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  1. I called the number, the number you have listed is to US Bank not USAA. I called 800-531-9762 and spoke with the rep Sue. I told her I had applied online and received a strange message, "Maximum Credit Extended." She said that seems strange because I only have a $2000 AMEX but maybe it has to do with the $11k auto loan. She asked if I would hold and she would try to find out more information. . .okay, she came back after speaking with her Team Lead and said that USAA has a maximum credit limit of $35,000 and that my auto loan maybe affecting the credit card processing as it "trumps" credit card limits. Now, with it only being $11k she suggested I call back in the morning and ask that they speak with underwriting (an internal department, no number available, she said) and they would see if they could get things approved. To be continued. . .
  2. According to my Experian "CreditCheck Total" score factors, my Experian FICO score just dropped 19pts due to "There are no recent balances on your revolving credit accounts. Your credit report shows no recent balances on your revolving accounts. Your FICO Score was hurt because you are not currently demonstrating active revolving credit management." Hmm, I use my cards regularly but I pay them off at due date and any extra before the statement date. I definitely use my cards and I have left nominal balances a few months ago and large balances then paid them off once reported. I am a bit confused because I am dinged if I use any card and carry a balance with a 1-2 percent utilization up to 30 percent utilization then I pay it off to $8 total used which gives me a 0% utilization and then the score increases. I have been maintaining the $8 on a single card and paying all others off each month and now I am down 19 points. UGH , I am confused and exhausted, anyone have any advice/guidance. What is recent? I read in a forum to leave a $2 balance each month to maximize scores, is this on each card? Thanks

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