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  1. Anyone else familiar with this product? A SunTrust company that basically provides good rates for a variety of situations. My case: I was on the Mecum Car Auction site saw Lighstream as vendor did my dd saw it was a SunTrust company and it sounded good. The deal is this you tell them the reason they give you rate and "line" for what you qualify for. For cars it sounded great day you are going to auction and don't know what you may spend. Have a line if say 50k you spend 30k at auction you simply write auction amount and voila. The car rate is great and it does not attach to VIN basically a personal loan that you tell is for a certain reason car purchase, medical etc. Sounded great - flexibility, great rates. Don't know how many cars I may buy or amount. So I applied. I was denied. Lol. I have all 3 bureaus 806, 805, 803 scores. Perfect history, DTI etc. Just complete bs. I used to work w SunTrust n know the history of coming up with products w box no one fits but this really is annoying. Anyone else have this experience? Anyone know of another company that offers this type of product? Going to car auction and this sounded good as a "normal" car loan doesn't fit. If not I will just buy w cash. Thanks for any help

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