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  1. Thanks. I do not plan on stopping until I'm in the 800 club.
  2. I joined CreditBoards last year when my scores were 565-585. My scores improved to 658-695, and my available credit went from $4k to $60k. I still couldn't get a mortgage due to not being able to get some things removed. Time and/or persistence will prevail. But while the wife and I were saving we found a fixer upper home we could afford with our savings and some borrowed money (CLOC, cash advance, personal loan), didn't max out anything and payments are very manageable. I am using my available credit for the renovations. Will still not hit 50% utilization when complete. I know this isn't ideal but we are happy to have our new house (hope to move in by August, just in time for the school year) and the payments are well within our finances. I plan to have all the loans and credit card debt paid off within 5 years (planning on 3 but 5 is the long estimate) and be living mortgage free. If I can consolidate the debt once I qualify for a loan to save on interest rates that would be better. I am on top of my finances and credit now and even though my scores have dipped due to utilization they will bounce back once it comes down. We have a new car we purchased last year and now the house. I took a different approach to get it but it was all with the help and support of this great community. I am not done cleaning up my credit and learning here on CB.
  3. Wow. You are good. Hope it results in a deletion. And if somehow it helps others that would be great.
  4. Maybe people with higher credit scores just don't bite as much to even waste their time offering it. They offer it to those most likely to accept the offer. If you have 800 you are not apping comenity or synch.
  5. You can also try to send a letter stating your case to Spints legal department. Explain how their CA is acting in an illegal manner and violating your rights. It helped me with getting diversified consultants off of my reports. Convergent came off mine first try. Diversified was a real pain. Good luck.
  6. "We received your complaint and after our review we found that the best agency to help you with this issue is the FDIC. We have forwarded your complaint to them." In a nutshell.
  7. To waive the annual fee you should contact cap1 EO office. Look up the email here on CB. I contacted them and they waive it without issue.
  8. I have a comenity CO on my credit reports that I was an AU on. They also said they sold the acct in Sept on EQ bit still updated it for Oct on TU & EX. Filed complaint. They also never answered my 623. About a week later received email it's being forwarded to the FDIC. Is that unusual? Or standard practice?
  9. You can dispute any discrepancy. Even if it a dollar or day off. The key is to keep trying. I have been fighting like crazy to get obvious errors off (with proof they still get validated), but got some minor errors to be deleted. Keep trying every few months with any item you find that is incorrect, no matter how small. Dispute it with the OC, CA, CRA's. Then repeat a few months later. You might get lucky.
  10. CCT updated and DCI is off all three reports. Also the Comenity CO that I have been fighting to get off has updated only on EQ. They removed the history and amount due and added Sold to the status. With these 2 items my EQ score jumped from 612 to 692. I filed a CFPB complaint because they claimed to have sold it 9/12/16, but updated it for the following month on TU & EX and still showing a balance. Hope they get fined for that. Let's see where it goes.
  11. Sent those letters in. Also filed a CFPB complaint. I received notice today that the account was recalled by TMobile and will be removed from my reports. On CK it shows it has been removed. Waiting for CCT to update to see if its removed from there. Thanks.
  12. Congrats. Not a bad idea. BBB doesn't have any power of enforcement but you got a positive result using them. You use all the tools at your disposal.
  13. I've got a platinum and a qs1. The EO wanted the fee for the qs1. I got a cli in April of $500 to $2250 and now in Oct of $2000 to $4250. My qs1 was cli from $300 to $800 in July. Have to wait until Dec to hit the button again.

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