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  1. *Update* I went to a local branch and applied for membership last week with NFCU . Last night I received a membership welcome letter.
  2. Thanks for the feedback @tmcgill to add I dont all them any money. I believe they closed the accounts due to being overdrafted too many times. I paid back any funds owed, so it does not say I have a charge of or owe them any funds.
  3. I recently got my EWS report and it shows 2 accounts that were closed by the Banks. BOA checking account that was closed on 06/29/16 "Closed for Cause-Purged" Chase checking account closed 03/18/15 "Closed for Cause-Purged" I am looking to apply for a Navy Federal Credit Union checking account soon, does anyone know if this will affect my approval?
  4. Thanks for the feedback Konrad, will be going through the process of setting up an account with NFCU.
  5. Got Approved today for an AMEX Blue Cash Everyday card.....but only with a $1400 Limit. Should I call for a CLI now or should I wait the 61 day period for an Amex CLI ? Also, I am tempted to apply for the Cap One Venture card.....should I go for it?
  6. Man this is awesome I want to be like you when I grow up lol but really outstanding job i to only have one last negative paid it and they just updated so I'm still fighting to get the deletion any advice would be much obliged... Congrats my brother I made sure I had them specify that they will delete the account from the CB's upon payment on the settlement agreement letter. If you dont get it in writing the chances are slim they will delete the account.
  7. *Update* Paid off the CO from Westlake Financial and it has been removed from all Beaurus....Now I have zero negative accounts. Recent apporovals: Cap One QS with $2,000 CL / Ally financial for a $17,734 auto loan Total Revolving credit Limit: $14,900.00 Total Revolving Debt: $2,943.00 Total Auto Loan: $17,734.00 Total Debt: $20,677.00 I would like to apply for 2 more cards, which cards do you guys think will give me the highest credit limits? I think the CapOne Venture One is a good option, but Im open to any suggestions. My income is in the 75-80k range and my scores have sky rocketed in the past month. Below are my Fico scores as of today. Experian: 752 TransUnion: 733 Equifax: 743
  8. Thats awesome!!! What are your monthly payments?
  9. Which CU are you applying for the personal loan with? I have a similar situation to yours and was declined by DCU for a 10k loan because of one charge off on my report. BTW: I have a total credit limit of 10k and UT of 3%
  10. Thank you for the feedback folks, So I contacted BOA in regards to the AU posting and the Rep. comfirmed that the Reps we previously spoke to were miss informed. This time around she added my SSN and gave me an estimated time frame when the AU should report. In regards to the New closed Charge Off on my Report I am contemplating paying to settle the debt (Pay for delete if possible) OR trying this strategy https://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=6086&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=0 Lastly, I received a pre approval offer in the mail for the Discover IT CC . I think I will hold of from applying for another CC until the Charge off account is taken cared of.
  11. Anyone wants to chime in on my questions?
  12. *Update* Called BOA today to find out when the AU will post on my report and the Rep. said they do not report AU's (Head scratcher) Is this correct?
  13. Hello, I have been lurking this forum for a month or so and decided to register since I have some questions in regards to my reports and would like some suggestions as to what to do next. My credit scores were in the the 450-480 range 6months ago, I have been working my way up. The only derogatory left is a recent Charge-Off/ closed account for the amount of $2,700 by West Lake Financial who held a car loan I had. Long story short, my vehicle was a total loss in an accident and the responsible insurance company did not want to pay the full amount due on the on the loan and decided to pay only $7,500. I was in between jobs at the time and was not able to pay the $2,700 left and the account defaulted and was closed on 05/04/2016. After disputing 6 old collections and adding 2 accounts my scores are as follow (These scores are directly from each Beauru) EQ: 573 TU: 658 EX: 622 New tradelines added prior to the score increase and collections removed -My jewlers club $5,000 paid $38 balance down to Zero (Yes I know it is not the best option, but their trade line reports as a revolving card and their in no credit pull involved in the sign up process) -Citi Bank Rewards AU $5000 opened 04/06/2010 (Current Balance $139) -BOA cash transfer card AU $5,000 opened 03/2001 (has not reported yet, will report in the next 2 weeks) Right now my utilazation is in the 2-3% range. To add I have recently opened a DCU checking account because I plan to go for an Auto Loan in the near future, But was adviced by the loan officer to get the charge-off taken off first before seeking an auto loan with DCU. Questions What do you folks think my score will be when the BOA AU reports later this month? What should I do about the recently closed Westlake Financial Charge-off account? What major card should I go for after the BOA card report? Should I expect to get approved for CC in the $10k - $15k range? Thanks in Advance,

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