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  1. So, back to the original question .......... Anyone know?
  2. Ive been married 35 years. No couples counseling is helping this. I figured out a long time ago we can't have a joint account. "I can't be overdrawn, I still have checks". She has a serious problem, I won't deny that, but I can't fix it. She has agreed to let me take over her finances. So let me give you some details. My score is low 700's, I'm sure hers is 500ish. I'm current on everything in my name/joint. I know we went to an organization called CCCS (Consumer Credit Counciling Services) maybe 20 years ago after a job loss and that was very helpful... they negotiated rates and cleared our lates and stopped the calls. We just paid them monthly and they paid our creditors till we were paid off, did not seem to impact my score. That's what I am looking for, have things changed? Only thing is I don't want to drag my scores down because (for instance) when our car broke down, I was able to get a loan and get a replacement, but they had to do the financing just under my name. We are both employed and can make the payments going forward but she is just so late on everything. Plus all of her cards are 25+ %. I'm NOT looking to settle any of the debts, just rate relief and getting all to a current status.
  3. NJ We have separate credit cards except for one joint that I can pay off if needed.
  4. Can one spouse enter a debt management plan without the other spouse if all delinquent debts are individual (not joint)
  5. I understand the importance of making periodic purchases to keep a card active but I have one question about this. Once I use the card, can I pay it before the bill arrives or does the bill need to show a balance?
  6. Many years ago (20?) I was helped by an organization called CCCS - Consumer Credit Counseling Services. They basically negotiated lower rates with my creditors and I made one monthly payment directly to them. I was able to keep my accounts open but agreed not to use them while I was in the program. It does not look like this organization is still around. Are they under another name or are they gone?
  7. ajcstr


    Gonna try a 0% first with Wells Fargo since I do my banking there and that would be my best option, if that doesn't work then personal loan.
  8. ajcstr


    I have a couple cards at 22% I would like to get the interest lowered on, credit score is 660-700 depending on which one looked at. Don't know if I would qualify for 0% card or personal loan as my utilization is high but I have decent income. Would be willing to close the high rate cards but not ALL cards. Any suggestions?
  9. ajcstr


    Is the current CCCS the same organization that was around 10 years ago? I was on their plan in the past but was not required to close all of my cards in order to be on the plan, I just had to agree not to use them.
  10. I got a notice from Sears that my sears card will be converted to a Sears Master Card. This is by far my oldest card, I have had it since 1978, next oldest is 2001. Is there any reason I should opt out of the conversion? It's going to be a 24% card either way, but at least if its a mastercard, I could use it every few months anywhere instead of going to Sears. My scores are in the 690-700 range (mostly due to utilization % and # cards - never been late on a pmt).
  11. Is Merrick one of those cards that hurts you just to have it? I have currently have a high utilization and was thinking of accepting the offer (1200 limit) just to help with my utilization and never use the card.
  12. That is one thing that concerns me..... I don't know, Capital One is doing a very fine balance chase job on my best buy mastercard right now. They also knocked my regular Best Buy limit from $2k to $105 so I guess that can't chase me too much on that.
  13. Trying to stay away from inquiries right now. I really don't ned the card, really backwards that this much thought has to go into a stupid 100 card. It has a 0 balance so aging is not an issue, as i say, I really don't use it except to buy a DVD here or there.. Seems that whenever I call attention to myself, it seems to bite me somewhere else whch is why I have just left it be
  14. I know closing accounts is a no no normally, but I have 2 Best Buy mastercards and a regular Best Buy card. The 2 MC's have CLs of $5000 and $1000 and the regular card is $100 In this case is there any harm is closing the regular card? Its kinda useless and I have to remember to use it a cople times so THEY don't close it.
  15. Best Buy CCs are going to be taken over by Citi later this year. So you should wait to see what happens... it could be your foot in the door with Citi. Even at $105 to start, that's worth having. Citi is WAY MORE prime than Cap1. Maybe, but they lowered my sears card limit from $6,000 to $750 so they are low on my list.

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