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  1. Last week applied for the US Bank Altitude Go and called when app went pending. Nice woman said it is processing and proactively asked me what CL would I like. Knowing the reputation of being conservative I still asked for 20K hoping for 10K. Later in the day I got a confirmation -email that I was approved for 10K. Tonight I logged into my account and now see a 20K limit. I do have a Cash + that I put though a good amount thru every month. My spouse who makes over double my income applied and called after her app went pending and got a rude underwriter who said JUST WAIT for the e-mail. Approved for 10k. according to her e-mail.
  2. My bad, a bank won’t turn down $ when you want to pay them. What the rationale is for CUs turning away full payments is beyond me, just let it clear and all’s good.
  3. After going thru the previous posts I decided against the Discover despite the pre approval .In addition my EX is still dirty and who knows what the CL would be. I did get approved for the new US Bank GO with a $10K limit. I already have the Cash + and grandfathered Savor which are similar but had the itch. Have EVERYTHING frozen except TU and Equifax. EQ was pulled 800+ Fico 8..
  4. This policy is common among transferring to most banks and not at all unusual. As for bill pay I can't vouch for but find the 10K bank to bank annoying. https://www.mybanktracker.com/news/ach-transfer-limits
  5. Don’t care about the APR. Just cited it because it’s the lowest offered and would imagine there’s a correlation between that and the CL.
  6. Every now and then I try the pre screen site for Discover and now pre qualify for the IT with the lowest APR (11.99) which I assume would translate into a decent SCL. The quarterly cats. seem enticing. I realize the card isn't universally accepted yet on the surface appears to have several positive aspects. Several esteemed members of this board dismiss it as basically subprime. What's the tangible downside of obtaining this card?
  7. That’s certainly a valid point as some brands at lower cost stations use lower quality additives and detergents. At the same time stations such as Valero and Marathon are rated as top tier in those standards.
  8. That's well and good but usually there's a station within shouting distance that's at least .10 cents a gallon cheaper than Exxon/Mobil and also accepts Apple Pay.
  9. No Hege, no pre screened offers but from what I understand it's 61 months post filing. Not sure if it's The first of the ensuing month or literally 5 years and 31 days. Not blacklisted since in error I foolishly applied 2 years ago thinking EX was frozen when it wasn't and a HP happened plus I am an AU on my spouse's Amex . I'm hoping to delete the BK from EX so this issue will be moot but EX does not like to play nice at times.
  10. I filed Chap 7 five years ago yesterday and have made nice progress with a clean EQ & TU and feel EX may fold soon. I have many cards including Citi (included IIB for a large sum), USB, HSBC, Penfed, and several others for almost 300,000K with only one store card. Chase, BOA, and Barclays( who cares) are out. Amex was not IIB. Anecdotally I have heard the 5 years + 1 month period but a bit skeptical as to the policy for acceptance. Have 0/6 and 1/12 on EX with a Fico 8 of 700 . Income is above average with HH income higher. Any experience with this metric being accurate and or common and for what cards?
  11. ^^^ This While it sucks and will hurt your score between your memory, e or paper statements, e-mall reminders, maybe phone calls it’s not interpreted as an innocent mistake by the bank.
  12. You are correct. Let sleeping dogs lie and don’t bring ANY unnecessary attention to yourself. I’ve seen and heard of reinsertion with seemingly innocuous contact.
  13. Same guy who was deciding to become a brain surgeon or a soda jerk.

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