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  1. Not to pile on but for someone as credit savvy as you and all the oddball cards out there applying for this one goes beyond boredom. It’s more of a case of temporary insanity.
  2. The IIB account really don’t matter much IF they don’t have late’s and or charge offs associated with them. If they do they drag your score down and of course the BK will always negatively affect your score until it’s gone.
  3. thx for trying. According to Ln no reports would be sent just public record info available to anyone, in essence just rubber stamping Pacer or some equivalent.
  4. My reports are clean except for a six year old bankruptcy on Exp. The file date is off by a few days, so not accurate. Have been opted out of LN and most other data bases for years. After disputing it came back remains. LN came back as the source. LN states it doesn’t provide my file to EXP BUT will and has permissible purpose to provide public record info to a CRA. If so it’s apparently a case of wheel spinning if disputing a BK if verified by a third party even with a freeze.
  5. I was informed by a US Alliance loan officer a couple of years ago that the pre-approvals are “soft” in other words meaningless according to him.
  6. That site is always buggy. Disputing online in general is a bad idea especially one such as this.
  7. Anyone who buys this model for the price indicated and actually makes 300k+ and has to finance for 6 years shows that there is very little correlation between income and brains.
  8. Sometimes the simplistic way is the way to go. I have had success with removing addresses, removing a bankruptcy and combining a split file. I just called the regular customer service line and demanded a supervisor, once the supervisor was on the line I explained I need special handling in the US. Was transferred to Atlanta and each time spoke to very cordial individuals who solved my issues.
  9. I joined PenFed with a super dirty file, Chap. 7 and a ton a IIB accounts with very large amounts yet within 6 months I had 50K in limits and my payments would increase my available credit by the payment amount literally around 10 seconds after I clicked the pay tab. Hang in there with PenFed, as you can do worse and every now and then it offers generous propositions. Far from perfect however as mentioned will correct mistakes.
  10. StantheMan


    Beginning early 2021, your U.S. Bank Cash+™ Visa Signature® Card will include ID Navigator Powered by NortonLifeLock™ and Postmates benefits. Here’s what is coming: Receive complimentary access to ID Navigator Powered by NortonLifeLock,™ providing you with the tools to help keep you informed of potential threats to your identity. Access special offers and discounts with Postmates. Get food, drinks, groceries and more delivered right to your door. Here’s what is changing: Effective February 1, 2021, the following benefits will no longer be available: Auto Rental Collision Damage Waiver, Extended Warranty Protection and Purchase Security. More details about these new benefits will be available in early 2021. Continue to enjoy all the valuable benefits that come with your card.
  11. StantheMan


    This elimination of the coverage takes place on 02/01/2021. Until then the coverage is still in effect. The statement Visa states is true as of today.
  12. StantheMan


    I believe Visa always offered CDW as a default even the likes of Merrick and 1st Premier had it with their Visa cards. MC was not always assured to have it. Going forward I enrolled in the Amex Premium CDW for a few $ more per rental to make it primarily coverage.
  13. StantheMan


    US Bank Cash + is the third Visa card that has informed me via e-mail that effective 02/01/2021 CDW will no longer be included with car rentals. Seems like a trend is developing.
  14. At least in my case I joined with a VERY dirty report yet managed to to get 2 cards at 6 months after joining now combined at 50K. Just received an offer for an auto loan with a check good for up to 50K at less than 3% at up to 72 months. No application or inquiry needed, just bring check to any dealer. Not the best FI but far from the worst.
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