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  1. I booked a flight on Frontier for $98 and used this card and it was credited without any prompting by myself. Maybe PenFed considers Frontier as an incidental airline.
  2. I pick up dollars in the Whole Foods lot.
  3. Just received an e-mail giving me a 0% 20 month balance transfer offer with no transfer fee on the Sportsman Guide card. I never use the card but do have a 19k CL. These days I usually always PIF but it is tempting to transfer and park the cash and make a few dollars. Then again I'm leery of even carrying a 5k balance with a BK on 2 reports.
  4. I was hoping at least no AR’s until the SUB was obtained. May be axed before the card even arrives. Win some and lose some. No biggie losing the Shanker if indeed I I do.
  5. Yep will do... definitely a concern but que sera sera.
  6. Having EX and TU plus all the likes of LN on ice due to a 4 year old BK I went for the US Bank cash plus signature in hopes of an EQ pull which is clean. Instant denial because of too many recent inquiries on EQ. Called and asked for a manual review which was granted. Went pending for a week and received a call for address verification. Approved for the card 9k SL. Won't push my luck for a higher CL. Done until next year and will go for Amex. I now have all the cards I want or need considering.... with 250K in limits with only one store card.
  7. See if your Venture has the 0% for 12 months with the 3% fee and open a 360 account which pays .85%. Transfer the $7000 to the 360 and pay monthly from that account. With a 34k limit your scores won’t take much of a hit.
  8. Of course YMMV but my personal experience with EQ was simple. Had all third party LN, Innovis, Sagestream etc. frozen. My file date was off by a month and mailed a dispute stating never filed BK on that date which was verified Called and the agent naturally said it was verified by the court. Asked for a supervisor and she repeated the same and I advised her the court told me they don’t verify such info. Requested to speak to her superior. Was transferred to Atlanta and was shocked when the person who answered said “you’re right this BK is not correct” and deleted while I was on the phone. He wished me a nice day and the BK has been gone since.
  9. Was thinking along those lines but I’d rather build up AAoA and pick and choose as time goes by. Not eligible for Navy and the rest are Meh. I would hope to remove the BK after the IIB’s age off and even if unsuccessful would imagine after 6 more years my file would justify most non blacklisted cards. But thx for the thought.
  10. Approximately 4 years ago I filed for BK. I immediately began rebuilding and have obtained the following: A bunch of Cap Ones: 80k Two Pen Feds : 50k HSBC: 16k Sportmanns Guide: 13k Cathay Pacific: 7k Overstock: 19k Citi AA (slipped thru the cracks) 12k BBVA: 4k Merrick no fee: 2.5k Fifth Third: 15k I included all the majors in BK for a good amount and don’t expect to be approved anytime soon with the exception of Amex in about a year which wasn’t included. Equifax clean ~ 800 TU and Ex ~ 700 IIB accounts fall off in 2 years and of course the BK not for 6. Own my vehicles and home free and clear with a decent income. Is there anything else I should be doing except PIF and bide my time? Thx for any input.
  11. Have you had any AR’s with TU or EX since you have had the card? So far none for me but fear if one is done my AA card will be shut down due to BK.
  12. Thank You Hege. It’s a small miracle considering I burned them for the same card. I feel there is a flaw in their UW rather than let bygones be bygones in regards to a forgiving attitude. Wouldn’t be shocked if the account was shut down after an AR.
  13. Thanks Shifter. Your experiences has mirrored mine in many ways so I do follow your rebuild.
  14. Called Citi today and was told approved with a 12,500 limit. Never thought Citi would be so forgiving at this stage of the game and somewhat leary that the approval will stick.
  15. I have 3 locations within 10 miles of me and they are actually quite nice with a happy hour during weekdays where if you bring your own mug you get one coffee for free.

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