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  1. did the deferral result in more interest earned on the loan? Hegemony... no additional interest, I believe the correct term was extension so it went to the back of the loan. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. I must say when I first got the offer from the dealership re Santander I was Leary to say the least but ... I have had nothing but good customer service and grace from them no calls if im a day or even a week past the due date ... when I needed a due date change no problem ... when the storms hit again no worries they gave me a couple of months on defer ... I am impressed so far and its been a year ... hope it stays this way! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. That’s a good idea as for the lates didn’t think about that one.. Thanks
  4. Thx for reply ... Im on locating that everyday now ... its picking teeth their own collections department cant figure it out .. they only see off set payments withdrawn every 90 days in weird amounts since January, I can cover payments now but it was just so darn weird. It reports as 5k high with the 3k balance now under my revolves. I was afraid to pay because i wanted to know where the heck the rest of the money went.#>?j
  5. Ok Ive looked everywhere for a similar situation nothing popping up so... if someone has some advice to lend I am all hears.. I was at a great rebuilding stage about a year and 4 months ago, still have hope. Opened a couple of secured lines of credit Discover it 2500 and Regions secured line of credit 5k, had three immediate family deaths and it drained me emotionally and financially (wasnt interested in much of anything) at any rate, I assumed (smh) that the 5K i put into a savings account covered the regions loc, and it was closed, was i wrong they partially applied 2+k to it as offset and a
  6. After signing on with NFCU, Applied for the GoRewards and received an approval I was really focused on getting in so that was great. Wanted to do a transfer from CapOne but the amount of the approval was really low .. understandable being I still have some bruises following 3 tragic family deaths, which can hit hard when they are unexpected. At any rate applied for the cash rewards and denied, after receiving the letter in the mail I was surprised to see it stated the reason was not my scores but that my credit card was too new. So I decided to do a reconsideration message on the portal and ex
  7. Well I'm not exactly sure how to load the pic that I scanned to the boards ... but it gives your nfcu score and then explains the NFCU scores and followed by the range 100 to 450! Hope that helps!
  8. Sure It says 100 to 450 Ill snap a pic to post
  9. They do have an internal scoring model I received the range today after approval
  10. Id like the app PM'd if someone has it available thanks.
  11. Definitely too many hoops for a secured card .. wow is that standard or a isolated situation?
  12. That is great to know I recently looked up one of my businesses that I use my home address for and was surprised to see that something was reporting and a tad bit upset about how the name did not have the suffix included, I was baffled at who it was and this post confirms it ... I have no other trades for this established yet and the only bill I receive with the business name this way is Comcast Business. What's interesting is that they don't require an EIN at all anymore when setting up service. Hmm
  13. Applied for BP Fuel Card Program (fleetcor) received email for conditional approval (asking for pg). See below Replied to this by phone call stating that our company does not allow board members, officers, or employees per policy to pg any purchases. Good Afternoon, You are conditionally approved with the request that a cross reference be provided to strength the line of credit we can approve for you. We will need the DOB and the SS of the cross reference. You can provide it in the email reply or complete the attached form I am including. She explained that there was not anything
  14. I have used PPWC and it seems quick and flawless, approved for the first for 1500$ and after that was paid off waited 3 days and was approved for 2500$. Haven't had any problems with accounting as most of my products and services are 300 - 400 sales average. I look forward to seeing how this works following this payoff I originally choose the 25% and This last one was 30%.
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