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  1. Not everyone has $100k they can put in a BOA account😁
  2. My new statement is out. They didn't charge me any interest as they promised. I was expecting for there to be an interest charge and then a credit for the same amount. However there was just no interest charged at all.
  3. Hate to burst your bubble, but Chase and Amazon have something going on right now so a lot of people with the Amazon card had their CL increased. I think Amazon is thinking of dropping Chase as a partner and Chase is trying to do something about it.
  4. I had a balance on my current Capital One billing cycle that was carried over from my previous statement. In other words, I owe interest on this balance. I paid off this account a few days ago. However I just realized that when this current cycle closes, there will be an interest charge that will show up once my cycle closes. I had the intention that my next statement cuts with a zero balance. So I called up capital one to see if they could tell me an amount I have to pay in order to take care of the trailing interest so my account would report a zero balance. The rep understood what I w
  5. can a PLOC be used for AZEO or does it have to be a credit card?
  6. myFICO.com sent me the notice. Then I logged in directly to transunion's website to check my report and it indeed was gone.
  7. I had a credit card from Credit One that I opened in 2017 and closed in December 2020. This account had no negatives. Today, the account was removed from my Transunion credit report. Anyone have an idea why this could have happened?
  8. Sure, I will post here once the credit posts to my account.
  9. I just got an email from Capital One that they recognized my purchase from myFICO and that I will get the credit within 3 billing cycles. It sucks that it takes so long to receive the credit but I must say I like the fact that they emailed me recognizing the transaction.
  10. I'm considering getting the SDFCU 2% card to replace my Citi Double Cash. Not having a FTF plus 2% is tempting me. I know some people on here seem to have something against credit unions, but I love the one that I am currently with. Plus SDFCU is headquartered 5 minutes from where I live so if there is a major issue, I have somewhere to go and solve it. Seems like there are a million credit unions in the Washington DC area.
  11. I agree with this 100%. It's not worth this price at all. Especially when there are way so many was to get your reports for free and most people can get their FICO scores from their credit card companies. American Express will give you a credit report even if you aren't a customer of theirs.
  12. I've never been in an airport lounge, but people exercise there?
  13. I have a PLOC that I opened 3 months ago. The line is for 5K. I have a current balance of $2,500. On all 3 credit reports, this is reported as a line of credit with a credit limit of $0. It also reports that my highest balance was 5K even thought the most I have used is 2,500. Is this how a PLOC normally reports or should I contact my financial institution about this? Thanks
  14. thank you for posting this. I will take advantage of this offer.
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