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  1. Thx, but my issue is everything appears correct on my TU. I have to get creative and if verified by Pacer I'll state very strongly I never lived in the city listed on Pacer and go from there..
  2. Probably grasping at straws but my Pacer shows my address as the major metro city I live by however I actually live 10 miles away in a suburb.. My Transunion show the correct city. Is there a snowballs chance the BK could be deleted because the cities don't match?
  3. I agree that HELOC’s are good for home improvements however I’m confident your rate is approx. half of the rate offered with this PCL. Just can’t think any logical reason to obtain this “card” with so many better options out there.
  4. How would this report on credit reports? As an installment loan or as a credit card? Assuming as an installment as a credit card would show a maxed out card. FWIW 20k at ~9% with LN and SageSteam frozen. No point for this as O% BT’s are much cheaper except for for the desperate.
  5. Say what you may about Cap One but using it for a BT puts the BT in a separate bucket and using the card for purchases doesn’t affect the BT. Plus you may get only a 2% fee or sometimes a 0 fee promo.
  6. That's a great hotel and for 30K points it's a real bargain.
  7. I don’t know about a split file. All my info is on the ones I always access regardless of the source , if anything maybe a 2nd file without complete information and not being updated. Thanks for the “theory” and I will call Ex and ask about the possibility.
  8. No I haven't but the reports from the back door are all accurate and are updating. Would the paper reports really be much different?
  9. I actually did that with a no fee Merrick card. The other two dropped while EX didn’t budge. After paying it the next month I recovered the points and as usual EX still stayed the same. Not really a huge deal since I’m not planning to app until next year. What’s strange is on the EX app with the archived reports the reasons are all exactly the same. At one time I had no inquiries on EX yet they were one of the reasons cited.
  10. I do..everything from denials to CCT, and everything in between. That same FICO 8 score.
  11. For the last 2 years my Experian FICO 8 has not changed even 1 point. At 696 all this time. Regardless of new accounts, inquiries, utilization, AAoA etc. it hasn’t moved. I do have a 4.5 BK on file and every other scoring model has moved much higher ( FICO and fako). My score was at this point when I froze LN and the other the sub repository’s and LN has actually soft pulled Experian a few times which may have no effect but it seems odd that with all the changes I have made to the report not even a one point change in that score for two years . I have checked at least once a month. TU has been climbing with FICO 8 and EQ is clean with a 800+ score.
  12. No doubt someone who attempts this will be short changed.

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