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  1. Not that anyone would take advantage of it but are credit disputes being manually processed when mailed in? 😉
  2. My wife is an emergency room physician and a major problem is her hospital is being swamped by people coming to the ER unannounced most with minor symptoms. fearing the worst. There are no test kits available and these folks are being reckless since IF they actually had it they risk further spread. 99% are being sent home after they are given the number for the state heath department or to call their PCP for possible testing and told to stay home.
  3. Call PenFed and asked to speak to the Eugene, Or. center. Ask to speak to speak a supervisor named Judy W. She solved my issue within 24 hours by dealing directly with their credit reporting team. Super nice lady.
  4. Fico 9 Bankcard. I know CU’s have different standards than banks however I don’t see how full payment could be demanded just because I’m pushing for a resolution for a mistake made by the card issuer and be deemed a troublemaker. All I’m requesting is accurate reporting and nothing more. Perhaps being in the toilet credit wise has spooked me to be overly cautious.
  5. I have a BK on 2 reports and just don't want to add too much additional debt and have AA because of accumulating debt.. Maybe I am being overly aggressive however computers generate the AA and human eyes never see the reasons. The cycle closed on the 24th and reported on the 25th. The Amex was closed on the 22rd. I don't see how they can demand the balance on a closed account that should be a zero balance.
  6. I used my Amex Pathfinder for a 5k 0% balance transfer last month. The card transitioned into a Visa 4 days ago. The problem is BOTH cards are now reporting as open with the 5k balance. Called them and demanded the Amex be deleted and was told they are aware of the problem and it could take as much as 45 days. Not acceptable as it already dropped my Fico 40 points and I’m awaiting a call back to have it deleted within 48 hours.
  7. If you are so intent on getting the card go to a branch and open a checking account and bring your docs. with you. You will get a soft from EX and will be told you qualify for a card and get a hard from EQ once you accept the offer.. Close the checking account once you get the card if you wish. About an 1/2 hour of your time. I had a similar situation as you with HSBC a couple of years ago but going to the branch was an easy process and received the SUB from both the checking and card. Closed the checking after 90 days and still have the card.
  8. I have a couple of BT&T cards. If and when they transition to the new name I bet merchants will believe they are either a really subprime card or a prepaid despite a Signature or World designation.
  9. That is accurate, thought you were referring to Private Client equivalent.
  10. You can easily get in with $500,000, maybe even less.
  11. My spouse has "private" banking with UBS and she has nothing but praise for the service she receives. Call backs within minutes or same day meetings on demand not to mention sound advice for investments etc.s. So apparently YMV when it comes to UBS. You are correct on the point of not having to be a huge investor.
  12. Based on $ and cents it not a good investment for the very high end HSBC cards. I opened a checking account with 10k a couple of years ago and after 60 days got a $350 bonus plus an Advance credit card(kind of meh but not terrible). After I received the bonus closed out the checking account and was told there would be a $45 annual fee for the card but have yet to be charged. It's much better to keep the $75K and even invest at 1.9% or the hassle of DD of 5K per month for the $750 and a few other perks plus the $395 annual fee for the elite.
  13. Received the letter today for both my 20K Amex Premium Travel Rewards and 30K Amex Pathfinder. Called and the CSR stated the max they will combine is up $25K. If that is accurate I will now have 2 VS Pathfinders..
  14. Almost all cellphones store employees are paid by commissions including Verizon. Just read every line including the fine print and have them eliminate the fees. They will never pass up a sale even without the bogus fees. Been with Verizon for many years without any issues and the service is faster and better than the rest where I reside. Of course it may be different depending on location. The price is actually a little cheaper than AT@T and a little more than T-Mobile. As for the rest it’s a crap shoot.
  15. https://www.experian.com/ncaconline/dispute Paste into address bar. should work provided you haven't accessed report with same number more than twice.

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