. Today I discovered they ran my credit four times. I assume different banks. Now I have a total of 6 on my credit and I'm freaking out a bit. He hasn't even called me to tell me I'm approved for anything or not. Just to say that he just got my paycheck stubs I sent over, which is after the four hits. What do I do?
  8. So just a quick update. I checked Credit Karma this morning and it's showing a 53 point increase on my credit score. TU 638 EQ641 The reason there is a slight difference I think is because the baddie I paid off is showing as closed on my EQ but not yet on my TU. I'm going to dispute that to get TU to show it as closed. The big jump has to do with my credit line increase and zero balance on my card now being reported. I know this is credit karma and not my actual FICO score. But a couple weeks ago when I pulled my actual FICO EX score it was 9 points higher than credit karma was showing. I won't be able to pull that FICO Ex score again until September because of the one pull per month limitation on the Discover website. But I'm hoping it reflects the same kind of increase as credit karma does. Even so, according to you guys it sounds like I'll need to get another credit card in rotation for a while and a longer positive credit history before I would be approved for a mortgage.
  9. Fair enough. Either way I'm waiting until September when my new CLIs will appear on my reports and hopefully give a little boost to my score.
  10. Is it better to try a conventional bank like Chase or a something like Quicken Loans?
  11. Good point. I wasn't making that connection that the interest rate won't matter paying it off every month. Thanks for the advice. I guess I will hold off for a bit.
  12. Should I try a Citibank or BOA, Discover or maybe even a different CapOne card?
  13. Thanks guys. I probably shouldn't feel weird about it and maybe I'll go for it. But out of curiosity, are there any other cards you guys recommend that I might have a shot at? Maybe something like my CapOne card but preferably a little better interest rate and the ability to grow the credit line of it to at least over $2K. I don't want to get any of these little cards that take forever to give you a credit line over $1000 or never go higher than that.
  14. Part of me hates what you're saying because it sounds like I still have a little way to go. But I also realize you're hitting me with the truth, I really appreciate the advice. I was hoping I could get into something by the end of the year just because home prices are going up and interest rates as you say are pretty good. If I can get something with an interest rate in the mid-high threes (which is less than the 5% I was considering) that would make my monthly mortgage less than what I have been paying in rent the last four years (on time every month BTW lol). That would be so nice as these are nicer/bigger houses in a nicer area then the once I've been renting but also less per month. So I would be winning all around. Which is the reason I'm so driven to want to do this sooner rather than later. So what would be your advice to me on how to proceed? I ran a simulator on Creditkarma which gives me a Vantagescore of 585, nine points less than my Experian FICO score of 594. The simulator tells me that with my current CLIs I jsut got last week and isn't yet reflected on my credit reports, I should be in the 630 range next month. Which is a huge 40 point jump and I hope it comes true. If so, what are my chances at that point?

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