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  1. Like many things one man’s meat is another’s poison. I have two Synchrony cards, the Verizon is actually an excellent card if you use Verizon and Cathay Pacific if you fly them frequently which I do. Use them and pay in full and you can rack up nice bonuses. Just don’t apply unless you actually take full advantage of them and make only a few choices.
  2. Since it wasn’t reporting to any CRA you should have waited it out unless there was legal action being taken against you.
  3. I requested validation from Debt Collector and received a copy of the statement (a recent one). What should be my response if any?
  4. The ones who work in cellular stores are salespeople who get paid through commission. UR brother was probably giving lip service. Always call customer service where everything is recorded.
  5. Makes sense but CK does “guarantee” you will be approved by applying without any mention of credit bureau access or $50. Again I completely understand where you’re coming from but unable to access a file is in effect a denial.
  6. Maybe a silly question. What if I freeze a bureau right before I apply for one of those $50 guaranteed acceptance and get declined for that reason would I get the $50?
  7. Call 866-617-1894, you will get Costa Rica. Ask to speak with a supervisor in the USA. They will transfer you.
  8. I’ve rented cars at least a 100 times. Not only do I photo the car upon return but take one of the employee who takes possession of it with keys in hand, they never object.
  9. On the app there’s a remark that states “Big changes are coming”. As you mention $250 monthly deposit or monthly fee. I opened a Citi basic account just for the bonus and maybe have $500 in the account now. I know the CSR’s are not to aware of many policies but two stated my fee schedule won’t change. The Basic Banking account at Citi comes with unlimited check writing. While there's a $12 monthly fee, you can avoid it if you have a combined monthly balance of $1,500 in all linked accounts or have one qualifying direct deposit and bill payment per statement period.Aug 9, 2023 I just bill pay $1 per month and make a $10 transfer into the account and was told this would be okay going forward and nothing will change for me. Still very dubious of this.
  10. Hege, I’m assuming that 32+ year account is Amex when they used to back date considering ur BK?
  11. That lousy late will affect the reports until it drops however most likely most won’t impact the decision making process of most FI’s Don’t sweat it.
  12. Yes Wells has angered many customers but so have most banks. Depends on the branch in most cases. But I agree on a corporate level they are worse than most yet they are are third largest bank in the country.
  13. Six years ago I opened a 5/3 checking with a BK showing but was informed I was pre approved for a Trio card, 12K limit. Sill at that level. Keep it open for the 0% checks that come in handy occasionally.
  14. I included Barclays in my BK. Figured why not apply for the AA card. Clean reports and high scores and the worst would be instant denial. Went pending and up for review. Upon calling the app department was told a hard would be pulled and a decision would be made. Canceled the app.
  15. Chase is the last prime bank that I don’t have a card with. I have had a checking account with them for the last seven years. Scorched them for a good amount over 8 years ago with a BK. Clean reports on all three for awhile now. logging into my checking account there are five pre approvals for cards on their site. Scores are all over 800 with Fico. I know Inquiries are not a huge deal but rather avoid if approval is iffy. Any insight would be appreciated.
  16. On the whole it’s obvious this is a bad deal. What we don’t know if there are other vehicles being financed under similar terms and most of all the other expenses the family has. 90k after taxes doesn’t go too far these days. Living beyond one’s means is not uncommon at all especially with a bunch of kids.
  17. OP admitted perhaps overthinking it. Either way it’s unlikely the scoring would be much different and will take a long while to recover.
  18. Did you go thru the pre approval link?
  19. On the bright he/she will never accumulate much more debt going forward.
  20. Whether it be houses, cars, jewelry or just about anything that is being sold there is larceny in the hearts of most potential buyers.
  21. At first I went to My Equifax but I checked 5 days ago and it only updates once a week. Just go to the Free annual credit report and it will give the real time report from EQ Edit: CK is back to normal for me.
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