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  1. Hi Everyone, Update here. I took the route of paying off my higher APR + Balance cards (CSR and AMEX). Due to covid I've decided to pay min due in April/May to boost my cash reserves. Once there is more certainty, I'm going to apply that towards my final 3 lines and based on my calculations, should have these payed off in 4-6months. Creditor Balance CL Util % APR NFCU 22,600 23500 96 11% NFCU CLOC 14,100 15000 95 16% Chase 0 23000 0 21% AMEX 0 19100 0 19% Disco/ Cap1 4k 10k 40% 20% My score is 695 as a result of the advice of this board and strategy and after running the assumptions via CCT's simulator, could jump to 750 in 4-6months :) Thanks for the advice and hope everyone is staying safe!
  2. I have an eerily similar spreadsheet, albeit not as much total credit lines as you which makes your overall utilization much better than mine. Financially it makes sense to simply pay off the highest APR. However, originally I wanted to save my FICO in hopes of potentially getting approved for a 0% balance transfer ie: the Chase Slate, thus saving money on interest. My approval odds are dropping by the month as my FICO is currently at 660. With my income I can support the minimum payments plus pay off the balances aggressively. It's just going to take time at this point.
  3. Thanks for the help and validation! I'll give up dates on progress and outcomes.
  4. Thanks for the insight. When you mean balance chased. The issuers will reduce limits as I am paying the balances off? If this occurs, the utilization will continue to be impacted, correct?
  5. Hi CB Team, I've been a lurker on these boards for quite some time and was hoping never to find myself in this situation but due to unfortunate life circumstances (I'll spare the details). The good news is I am finally back on track to begin paying down the balances. Below is my planned strategy but would like to know thoughts (I've read to focus on high balance + high APR). My goal is to pay down the balances and try to save my score at the same time. Creditor Balance CL Util % APR NFCU 22,900 23500 98 11% NFCU CLOC 14,800 15000 99 16% Chase 22,000 23000 98 21% AMEX 17150 19100 89 19% Disco/ Cap1 4k 10k 40% 20% My strategy based on some reading is to: Get all these balances down to 90% Util and hopefully that stops the 20+ point per month my score is dropping (Ficos @ 660 right now). Pay minimum payments on all cards. Then apply rest of cash to high APR + high balance. Chase + AMEX I believe this is could save me the most money on interest however, I wanted feedback on this strategy. Another option I read is to: 1. Bring all balances below 90% 2. Pay off small balances 3a. Pay large balances down in turn -or- 3b. Pay each larger balance to 70%, then to 50%, 30%, 10%, etc. My minimum payments are at 1400/month. I can apply conservatively 4k in cash every month towards these balances. If my job continues to progress that would rise to 6k/month + 20k bonus at the end of year. Are there any other options available that I am not thinking of? I have not called my CC companies to try and reduce interest. To be frank, I'm worried they will flag the accounts? All help and feedback is appreciated. Hopefully this can turn into a use-case for the rest of the community. Thanks
  6. Thanks for the feedback and comments everyone! I'm going to combine credit limits and begin a relationship with AMEX - BCE card.
  7. Appreciate the response. Do you believe that having higher limit cards increases the likelihood of obtaining higher limit card approvals?
  8. Hi CB, I just read a very informative thread https://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=602763 which discussed how other members are maximizing spend/rewards. Since becoming a member I have cleaned up 95% of my reports and am now looking to accomplish obtaining higher limits and maximizing rewards. Below is my current card profile and FICO scores EX: 679 TU: 724 EQ: 718 NFCU Flagship Visa: 23,500 CH SW: 4,500 CH Freedom Unlimited: 3,000 CO Quicksilver: 4,800 Utilization @ 8% AAOA: 7years Ideally I would like a nice travel + cash back rewards card. I travel 2x/month for work but flights are purchased by my company. Question 1: After having the Chase SW card for over a year, I've realized my spend on that card does not justify the AF. Should I transfer my credit limit to my Freedom Unlimited so I can have 7,500 on a card that seems to be much more valuable from a rewards perspective? Question 2: Since that only leaves me with three cards I was thinking of potentially applying for 1 or 2 of the following. Citi Costco - (I currently put gas on my Flagship at Costco) AMEX BCP or AMEX EBP (looks like members use these for both groceries and gas, not sure why ppl prefer one over the other) SPG AMEX Citi Double Cash Chase Sapphire Reserve AMEX Platinum - I uber quite frequently and since I travel 2x per month, lounge access would be a perk for me. Any and all suggestions are welcome! Thanks CB
  9. Hi Whychat, I just received a letter from the final collection agency (responding to the CFPB dispute from June 15th), they sent me a statement which had line items blacked out with a sharpie. This statement according to them was supposed proof of the validity of the debt. It did not look official whatsoever. Please advise - Thanks
  10. Hi Whychat, Although a little late. The CFPB dispute worked to remove another medical collections account! Now my EQ & TU are clean and there is only 1 collection account reporting on EX! I know I need to wait until September to dispute that final medical collection on EX - just wanted to share the good news! *That final collection account is the smallest amount as well Thanks again!
  11. Anyone have some insight regarding test mortgages before I complete Whychat's program?
  12. Would you recommend me doing the test mortgage before or after I take care of the last medical debts? Thanks for the response!
  13. Hi Everyone, I've been on the board for a little over a year (lurking prior to that). It's been a great year of both learning about credit and personal financial growth + stability, I cant thank CCB enough. So prior to CB my scored were in the mid-low 500's, I had multiple baddies and was paying an outrageous 17% on my car loan. In addition, I only had 2 cc's with a total limit of $1950. Below is an update on my file. 54k in Revolving Credit NFCU Flagship + GO Rewards Southwest + Freedom CO Quicksilver Local CU Revolver Best Buy AAOA 6 years Utilization 4% Car Loan @ 3.75% EX FICO 658 6 Lates 18+ months since last late (student loans coming out of forbearance and I had the wrong address on file) 2 Medical Collections (on a 90day break from Whychat's Method) 1 Wells Fargo CO (DoFD 9/12) TU FICO 655 5 Lates 18+ months since last late (student loans coming out of forbearance and I had the wrong address on file) 1 Medical Collections (on a 90day break from Whychat's Method) 1 Wells Fargo CO (DoFD 9/12) EQ FICO 688 4 Lates 18+ months since last late (student loans coming out of forbearance and I had the wrong address on file) 1 Wells Fargo CO (DoFD 9/12) So in about 1 year I have increased my score 100+ points, I'm saving tons in interest, and have been utilizing my current financial situation to leverage my credit cards to work for me (I pay in full every month). Now that I have laid out the picture of my current situation I would like advice on next steps for my credit journey. Goals Purchase house in next 6-12months Continue to clean up credit file Earn more rewards and/or apply for better cards I know my late payments, WF CO, and the medical debts are my big issues right now. I've already done Whychat's method twice and removed many other medical debts via his method. Below are some of my initial thoughts on what I should do but want to get the advice of the community. Goodwill letter for late payments. I tried this once and just received a generic response from AES and my other provider, they sent credit reporting paperwork. Jack Attack for Wells Fargo CO on EQ (I am letting 90days occur so I can try the Whychat method for a 3rd time) I'm welcoming any and all recommendations and or suggestions to help build my credit profile and achieve my goals. If you need any more info regarding my profile that I may have left out - I have everything saved. Thanks CB!!

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