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  1. It is FICO Score 8. I was honestly just expecting for my fico to stay the same but I didn't expect it to drop.
  2. I was hoping someone would be able to explain to me why my Fico score dropped. I had a Fico score of 737 on April 29th. Today my score dropped 14 points to 723. I had a BoA credit card that was a closed account but had a balance of $22. I paid it off. When I looked at what changed on my report, Experian says I went from 8 accounts showing a balance to 7 accounts showing a balance. Shouldn't have less accounts reporting a balance result in an increase and not a decrease?
  3. They are saying to pay off your lowest balances first but make no mention of interest rates. hmmmm
  4. Thanks for all the replies. I think I will continue to pay of this debt. It will give me a sense of satisfaction when I finally pay it off. I will also try and increase my monthly payment to get rid of this faster. Does anyone have an idea if BoA will issue me a new credit card while this debt is outstanding? My current fico is 740.
  5. I had a Bank of America credit card that was charged off about 7 years ago. It had been more than 7 years since the DoFD. This account no longer shows up on any of my credit reports. I still owe about 7k on this debt. I currently pay $50 a month on this account to a collection agency. BoA still owns the debt. My inclination is to keep paying on this debt. Is there any reason that I should stop to pay this debt since it is no longer on my credit report?
  6. I didn't even know something like that could be done. The only problem I can see with that would be paying interest. Right now my debt is not being charged interest. I'm assuming if they granted me a new account, there would be some interest I would have to pay.
  7. Thanks for the information from all you guys. What are the chances that I might get sued before the 7 year time period? I have been making regular payments, but maybe the bank will be worried that if the tradeline is removed from my credit report, I will stop paying. (I wouldn't stop paying either way)
  8. I see. Which piece of information on the paper reports would help me figure out what will happen come the 7 years?
  9. Nope. I have a credit monitoring service with Experian and I see this information when I log in to my account.
  10. Viewing it on my experian credit report, an N is listed every month. Says it stands for Negative. The balance is also updated every month also.
  11. HI, I had a credit card with Bank of America that first went delinquent in 2013. It was charged off a year later in 2014. BoA still owns the debt and I have been slowly paying it off every month. It's going to take me at least 3 more years to fully pay off this debt. Later this year will be 7 years since this account first went delinquent. Will this account be removed from my credit report even though it's not paid off? Thanks for the help.
  12. If the debts are indeed his, what is the point of sending a DV letter?
  13. Would a lender ever let a debt go past the statute without attempting to sue?
  14. What is your problem? My problem is I am not 100% satisfied until Sams club provides me with a hooker. So where is she......? She's in the Walmart parking lot. But she must be provided to an address of my choice. Otherwise the satisfaction is not at 100%.
  15. What is your problem? My problem is I am not 100% satisfied until Sams club provides me with a hooker. So where is she......?
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