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  1. Do all amex cards you open keep the same date as the first one you opened
  2. I'm from Wilmington although in charlotte now. I have relatives there and I can see if I can find out whatever you want to know
  3. Green214


    Ok thanks for replying so all over 6 months old shouldn't be a issue
  4. Green214


    Ok thanks for your quick reply Ok thanks for your quick reply
  5. Green214


    Will it hurt when having alot while applying for a mortgage I've read up here as long as it isn't within the6 months prior any help would be greatly appreciated
  6. I know this isn't the answer to your question but how do you see the credit pulls
  7. Thanks. Any advice on getting rid of a upside down car
  8. I also found from a google search. Ive been reading and its alot of good info. Thanks

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