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  1. For those of you like me who knew of this thread and the Alliant loan for a while, and also happened to miss this random thread, let me save you $10 and hours of your time... this "loan hack" is dead. Would be nice if the title or first post reflected that fact.
  2. Correct. Incorrect. TU generates your FICO scores using FICOs algorithms. It's possible something was updated in TUs systems that is reading your data incorrectly as you hypothesized. Once you have your paper reports you'll have a true picture of the data TU has and will be better able to either a) understand which data is causing the score drop or present TU with additional information to aid them in determining if there is indeed an issue in their systems or your data, and how to correct it. Good luck.
  3. "Soviet" Russia? It's just Russia now, or the Russian Federation. They lost most of the member states of the USSR as well as their client states (E. Germany, Hungary, Poland, the Baltics,...) In Soviet Russia, joke gets you!
  4. Thanks for all of the excellent ideas!
  5. Went to a branch for the 100k SUB on the C$R before it expired for good. $31k.
  6. The problem is the only routine places I spend are the grocery store and Seamless.com, and I don't really spend all that much at either one. Do supermarkets sell gift cards?
  7. Why's that? The only SPs I've had were from Citi, and I think SP CLIs are great, but they're generally a lot smaller than those of the HP variety I've received from other banks.
  8. OK, maybe it was just a discussion about rates. 2.5% isn't so bad. 1 rent payment would make up the difference. Thanks for the idea cv! I had totally forgotten about this company.
  9. Weren't there some threads on here not too long ago about difficulties of some sorts in using Plastiq to pay rent/mortgage/car/etc.?
  10. I'll be picking up a CSR in-branch to get in on the 100k offer before it expires next month. The problem is, unless I end up traveling for work, it's unlikely I'll organically run $4k through the card in 3 months. I was wondering what methods people use to reach bonus requirements even if it costs them a few $ in the process, without setting off any M$ alarm bells at the bank. I was originally thinking I could just buy $2k in gift cards for myself at Amazon, but my typical spend there is no more than a few hundred per year, and usually it's just spending funds from Amazon gift cards people gav
  11. All of the items you highlighted are correct on my account. A few days ago I noticed that scores aren't 100% as they don't take everything into account until your reports are updated every 3 months. I was waiting for my last neg to drop off EX in Dec before updating the myfico reports, but it never dropped according to the myfico EX score. I finally called EX a couple of days ago and they said the account I wasn't on my report. Since myfico was still showing the same EX fico 08 of 733 I've had for the past 9 months or so, I decided to update the report and score instantly jumped to 803.
  12. Keep only a credit one nascar visa and discover in your wallet and they'll be sure to release you pronto.
  13. Almost identical to this but only 8 or 9 accounts.
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