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    My interests include self-improvement all around, being productive and making money. Thanks to all who have answered my questions here!
  1. Definitely do it yourself. I started to repair my credit recently and since I had no experience I thought hiring a "pro" was the best thing to do. I researched the big names in credit repair I kept hearing about and I found hundreds of bad reviews for each one. And I found BBB ratings of D and worse(!) for credit repair companies who were rated best in the business on certain review sites. I joined a credit forum and asked which company to use. Everyone said "Do it yourself" and after simply Googling around and reading forums I got started. A few weeks later my highest FICO score is 775. So, do it yourself. The bureaus aren't as scary as you think!
  2. After getting the judgement removed from EQ my highest official FICO score (not FAKO score) is 775! I applied for a mortgage and I got a pre-approval letter mere hours later. I'm going to buy a multifamily property to live in one side and rent out the other units but I'm a bit worried because this great opportunity could be a curse in disguise if things go wrong. What are the Do's and Don'ts of owning your first home? Of having your first mortgage? Of being a landlord for the first time? And is there any way to protect yourself from worst-case scenarios - such as you becoming unemployed for a long while, unexpected and/or long vacancies, etc.?
  3. Thanks for the good luck, Big Bear I got an email from Equifax this morning and they deleted the judgement! I'm so happy to be able to get my first mortgage now! Thanks to everyone for your help!
  4. Great news! I got an email from Equifax this morning with a link to my dispute results. I opened the results PDF and the judgement has been deleted! Thank You to everyone!
  5. It IS pretty useless so I canceled my membership about an hour ago via Equifax live chat.
  6. Okay, thanks breeze. The judgement is from an apartment in California and I live in Indiana now. I moved before my lease ended without paying for the following month (when I wouldn't be there) so apparently they sued me sometime in 2013 for one month of rent. After I called EQ to politely tell them my scores shouldn't drop by 20 points just because of 2 inquiries, the estimated finishing date on my dispute changed from whatever it was this month to yesterday's date. But they didn't make a decision so I guess I just have to wait and see.
  7. I subscribed to Equifax about 30 days ago and that's where I got the 3 scores from. Knowing that these scores are all FAKO scores makes this a lot less devastating! I disputed a default judgement from 2013 for an apartment. I disputed it almost 3 weeks ago but the FAKO scores were stable right up until the night of inquiry #2 and EQ hasn't made a decision about my dispute yet. Since it looks like EQ is currently tanking scores when you file a dispute, this drop must be from that... but why now after almost 3 weeks? Strange.
  8. Thanks everyone, I'll thumbs up or equivalent as soon as I'm on my PC. I recently discovered the judgement when I checked my credit for the first time. It was on the TU and EQ reports but not on EX. I disputed it with TU and EQ on the same day and TU removed it almost immediately, no muss no fuss. EQ pretty quickly responded that it was valid, but they probably would have removed it had I found the 2010 thread here the morning of my dispute instead of that night. After getting EQs response I called and disputed that address, they removed it no muss no fuss and after receiving a confirmation PDF I disputed the judgement again and almost 3 weeks have passed with no answer. They said it was valid pretty quick so though I was worried about the outcome this time, I'm starting to think that maybe "No news is good news". Is there anything I can do to help this be decided in my favor and removed, or do I just wait? Is this long wait time indicative of what the outcome will be?
  9. You're right, I'll thumbs up or equivalent when I'm on my PC.
  10. My scores were in the low 700s on the 27th of this month, lender checked my credit 28th and 29th, EQ notifies me after each inquiry, EQ emails me night of the 29th alerting me that my "score has dropped by 20 points". The only activity at all is these 2 inquiries so that drop is wrong. The lender said she's been doing this for 30 years and the most anyone's score would drop is 3-4 points. I want to report this if it will be taken seriously, I have no clue why EQ would drop my score when it wasn't even checked...
  11. Is this possible to do with maybe a Canadian mail forwarding service as my Canadian mailing address?
  12. I applied for a mortgage while my EQ is frozen due to a current dispute and after only 2 inquiries from the same bank 1 day apart, 1 for TU and 1 for EX the next day - they didn't even check EQ because it's frozen - EQ sent me an email saying my score has dropped by twenty points. This is ridiculous and calling didn't get me anywhere as the surprisingly American woman on the other end of the phone call just talked in circles and tried to read my account details to me as if that was an explanation. Can I report EQ o the consumer financial protection bureau and what might happen if I do?

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