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  1. A very meh card I had for awhile except for the 21 month 0% BT albeit at a 5% fee. Surprised to be offered a free $15 Amazon gift card and a $50 Best Buy card for $20. No strings attached. Not much but it’s a free $45.
  2. This is totally on the money. No doubt CU’s have their place however only for the short term. Turn the corner and aim higher, don’t worry so much about the CL, instead think 5 years down the road with the big banks.
  3. Good for you. It’s nice when obtaining and maneuvering credit is more of a hobby than a necessity.
  4. Amex knows you burned them but you haven’t done anything to show that you have repented. Show them some age and history of payments with other cards and then you will have a shot.
  5. You should carry a credit card if you need to rent a car if for nothing else. I’d bet a fortune both have plenty of cards and are just being hypocritical.
  6. “Credit cards are not your friend” says Mark Cuban. A screwdriver isn’t either but it serves a useful purpose and it isn’t to stab people. Most use cards and are responsible plus add to their wealth.
  7. From a credit perspective you are correct however the disappointment factor is the poster’s point.
  8. Usually it takes months before a OC sells a loan. Didn’t the OC send you notices or try to contact you?
  9. Sounds like a card destined for trouble.
  10. If indeed the number on back of a major bank credit credit can be hijacked (by definition it is) it makes one wonder what else can those scumbags can do. The mental trauma and anguish would seem to justify some monetary compensation due to lack of safety measures. I fly Cathay Pacific a lot and have Verizon but you have given me second thoughts on keeping those co branded cards.
  11. StantheMan


    Not much difference between a 12 and 14. However couldn’t resist when I had an old Samsung laying around ( worth MAYBE $100) and Verizon was offering a $800 trade in value for it so I went for the Max. Of course for better or worse I’m stuck with Verizon for another 3 years. Nice phone but not a game changer. Many years ago I got a sweetheart deal with Verizon and grandfathered in because of my wife’s profession. Two lines $80 auto pay with unlimited everything and no throttling.
  12. StantheMan


    Unless you are Rain Man there are very few advantage schemes to be had these days. Regardless of location most casinos as well as cruise lines will rate you on the amount and time you play; win or lose. Some Native American casinos have given me unbelievable comps I.e. Rooms, $1500 restaurant credit and that’s after I have won. Unfortunately I have very good knowledge about most casino worldwide.
  13. Good point IF the dispute isn’t legit. Still nice to get the reports without any hassles.
  14. One is entitled to a free report every week through 2023 with the three majors. Annual credit report.com A by product of the pandemic. Just use any email.
  15. Usually when activating a card a automated system is in play. Either a misdial or a “three below chimp”.
  16. Can’t qualify for Chase but find it strange PenFed has always had me at 50k cash advance limit on my 2 cards (my limit) from the get go six years ago even with a BK on my reports.
  17. Makes it all the more satisfying when you recover and get back where you were. Not quite as bad as you but almost back and soon to exceed pre BK.
  18. My bad, u want to lock not freeze. Ur right that’s a different story.
  19. In case u missed it: https://www.transunion.com/credit-freeze
  20. Use Safari or Chrome and enter the service.transition.com address.it will take u to transition’s direct site to create a free account. You may have to scroll down to find it on Chrome. It’s free and can lock/ unlock at will. https://www.transunion.com/credit-freeze
  21. You should be able to to lock and unlock it. I constantly do it this way. There’s an option available or at least for me. service.transunion.com
  22. Whenever I need a TU report I just google get a free report because of adverse action even if none occurred. Have had the same log in credentials for so many years. Have locked and unlocked 100’s of times whether in the States or overseas with no problems. In fact do it with all three and it’s instant.
  23. At one time used to be even more conservative.
  24. Maybe the worst website I’ve seen for a credit card.
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