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  1. No doubt someone who attempts this will be short changed.
  2. Fair enough.... then again many don’t have your better options.
  3. Not really...If you travel what’s so sucky about a $500 SUB plus 10% Hotels.com discount, no FT fees, $100 TSA credit and high CL, a good app and no AA because of # inquiry’s as long as you take care of their accounts.?
  4. To a point you’re correct however they do have many positive aspects: Very forgiving: Approved 1 month out of BK for 2k after a very large CO. Approved for 20k Venture with a $400 SUB no AF for 1st year and a 7k QS six months later. 2% cards with no FT fees and TSA credit. Now have ~90k with them. Are they the best? Hardy but far from the worst and since “inquiry’s don’t matter” I fail to see the hate.
  5. Amazing to see a card get so much ink that doesn’t even offer CDW or other small perks. Even a Merrick card has more.
  6. Out of curiosity I thawed TU and submitted the app and it came back 7k 23.99. Even with my BK I was somewhat insulted and had no intention of accepting but I inadvertently touched accept offer instead of no thanks. Immediately froze TU to prevent the hard. Now stuck with a virtually do nothing card.
  7. Even though I joined with a dirty file 28 months ago I was approved for the old Amex card 20K the same day. After I scrubbed EQ clean was offered 30k Pathfinder. Combined the two and as mentioned is basically useless except for the $100 yearly travel credit. Always get the same offers as OP.
  8. I had a sub prime BVAA credit card which I used very occasionally. A couple of months ago I used it to make a political donation and within a couple of weeks I get notice of closure of the card. No loss and never bothered calling. Just saying, maybe a coincidence but then again.
  9. Cringe worthy. One should never use over 10% of actual income for vehicle expense. This poster will be using double that on a 5 year Bimmer that was most likely ridden very hard.
  10. You’re correct however I believe the average amount of miles is approx 13k put on any given car. So maybe heavy duty was the wrong term. Without knowing the details it is hard to gauge. The only sure thing is the with terms presented there are much better options.
  11. Agreed but better than the terms as stated by the poster. Even with the acquisition fees and down payment required if you wanted a Tesla with the tax credits available it would still be cheaper than the case presented. No?
  12. As I mentioned in a previous post...unless you put heavy duty miles on your car lease it. The same car can be leased for ~ 700 a month on a three year lease. Take another lease at the end of the current one. Always have a new car minus the repairs. Do the math and you come out way ahead at the end of 8 years. 11% is beyond insane and in the end you will have very little resale value with the relatively new tech involved so who knows what bugs will come out after long term use.

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